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Name User Description Releases Created Modified
Top of the top mods Hec Recommend for HL1HecThis list contains, quite not very well known -I must better say \\\"well received\\\"-HL1 mods, that I just loved play and had unique features, some are full of action and others are just into the survival-horror universe. 20 May 201820 May 2018
My personal top 10 list of mods you need to see23-downThe purpose of the Collection is to give you a small list of 10 of the finest hl1 mods out there. I was planning on adding a list of all mods worth playing unfortunately we can\'t list more than 10 items. The mods won\'t be listed in any particular order but are all unique and in my personal opinion absolutely worth playing. Features for the mods in question are: - Fantastic mapping and level architecture - Custom npc monsters - Custom story - voice acting - Brilliant and or unique game play15 May 201816 May 2018
Great hl1 mods containing Opfor assets23-downA small collection of mods containing NPCs or various other assets we\'ve seen only in Opposing Force before. There are plenty more mods to be found on this website matching the criteria.16 May 201816 May 2018
Neat collection of none Black Mesa mods23-downContains a minor collection of mods that do not play in Black Mesa. Be advised: The website team usually attempted only to get mods which do play in Black Mesa period. There are dozen more good choices to be found at moddb.com15 May 201815 May 2018
My top11 for minor mod release candidates23-downThis small list contains both classics as well as mods in general that a rather short but fantastic in their execution. Be it mapping or game play wise.15 May 201815 May 2018
Horror Themed VillesKgamerDim the lights, put on your headphones and get spooked! Please enjoy.15 May 201815 May 2018
FantasticOutdoorsPlanetPhillipMy favourite outdoor maps09 May 201813 May 2018
FantasticIndoorsPlanetPhillipReally, this is just a test, but I might add some proper releases to it soon.28 Apr 201809 May 2018