Day 14

for Half-Life 2

2nd April 2006

The Story So Far

Remember back at the start of Half Life 2, when the Metropolice knock you out and Alyx comes to the rescue? Well, this storyline assumes that Alyx never showed up, and that you ended up in a Combine “Re-Education facility” instead. You have now been there 13 days and nights. The Combine have been performing tests upon you, in the form of virtual reality simulations.

For the first twelve days of your captivity these tests seemed relatively benign. Health assessments, basic reflex tests, that sort of thing.
However, as you may know, the simulation dished out on Day 13 was a series of brutal combat scenarios, and even as you wind up back in your cell on the evening of Day 13, you wonder if this is really only the beginning, and how much further the Combine will push you. What else could they want to test? Will you ever escape?

What will happen………
When you wake up………
……………on DAY 14?

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  1. kricon

    if im getting pink items like walls and error signs does that mean iv put the files in wrong place

  2. Chris Fox

    Yes, the download has been tested by a lot of people now and does contain all the files, so it must be that you have files in the wrong places.

    The install instructions in the download explain exactly how to install it correctly.

  3. Anonymous

    im getting pink walls to

  4. bumtown

    im getting pink walls to

  5. Pavel

    Good desert mod

  6. Chris Fox

    If you get pink walls, you haven’t installed it right……I guarantee it.

    Thanks Pavel 🙂

  7. fckface

    need to know if the vent things are where you put the tiles and what am I supposed to do after that??

  8. Matt

    Where is there a walkthrough… I can’t figure out the tiles.

  9. heyzors

    Its a non-profesional mod (despite it being good)! They don’t have walkthroughs!


    For the tiles, after you get the gravity gun, you have to fill the pot plant things or whatever they rare it” s the words

    you force heaven to be
    u f vii II b
    M T

  11. MordacP

    i have the tiles in the baskets, nothing happens…

  12. mrbjorn

    Should not be F instaed it should be IV (Four)

  13. Tyrone MacStiophain

    Short but sweet. Interesting idea, even if I’m not really into word puzzles.

  14. Finally manage to finish it with the frustrating but well think small puzzle. I will complain a little bit according the start (real close to day13) and the last part a little out of context. but still enjoyable and recomendable

  15. dufferx

    Never got it running.

  16. The Abandoned Workshops

    The map is split into three small parts, the first is set where the prequel ends. You take your changed to escape the building while it’s breaking. The second area is puzzle based with light amount of respawning enemies such as headcrabs and antlions when passing their trigger points, but does get a little annoying. The puzzles aren’t exactly fustrating but the last one can be a bit confusing. The third part is where most of the action is set, fighting combine and striders along side the rebels. It’s balanced with enough supplies throught to the end. A good variety in gameplay which makes the map more fun.

    The building you start in is the same as before but ofcourse with extra locations. These are rather average looking until the second part where it gets a lot better. Structure is great and very different with a more ancient look to it. Texturing has also been done well here, mixing well, especially with the lighting. The final area didn’t look as good but it was still above average yet could of had the same feel as the second area did to be a little more consistant.

    Good variety in gameplay, balanced and fun with a decent design throughout.

    Rating: 89%.

  17. Didn’t care for it. Big thumbs down.

  18. cubedude89

    Great puzzle!
    You force heaven to be empty

    Great mapping style also!

    day 13 was good, day 14 was great, I have high hopes for day 15. 🙂

  19. Mel

    Day 14
    A much improved offering compared with Day 13 with the author varying the gameplay to include puzzles and a bit of site seeing. All three levels hold the player’s interest, a factor that was missing with Day 13. I enjoyed the well structured beginning and ending and the author is to be congratulated on the way he both leads the player into the map, and also the way he leaves the player wondering what tomorrow will bring.

    Part 2 of the map is very interesting not just for its cleverly constructed puzzle but also for what appear to be original architectural concepts with the site design.

    Part 3 is where all the action takes place but with a wealth of ammo you can take out all with ease using the rocket launcher and grenades.

    Overall this is a far more enjoyable experience then day 13 and the only slightly negative points where improvements could be achieved, would be in the flow of the game. The 3 levels are somewhat disjointed and while part 3 is a very good designed level it does not flow with the action, you can just stand-off and eliminate all with repeated trips to load launcher and grenades.

    Good but short, now looking forward to playing Day 15 which was not the case having first played Day 13.

  20. Davidos
    Avoid It!

    I don” see what all the fuss is about, another annoying map with more annoying puzzles and more annoying impossible gameplay in the end and a shit load of bugs and glitches.

    Goodjob Norman freedumb.

  21. Play It Now!

    Short map but it got quite long because I needed some time to figure out what I was supposed to do 🙂 Very non-conforming, imaginative and fun. An enjoyable experience!

  22. geekofalltrades

    I ended up having to consult a walkthrough to finally get through the main puzzle. The architecture is interesting, and the voice acting, while amateurish, is nowhere near unbearable. There’s a nice bit of combat at the end, but it feels tacked on.

  23. Critical!!

    Don’t listen to Davidos, he just got fed up at the puzzle part. This is a fun but short map, which was really designed to go with Days 13 and 15. Gameplay is mixed, and although not perfectly, interestingly.

  24. Ten Four Reviews

    De_dust designer Dave Johnston once mused in a blog entry that because beginning level designers haven’t learned common architectural conventions or a sense of design, their levels (though incompetent on a technical level) bear a “mystical air” of “boundless creativity.” Floating platforms, neon lights, and strange color choices – such level design constantly straddles the line between abstract art and pure garbage.

    … And that’s the same feeling I get from Chris Fox’s Day 14, which may seem insulting, but I truly mean it as a compliment in some sense. From the architecture to the central gameplay gimmick, it feels perplexingly fresh when compared to the mundane zombie fighting corridors which populate most other custom Half-Life 2 maps. Most of the architecture is purposefully strange: an odd pyramid structure at the center, some slanted stairs leading up, a corkscrew column – none of it is particularly conventional, realistic, or functional, yet it captures the player’s interest and appears inviting to explore. However, sometimes this architecture doesn’t really work and only highlights flaws in brushwork or level geometry. Like I mentioned earlier, sometimes it looks wonderfully artistic and sometimes it looks rather sloppy.

    But the main focus lies on the puzzle. Though the author made the mistake of scripting numerous annoying monster attacks while you’re trying to solve the puzzle, it’s still pretty well designed, especially with some cleverly implemented hints in the form of a talkative though glitchy NPC guide. It just requires a bit of “lateral thinking” which may or may not click with certain players.

    Continue reading the review on Ten Four…

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Tuesday, 19th September, 2006 by Campaignjunkie.

  25. Think Twice

    Hangs up. Might be a Steam issue.

  26. Maybe?

    Well, it was a strange short campaign consisting of few maps with a weird frustruating plot and level design. Basically it’s a mix of few maps with different architecture and setting and I can’t really connect them even reading the plot and ingame speech.

    Voice acting
    Detailed maps
    Plot (although weird)
    Short maps with a few scripts, actions, ambience (Emptiness)
    Frustruating puzzle with constant NPCs spawn
    Anticlimactic ending

    Overall rating 3/5

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