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Experimental Fuel

for Half-Life 2

published: 2018

As Month Python used to say, “And Now for Something Completely Different!

This map has NO combat. There are NO puzzles.

So why the heck have I added it then? Because it’s fun, that’s why.

Take a Koke bottle into space. Really.

Go enjoy it.


Total Downloads: 75626th July 2018
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BlackMesaDoorVille Announcement
published: 2017

Hello and welcome to the very first Black Mesa Mapping Challenge.

This game offers so many mapping opportunities that it is a great shame more SP maps haven’t been released.

Hopefully, this mapping challenge will encourage mappers to make their first BM map and also inspire mappers who have already released a map to make another one.

Full details, including the theme, deadline date and exact rules are below.

26th July 2017 45 Comments

BM: Quarantine
published: 2016

Gordon’s misadventures in the Black Mesa ventilation system left him trapped within Sector C’s chemical research wing.

Like many areas of the facility, the wing had gone into quarantine following the resonance cascade in a vain attempt to contain the invading organisms.

Gordon would have to find someway, or someone, to lift the lock down if he was to escape.


Total Downloads: 1,63126th July 2016
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Hard 2

for Half-Life

published: 2011

This mod continues exactly where Hard left off – you on the tram and the track exploding! Can you reach the spaceship? Can you save humanity? Only one way to find out! Basic Details Title: Hard 2 File Name: hl1-sp-hard-2.7z Original File Name: Size : 29.0Mb Author: W. Broisch Date Released: 01 Septemebr 2003… Read More


Total Downloads: 2,21826th July 2011
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