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Trouble Dutch

for Half-Life 2

published: 2016

You find yourself in a town occupied by the Combine.

Escape to the countryside is possible but expect fierce resistance.

Find the console that will open the main doors to freedom.


Total Downloads: 1,35914th May 2016
19 Comments and 11 recommendations, 2 say "Play It Later"


for Half-Life

published: 2015

This time there is a greater variety of enemies.

We are still in a large room with ramps and hidden areas.

There’s only so much of this we can take.

Look on the bright side, this is the last one!


Total Downloads: 84314th May 2015
12 Comments and 9 recommendations, most haven't enjoyed it

Danger 2

for Half-Life 2

published: 2006

Authors Note “After 20 years after first part, John Bekid turned out to be in unknown city, City 13. He it is necessary to run down from city. In this he will help the doctor Saimons, which already Two years makes out scheme escape. But power of the Combine this dislikes. And they try to… Read More


Total Downloads: 014th May 2006
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Combining Genres Into One Online Event
published: 2004

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

What if all the multiplayer matches being played online, as you read this, were part of one big WAR? FPSs, Tank, Sub and Aircraft Sims, all controlled by the strategy games?

I don’t play multiplayer games online so this post might be plain stupid, but bear with me while I try to explain.

14th May 2004 No Comments