Replaying all of Miigga SP releases!


Unlike many of the other Events here on RTSL, MegaMiigga takes place over a few weekends, instead of a monthly stream.

During the first, third and maybe fourth weekends of April 2016, Phillip Marlowe AKA PlanetPhillip
will play and discuss all of the SP releases by Miigga, including his entries into the *Ville mapping Challenges.

It is difficult to estimate exactly how long this event will take, but Phillip will stream for at least four hours each weekend.

Each map will be livestreamed on the RTSL Twitch channel and then uploaded to the RTSL YouTube channel into its own playlist.

The event will be mentioned in the weekend stream and giveaway schedule posts.

Reminders are posted on the RTSL Twitter and Facebook pages.

Past Streams

The YouTube playlist will appear here once the first video is online

Details Table

Name Reviewed? Posted Released Author Dlds Recs. Av.Rec. PP Says. MBs Playtime Game Type Tags