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Phillip Marlowe

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20 September 2003




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Well, this is my website and welcome! I'll add something here very soon.
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I like to take my time and search almost every <A href="">nook and cranny</a>. I especially like to try and escape maps or at least "see" out of them..

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To learn more about my playing history, please see the [url=]Here is my story about how I got into gaming[/url] post. It explains everything. You can even add your own story and link to it in YOUR profile.

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  1. Alpha Prime
  2. Chaser
  3. Return to Castle Wolfenstein
  4. Trackmania


  1. Research and Development
  2. Intrusion

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  • Mapping: Little
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  • Voice acting: A lot
  • Writing: A lot
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One day, I really hope to release a small Half-Life mod.

Latest 25 Comments
18 Aug 2018 Night of a Million Zombies: Original Well, I had a bit of fun with this. The key is to find the weapons and there is a gravity gun he...
17 Aug 2018 Half-Life: Echoes I have removed the Recommendation image as the review is too generic to represent the image. It'...
17 Aug 2018 IT - Part One Well, the first part is not particularly scary - just lots of bodies, red lights, image flashes a...
16 Aug 2018 Night of a Million Zombies: Waterfront I have to admit I haven't finished this yet. I am struggling to keep up with the 50SDoS and ju...
15 Aug 2018 Half-Life: Echoes Which setting did you change?
15 Aug 2018 Xenogears 2.5 ARH! My eyes. ARH! My ears. There's like 3 textures in the whole map and the music made me n...
15 Aug 2018 Simple Etape You don't need the pistol to break the planks, there is a crowbar.
15 Aug 2018 Half-Life: Echoes Full manual installation instruction are in the post. If after you have followed them, you still...
15 Aug 2018 Half-Life: Echoes Of course we won't hate you. I would suggest uninstalling via Gauge and then installing manually...
14 Aug 2018 Simple Etape I remember playing this but I am not sure why. In general, I forget most maps after I have playe...
13 Aug 2018 Quiet Rehabilitation 2 Version 3 has been uploaded and linked to in the post. It's mostly cosmetic but there are some g...
13 Aug 2018 Strider Mountain If you have issues with the wheels disappearing, just delete the entire vehicle folder from with...
13 Aug 2018 BossVille BossVille has been updated to version 1.1. Full details, including a brand new file and a patc...
13 Aug 2018 Autonomous Zero This is one of the few times that I have added a review before completely finishing the mod. But...
13 Aug 2018 Dead Lab It is part of the 50SDoS event.
13 Aug 2018 Introduce Yourself Well, hi there, Phil. Welcome to the site. I am sure you'll find some mods you've never played ...
12 Aug 2018 Hellsound Dreams I have just started to play this, partly to make sure it works and partly to get a feel for the m...
12 Aug 2018 Distress Signal Have you loaded the right map? Check the map names carefully.
11 Aug 2018 BossVille Obviously, the following review contains spoilers. As you can see, I have added 2 playthrough ...
10 Aug 2018 Distress Signal Well, when you play something that has been abandoned or discarded, you have low expectations and...
09 Aug 2018 Dead Lab I can be used with Gauge just not directly. Let me explain. If you install it directly via Gaug...
08 Aug 2018 50 Sourcey Days of Summer No, because some are already mods and putting them all together would be too big. I also want to...
08 Aug 2018 No Time For Crying I don't normally add maps like this on the site, in fact, I have specific criteria, but I'll be h...
07 Aug 2018 Bigger Guns Nearby It's quite dark but that feels right here. Many dark levels are just annoying. There is an indu...
06 Aug 2018 Half-LifeVania What's not to like? A recreation of an old game with limited gameplay mechanics and only forward...
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