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Phillip Marlowe

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20 September 2003




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Well, this is my website and welcome! I'll add something here very soon.
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I like to take my time and search almost every <A href="">nook and cranny</a>. I especially like to try and escape maps or at least "see" out of them..

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To learn more about my playing history, please see the [url=]Here is my story about how I got into gaming[/url] post. It explains everything. You can even add your own story and link to it in YOUR profile.

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  1. Alpha Prime
  2. Chaser
  3. Return to Castle Wolfenstein
  4. Trackmania


  1. Research and Development
  2. Intrusion

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  • Mapping: Little
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  • Voice acting: A lot
  • Writing: A lot
  • Sound: None
  • Music: None

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One day, I really hope to release a small Half-Life mod.

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10 Oct 2018 The Mesa Cup 2018 – Challenge 3 – The Surface Complex This weekend.
30 Sep 2018 The Lambda Cup 2018 - Challenge 4 - PhaseVille Maybe next weekend. Maybe the weekend after.
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24 Sep 2018 Introduce Yourself Hello hammernewb and welcome to the site. Good to hear you have started mapping, we need as many...
24 Sep 2018 Year Long Alarm It's good to see you catching up on the good mods.
24 Sep 2018 Union I'll try to get this made to work with the Source SDK Base 2013 singleplayer engine.
24 Sep 2018 BlackMesaDoorVille The download has temporarily been removed until the maps are updated to work with the latest BM e...
19 Sep 2018 DoomEd I can't add Guildhall as a tag as this wasn't created by their students. The other idea wouldn't...
17 Sep 2018 Introduce Yourself Hello Bean, Welcome to the site. It's always nice to hear from new readers. Have you released ...
16 Sep 2018 Residual Life I promise to update the file very soon.
16 Sep 2018 The 72-Second Experiment I asked on the SMC Discord and it doesn't seem so. Two things you could try are 1. host_timescal...
16 Sep 2018 50 Sourcey Days of Summer As Koneko said, I did finish the 50. There are two ways to view the maps until I update the page...
15 Sep 2018 The 72-Second Experiment Any entry that could be completed on the first try is probably not very good. Some are definitel...
15 Sep 2018 The 72-Second Experiment I was excited by this challenge. I felt the theme was perfectly suited to the time frame and ope...
13 Sep 2018 Horrorville Interesting. Nice find.
13 Sep 2018 September 2018 - General Chat I'm glad you like it.
13 Sep 2018 Introduce Yourself Howdy Ravenholm and welcome to my site. Have you played the original Half-Life games?
11 Sep 2018 September 2018 - General Chat Could it be ? Don suggested it.
11 Sep 2018 Reject Yeah, I suppose, but maybe then the whole level would be too easy.
11 Sep 2018 Citadel Arena This site uses the reviews as a filter system. I don't see as my job to limit access. If a sing...
11 Sep 2018 September 2018 - General Chat Have you tried looking in the tag?
11 Sep 2018 September 2018 - General Chat Thank you Geoff, that's very kind.
11 Sep 2018 September 2018 - General Chat No, there is no particular place. I can't think of it. I have tweeted. Let's see if anybody kn...
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