A collection of links related to Valve games.

If you know of a good site that's not listed here, please use the contact form to tell me.

General Websites

  • Half-Life Fan Fiction
    An amazing collection of fan fiction that can be search and filtered easily. If you enjoy reading HAlf-Lfie stories, then this is HIGHLY recommended!
  • Andrej Mernik
    Andrej has kindly mirrored most, if not all, of my Half-Life 1 files.
  • ValveTime
    As close to the official Valve news site as you could get. Hosted by Valve themselves, this site covers all the games from Valve and the news. Very active forums and lots of content.
  • Lambda Generation
    LG posts news about Valve and its community. It is updated regularly and has some great articles.
  • ModDB
    This site changed the modding community and few sites can claim that. In addition to having the largest mod database, it also has lots of feature articles and interesting content. The forums are very active too.
  • Combine OverWiki
    Without doubt the best site for detailed information about all the Half-Life games. It is an immense resource and every fan should visit it and learn more about the games they love.
  • SnarkPit
    Snarkpit is another site that seems to have been around for a while and has gone through a number of design changes. It covers mostly maps for some of Valve games and allows registered users to submit their work.
  • TWHL
    The Whole Half Life is a site that has been around for a long time. It has a very active community and contains lots of maps. It covers a few different games and has pretty active forums.
  • Interlopers
    Interlopers covers Valve news and has a very active community. It has a lot of modders and mappers as its members and the feedback given for WIP is impressive. There is a portfolio section that is very useful. All in all a great site.
  • Radiator Blog
    Website of Robert Yang, well-known modder, best known for his Radiator series of Alt mods.
  • HL Story Saga
    An unofficial guide to the detailed story behind the Half-Life games. Interesting reading, but remember, it is not official.
  • Arbitrary Imposition
    A wonderful little site dedicated to the G-Man and his sightings.
  • FPS Level Design Blog
    "This blog contains lessons learned by me through the process of mapping for Single Player games, primarily, Half Life 2, Portal and Left 4 Dead. The focus of this blog is on the player experience.
  • ModMatic
    Hosted by Adam Foster (developer of Minvera), this is a detailed review site that does not post very often.
  • Amphibian Mods
    This site provides working links to quality mods and maps for a selection of first person shooter games.
  • P Comos
    A simple site with a great list of Half-Life 1 and Opposing Force mods.
  • Planet Half-Life
    In some ways the grand-daddy of Half-Life sites. It is not as good as it used to be but it can still be useful, sometimes.
  • 3D Buzz
    Tutorial site that covers modding, coding, graphic arts etc. Hugely popular and very useful.
  • Half-Life Creations
    A site that hosts mods and seems to be moving into servers too.
  • Ten Four
    No longer updated but in its time was one of the best review sites around.
  • HL2
    A beautifully presented, well-populated and easy to use database of mods for Half-Life 2. Pity it is not updated more often.
  • World of Level Design
    A site with tutorials and forums dedicated to level design for a variety of engines.
  • The Foxhole
    Foxhole has coverage of a few different games and a really friendly group of forumers. The spiritual home of the Hangar 16 bunch.
  • Mod Sentry
    A site that covers the modding scene. Contains reviews, previews and other features. Needs more visitors and is worth checking out.
  • Game Banana
    The content is king on this site. As with ModDB, too many of the comments are rude or useless, but there is plenty of interesting content.
  • Can I Run It?
    Install the Active X control and see if you PC can run a particular game. Helps avoid wasting money.
  • Halfwit 2
    This site contains a great collection of tutorials and is specifically focused on single player mapping.
  • HL2DM University
    To promote and improve the online Half-Life 2 Deathmatch experience for all players by providing an extensive repository of useful and interesting information and files.
  • Garrys Mod
    Home page of perhaps the greatest mod (now a paid "game") ever made. In case you do not know, it is an incredible sandbox game - That means you create everything from scratch.
  • Concerned Comic
    Home of "Concerned", a very funny comic strip about Gordon Frohman. Well worth a read.
  • We Game
    A free application for recording videos with Source and it also has a bustling community.
  • Models for the Massess
    The owner of this site makes props and models for your Source games. You have to pay but the work is very high quality.
  • My Aperture Labs
    A website and community for Portal and Portal 2 maps and mods.
  • Gamasutra
    The art and business of making games.
  • Thinking With Portals
    A very active website and community for Portal and Portal 2 maps and mods.
  • Map Factory
    Map-Factory is a database hosting custom maps for any FPS. If you have made a map or simply came across a good map, feel free to submit it!
  • DeadEndThrills
    specialist game-screenshot community. It has some amazing shots - very artistic.
  • Metrocop
    This website is a blog, created by Mythos, for comics created using Garrys Mod.
  • Valve Community
    Valve Community is a huge database of websites that cover Valve games and its community. Registered users can add their own site and update its details. There is a multi-screenshot feature and rating system. Sites are listed by game and content tags.

Podcasts Websites

  • Podcast17
    Podcast17 is a weekly podcast about the Valve gaming community. It features news about Valve, community news, including map and mod releases/reviews, interviews and occasional competitions. Highly recommended.
  • TheSteamCast
    Steamcast is a fan-made podcast that hosts discussions about Valve and Steam, but also a wide range of gaming related subjects such as video game digital distribution, the art and design of video games and other relevant news and topics.
  • ThePodKast
    The podkast network is a group of shows, focused around the world of gaming. Each of the Podkasts brings you the most up-to-date news, content and discussion on their topic of choice.

Non-English Websites

  • HL2
    A mod listing and review site in Russian.
  • Grinder 74
    Grinder 74 is a Polish language website that covers maps and mods for Source. It is updated regularly and contains some great content.
  • Headcrab.PL
    A polish site that covers the Source engine community.
  • City 17
    This site was an inspiration for PP. It lists pretty much every single player map and mod for Half-Life and Source. Unfortunately it is no longer updated.
    A cool Russian site that covers the Valve modding scene. I especially like the thumbnail links in the sidebar.
  • HL Portal
    A very popular German-language site that has a LOT of content.
  • HL Fusion
    A French-language site that covers everything Valve.
  • HL2 Spain
    As you probably guessed from the name, it is in Spanish. Covers everything Valve and Source.
  • Vossey
    Another French-language site.
  • HL Spain
    A Spanish site about Half-Life and its mods.

Steam-related Websites

  • Steam DB
    This very cool website offers a variety of features related to Steam accounts, apps and users.
  • Steam Left
    A site that calculates how many hours of unplayed Steam games you have in your account. Quite scary really.
  • Steam Contests
    A site with regular competitions where readers can win games via Steam. Great idea, great site. Go win a game now!
  • Steam Prices
    Compare prices of Steam games from different regions. You can also see the latest price drops and offers.
  • Steam Profile
    This site allows you to generate a small sleek badge showing your steam friends status using your Steam ID.
  • Steam Graph
    Steamgraph collects information about the top 100 most played games on steam and generates graphs.
  • Steam ID Finder
    This is a tool which allows you to check your Steam ID quickly and easily.

Official Valve Websites

  • Valve Software
    Home of Valve. Has some interesting information if you delve around.
  • Steam Powered
    The main site for Steam and all the games and services available through it.
  • What Is The Orange Box?
    Home of the Orange Box: 5 great games at an amazing price.
  • Think With Portals
    Home of all things Portal. Plenty of interesting content to see here.
  • Valve Developer
    A must-visit site for people looking to develop mods and games with the Source engine.
  • Steam Forums
    Hugely popular official forums for all Steam games. Plenty of interesting threads posted every day.
  • Aperture Science
    The official site of Aperture Science. To fully understand it, visit this thread first.