Ways to explore the site

This page explains the different ways to find interesting content.

  • Tags are Descriptive Keywords associated with releases.
  • They allow you to find maps and mods that contain the type of content you enjoy.
  • For full information, please see the complete Tags Guide.

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100 Most Recent Comments
  • This page list the 100 most recent comments.
  • If you prefer, you can use the RSS Comments Feed in your favourite RSS feed reader.

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On This Date
  • This page display all posts that were published on the same calendar date that you visit.

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  • This page displays one random map or mod.
  • Refresh the page to see another one.

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Recommendations Overview
  • By now, you probably know that the site has a unique recommendation system.
  • As well as providing a visual representation of a proper review, they act as a numerical rating system.
  • There are a number of listings that can be created from them.

Recommendations are ONLY used on maps and mods, therefore, only maps and mods are displayed on these pages.

Readers' Recommendations

This page displays the highest rated releases, based on readers' recommendations. They are displayed as excerpts and are in order, with the highest at the top. Only maps and mods with a minimum of 15 recommendations are counted.

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Phillip's Recommendations

This page displays Phillip's favourite maps and mods. They are displayed as excerpts and are in chronological order.

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Most Personal Favourites

This page displays releae with the most personal Favourite recommendations. They are displayed as excerpts and are in order, with the highest at the top.

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Standard Deviation

This page display how similar the recommendations are. For example, if everybody agrees then the standard deviation is 0, but if half the reviews say Avoid It! and the other half say Play It Now!, that map has a standard deviation of 2, which means that there is a significant divergence of opinions and you had better read the individual comments.

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Recommendations Wall

This is a simple "wall" of recommendations. It can be re-ordered based on a number of options, including: Readers', Phillip's date, type and game.

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