School Of Terror

for Half-Life

1st January 1998

Basic Details
  • Title: School Of Terror
  • File Name: hl1-sp-school-of-terror.7z
  • Original File Name: school-of-terror.exe
  • Size : 5.20Mb
  • Author: Anonymous Author (By Request)
  • Date Released: 20 March 2000
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  1. Christian

    That one does not work for me:
    – downloaded and installed fine.
    – custom game is seen as beta 0.1 (hint)
    – activation works (custom screen appears)
    – attempt to start it aborts: error message in pop-up box:
    “could not link client.dll function HUD_PlayerMove”

  2. erc

    School of Terror is a pretty old pack and comes with custom code of sorts; thus, trying to play it in a version later than leads to that error.

  3. wart

    that was the same whith me I tryed to take the client.dll from hl but it did not work if I get it to work I will inform you as soon as I can see you later

  4. Wow, this is old. If this is in German, then I think that this was supposed to be the sequel to School Doom 2, which is too bad, because that was a pretty fun mod.

  5. Ian Shaw

    I know I’m 3 yrs too late, but if anyone gets the client dll problem then I got it to work on HL Won Patch 1110. Firstly, thanks to CaptainFill, who made a comment in Rebellion, this helped me greatly. Delete the cl_dll folder and add a new folder called valve. In the valve folder add a new folder called dlls, and then copy the hl.dll from Half-Life/valve/dlls to your new dll folder. Next step open liblist.gam in notepad and replace the game dll line with this gamedll “valve\dlls\hl.dll” I also changed the hlversion to 1110, I don’t know if thst made a difference, but it works now. I will be doing this method to all the client.dll problem maps and hopefully it will work every time.
    Again, thanks very much CaptainFill for the liblist info.

    1. Joe

      Thanks Ian Shaw for your help! Note that Ian Shaw’s instructions only woks for a singleplayer mod such as School of Terror.

  6. Avoid It!

    Thanks to Ian Shaw instructions, I managed to run this with steam (although you don’t need to delete or create new folders, you just have to copy the .dll from valve/dlls, paste it somewhere in the mod folder and edit the liblist.gam to read that file) and damn, I can’t say it was worth it

    I can’t say too much about the history, as I couldn’t understand it with the… russian? subtitles, but it seems that Gordon Freeman got stuck in a school or something similar, which is now surrendered by with grunts and a few assassins, obviously, you have to escape and… make something explode at the end? I don’t know

    But anyway, where do I start? the mapping is bad, with boxy rooms and very low detail, very weird map transitions and bad lightning, this mod is too dark, even when you get out of the building and is clearly daytime, it still is too dark, the level design is horrible, and many times you will be wondering were do you have to go, it doesn’t help at all that there are a few “puzzles” were you activate a button, and one random door, which looked like it was just for decoration, will open up for you, and with a time limit too so you can’t just press it and find which door it opens after exploring the area again, sometimes these buttons can be hidden too, another problem I had, was that there were some exits here and there which seemed like they allowed you to get out of the building and explore, but nope, they have invisible walls, why not just close them then? And last but not least, the combat, it was awful, there’s no crowbar (or at least I couldn’t find it) and ammo is very scarce, most of the ammo you’ll get is from the grunts alone, so if you are not careful, you can run out of ammo pretty quickly

    Overall, this mod is just horrible, just avoid it

  7. Avoid It!

    This took some work to get running, and frankly it wasn’t really worth it. The mod comes packaged with a custom .dll which from what I can tell, is not required. I removed this and edited the liblist.gam file to look for the default dll files in /valve/

    School of Terror is a short, largely broken experience. The levels are blocky, lacking detail and full of unnecessary rooms. The gameplay consists of entering a room, pressing a button, and then running to the door it opened before it closes. It seems to me that this might be a realistic layout of an actual school, which on the one hand is kind of neat, but it gameplay terms, not good at all. Real world spaces rarely make for interesting gameplay, especially in older FPS games like Half-Life.

    What’s more, the maps are chock full of invisible walls rather than applying a realistic in-game reason for not being able to progress a certain way. Combat is also fairly light, often consisting of a single enemy in a room, or in the case of the penultimate map three enemies in a row that all shoot each other in the back.

    Very poor. Not much fun. Not worth the time needed to get it working.

  8. Think Twice

    It is a school of Terror, it’s dark, there’re too many classrooms all around and no one is inside. Only ghosts are patrolling the area. Most of the areas has a lot of desks and a board when pupils are studying the art of military strategies to overcome the enemy. Maybe this is true, this is how they were planning all the attacks, go to this kind of schools first and then go to the openfield.

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