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Dmitry Kiselev

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3 February 2024




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I am going to make Youtube Videos about half life mods. I hope in future people will like them!!
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Try to be as best accurate possible y try to look around surroundings

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I am playing gam,es since 25 years

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  1. Zelda
  2. Final Fantasy
  3. Crysis
  4. Any Adventure, Shooter in general

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I am more interested on playing mods.

Latest 25 Comments
22 Apr 2024 Star Wars Missions Only two maps are working: mosg3 and factory7. GMan model is not working, he's not even on the ma...
14 Apr 2024 Gman Island Part 1 G-Man is leaving the hangar on Submarine. It is slow like a cow in comparison of the portal he us...
13 Apr 2024 Faraon 3-4 Welcome to a map with endless HECU, they respawn upon leaving any segment infesting the entire ar...
13 Apr 2024 Faraon 2 This one is a little easier until you gain access to the room with giant pillars, supposedly we h...
13 Apr 2024 Faraon 2 This second map is short, very well playable except the pillar area. Those pillars are more obsta...
13 Apr 2024 Faraon The first part is quite good acceptable, since it's possible to eliminate most of the grunts from...
13 Apr 2024 The Evil Thing Let's forgive this guy. His mod is great, but, it would be nice to give more health or reemplace ...
12 Apr 2024 Evasion You can spend more time if you want, by breaking boxes apart.
12 Apr 2024 Espionage Those brute Barney are quite dangerous, I think he just took crowbar damage and gave it to Barney...
10 Apr 2024 Edge Of Darkness Welcome to Half-Life Fantasy. We are in the mountains, it's cold, Tibetan mountains perhaps. It's...
09 Apr 2024 Dwell This mod is generally dark, there's lack of lightning, I hope you don't crash against the wall an...
08 Apr 2024 Dressed to Kill Welcome to Lego Half-Life, all rooms are tight, grunts are waiting you behind cover. Assassins ar...
08 Apr 2024 Deliverance Some additional levels to the original Half-Life. This time you are a real scientist because the ...
08 Apr 2024 Do Whatever you do, you will perish. I think this guy wanted to transmit that Half-Life is a satanis...
07 Apr 2024 Death=Power This level has good mapping only. I like the way they build it. A trial of jumping those ledges t...
06 Apr 2024 DAV Train We start in the train and end up in the complex, then go to the helipad and fly away out of here....
05 Apr 2024 DAV Pack 1 DAV, how can you put so many units on the map, so many turrets, so many rockets. Your map is like...
05 Apr 2024 Crash Do you want to take a ride. Just kill everybody and go to your jeep. Just take a sit you maggot. ...
05 Apr 2024 DAV Sub Someone ready for The submarine ride. Go and play this it's full of HECU, every corner hecu is th...
31 Mar 2024 Counter-Life Another experience of Half-Life. I was getting in love with that sniper. I will miss this mod. It...
29 Mar 2024 Conundrum I think to easy defeat the boss is do not rush in the battle, let him float, the upper he is the ...
26 Mar 2024 Chungo Chungo They Live. If you say it in Spanish, it's like saying that someone is living like a mess. ...
25 Mar 2024 Chronicles Episode One: Traumatic Experiences So we have taken a different road. But where? Where are we going? All is so unclear. I think it's...
25 Mar 2024 Chinatown Preview Very little to be a demo. Very simple atmosphere! Besides it's impossible to get to "rest1" area ...
25 Mar 2024 Chemical Existence I installed the REMOD. This one works on steam 100% and no keyboard problem. Some graphics are ev...
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