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Name Reviewed? Posted / Updated Released Author Dlds Recs. Av.Rec. PP Says. MBs Playtime Game Type Tags


Accuracy of the data
The data in the table is approximately one day old. Everyday, the data is extracted from the main database and put into special table to speed up the display.
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9:51pm Saturday 19th September 2020
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Individual Column Filter
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Filter Techniques
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  • For example, by typing 2013, the list will be filtered to display only releases that were POSTED or RELEASED in 2013.
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  • Tags can be used to refine your search (or used alone). For example, by typing 2013 AR5 Crossbow, the list would display all releases that were POSTED or RELEASED in 2013 with an Average Reader Recommendation of 5 and have the Crossbow tag.
  • You can use quotation marks to filter results even more finely, especially dates. For example, by typing "jun 2002", the list will be filtered to display only releases that were POSTED or RELEASED in Jun 2002.
Column Headings

Within the table, click a column heading to re-order the list.

REVIEWED?This column displays whether a logged in user has reviewed a map or mod.
POSTED:This is the date the map or mod was posted OR updated on the site, NOT its release date.
RELEASED:This is the date the map or mod was originally released. Occasionally, this information is guessed.
AUTHOR:There might be some slight spelling changes to the original name to make them easier to find.
DOWNLOADS:Downloads from this site since December 2010.
RECOMMENDATIONS:A way of expressive your review in a simple recommendation. Please see the Recommendation System guide for full details.
AVERAGE RECOMMENDATIONThis is a value based on the number and type of recommendation images used. It ranges from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. "AR" has added to each rating to make it possible for you to search for each rating. The ratings are colour-coded.
PP SAYS:This is the Recommendation that Phillip gave the release. They are colour-coded.
MBs:Filesize in Megabytes. This is the approximate size of the file, to a maximum of 2 decimal places.
ESTIMATED PLAYTIME:This is the estimated playtime based on Phillip's initial playthrough. In the table, hover over each playtime to view the see the approximation. They roughly equal:
  • Very Short:      Less than 15 minutes
  • Short:                Between 15 to 30 minutes
  • Medium:           Between 30 and 60 minutes
  • Long:                 Between 60 and 150 minutes
  • Extra Long:      More than 150 minutes
  • Endless:           Continuously spawning enemies
GAME:Displays which game the release was primarily designed for. This column is only displayed on the Play table view.
TYPE:Displays whether the release is a map or mod.
TAGS:This column is displayed in a very small font on purpose. They have been included to aid filter, rather than as an ordering device. For more information on Tags, please see the Tag Guide and to see a full list of tags, please see the Tags page.