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I am a web designer in his late-twenties, wasting away the years in front of one desk or another, and loving every damn second of it. My interests include vlogging, voice acting, gaming, writing reviews, and of course, mapping.
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  1. Skyrim
  2. Fallout 3
  3. DOTA 2
  4. Far Cry 4
  5. Battlefield 4


  1. They Hunger
  2. USS Darkstar
  3. Point of View
  4. POKE646
  5. Black Mesa

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04 Mar 2018 Have you submitted your status report to the administrator today? - Fan Fiction Event Done and sent. :D
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25 Feb 2018 Autonomy Lost The follow up to one of 2017s best Goldsource mods, it's no surprise that Autonomy Lost looks inc...
01 Sep 2017 BlackMesaDoorVille [recimage id=2] For some reason the grunts were kicking my ass in this map. I guess because I ...
15 Jul 2017 CromulentVille Haha. No problem. I wasn't really pointing fingers. More of a lighthearted jab. :P
15 Jul 2017 CromulentVille My major concern with this ville’s briefing was that it seemed to almost invite mappers to try to...
07 Jul 2017 50-Hour Mapping Challenge - CromulentVille Cromulent is a word coined by the Simpsons in 1996. It is defined as something that seems legitim...
07 Jul 2017 BridgeVille Bridgeville is going to take you a long time to finish. Twenty entries of varying length and qual...
05 Jul 2017 Five Zero - Stone Temple 1. Yes, this is an incredibly short and lacklustre release for a 50 hour competition. Sadly, I lo...
02 Jul 2017 Second 50-Hour Mapping Challenge LivingRoomVille
26 Jun 2017 Wolfenstein: The New Order Being a huge fan of open world role playing games, I'm used to games where a certain path will no...
26 Jun 2017 Wolfenstein: The New Order Finally got round to completing this after dropping it for about a year. Not because I didn't enj...
08 Jun 2017 Venatura I totally forgot to mention the one major gripe I had. The boss fight. Potential spoilers ahead: ...
07 Jun 2017 Venatura Certainly not terrible, especially for something produced in seven days. There are a lot of issue...
07 Jun 2017 Five Zero - Stone Temple Phillip is correct. I don't support WON, only Steam HL and at a push, Xash3D.
04 Jun 2017 One Man Army Sounds like you might have installed it incorrectly, Sockman. The OMA directory should go in your...
04 Jun 2017 One Man Army While the appearance of the maps was fairly basic, the majority of the game play is actually bett...
03 Jun 2017 June 2017 General Chat I'm not sure which one of his practice sessions you watched, but in one of his latest ones I actu...
02 Jun 2017 June 2017 General Chat Plans for June? Well something like this: - Got a week off after today and it looks to be the ...
21 May 2017 MinimalismVille This was a fun little map pack and it's really cool to see what people can do with the Source eng...
19 May 2017 June 2017 LDA + Classic of the Month Livestreams Excellent. I'll definitely check it out. I'd forgotten all about ETC2 because I got it on a PCGam...
10 May 2017 50-Hour Mapping Challenge Next Weekend Awww :'(
17 Apr 2017 ToxicVille Sorry about that Phillip. I'll have to copy that template over to Google Drive since I write the ...
17 Apr 2017 ToxicVille This is quite a turn out and probably one of the longest Ville mods to get through. It's taken me...