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I am a gamer and Goldsource fanatic. I enjoy RPGs and First Person Shooters, leaning more towards the classics of the genre. I work as a SysAdmin by day and a level designer for 3DRealms by night. I am also in the process of working on The Core, a singleplayer mod for Half-Life.
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  1. Fallout: New Vegas
  2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  3. Duke Nukem 3D
  4. QUAKE
  5. Divinity: Original Sin 2


  1. USS Darkstar
  2. Half-Life: Absolute Redemption
  3. Half-Life: Echoes
  4. Point of View
  5. Life's End

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  • Mapping: Expert
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Latest 25 Comments
03 Feb 2024 2024 General Chat What's a The Core?
17 Feb 2023 2023 General Chat I would very much like for The Core to be done this year.
27 Mar 2022 Bootleg Squadrog Bootleg Squadrog plays more like an interactive short story than a bona fide map pack. The player...
02 Nov 2021 Dark Evening Dark Evening is supposed to be set between Half-Life 1 and 2, seemingly during the combine invasi...
17 Oct 2021 The Swimming Pool You know what? I really like the thinking behind this map. The player is massively under-equipped...
17 Oct 2021 The Leech Pit Apparently this map is meant for DM, but is playable as a single player map... Frankly, it app...
17 Oct 2021 Half-Life: Escape Holy crap... Holy CRAP, everyone. This map pack did something that I have literally never seen, i...
17 Oct 2021 Southeastern Lan party A simple and rather unattractive scientist killbox type affair. I doubt it would really mean a lo...
16 Oct 2021 The Interview, Stage 1 A very VERY basic map that pits you against some assassins, some grunts in a tight hallway, some ...
16 Oct 2021 The Innocent Eternity The Innocent Eternity is a very tricky little map that starts out as a grunt fest and soon devolv...
16 Oct 2021 Teh Hammre An odd experiment more than anything. A grid of rooms containing grunts with doors that open and ...
16 Oct 2021 Star Wars Download link missing on this one.
16 Oct 2021 Sooper 2 Sooper 2 took me twice as long to get through as its predecessor, yet still clocks in at less tha...
16 Oct 2021 Sooper I have literally no idea what the first room of this map wants me to do. I attempt to reach the d...
16 Oct 2021 Southeastern Lan party It appears that this download link is broken.
16 Oct 2021 Smash Not terribly original, but an amusing little challenge. Grab Half-Life's BFG, the Gluon Gun and l...
16 Oct 2021 Sepulcher Sepulcher is short, bland and immensely challenging. You start out with a crowbar, an HEV suit an...
16 Oct 2021 School Of Terror This took some work to get running, and frankly it wasn't really worth it. The mod comes packaged...
12 Oct 2021 Sabotage An interesting take on the cause of the resonance cascade. Of course, later entries in the Half-L...
12 Oct 2021 Rum Sooo, Rum... I wonder how much the author had consumed when they started working on this. I...
12 Oct 2021 Robotech - Invasion I do not understand why anyone would rate this above Avoid. While it is clear the authors were pa...
12 Oct 2021 Revamp Definitely a short little jaunt through a very Doom-esque map. Had I not read the readme it still...
12 Oct 2021 Resistance 3 Resistance 3 once again picks up where the previous part left off. The teleporter at the end of R...
12 Oct 2021 Resistance 2 Forgot to add my rating...
12 Oct 2021 Resistance 2 Resistance 2 begins where the first installment left off. You have escaped Black Mesa in the SUV ...
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