Twisted Hazard Course

for Half-Life

1st January 1998

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Basic Details
  • Title: Twisted Hazard Course
  • File Name: hl1-sp-twisted-hazard-course.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 1.12Mb
  • Author: Erik ‘Gibmaker’ Hopkins
  • Date Released: 02 December 2000
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  1. Darth Marsden

    This is actually a pretty fun little mod. It’s basically a replacement Hazard Course that is, essentially, very very Twisted. Hence the name. It’s also quite enjoyable. It may be short, but (in the words of Eric Cartman) it is so very very sweet.

  2. It’s amazing how when I read that last sentence I actually heard his voice!

  3. bumtown

    where do I put this?

  4. tommy

    i beleive you should extract it to c:\SIERRA\Half-Life

  5. bumtown

    some help you are I figerd it out ages ago.

  6. Fungus

    The really amazing thing is how it was released almost 11 months prior to the game itself.

  7. The date in the main post is my default entry from an old database when I didn’t know the actual release date!

  8. AI

    NOTE: You can’t just unzip the zip file into the “valve” directory because the pak0.pak file will overwrite the existing pak0.pak file and then, well, there goes Half-Life.

    This warning came from the “readme” file in this map, so unrar to a temp folder BEFORE you install and READ the whole file!!!

  9. I really like this one a lot when I played it also check from the same author (Erik “Gibmaker” Hopkins) Boreality and HNAII : Office Complexz

  10. Mister Y

    Oke, thanks guys for the fix and the advice.
    But isn’t it for all the .zip files that you first have to create a map in your half life folder (like for this mod make a map: THC) and then extract the files into that created map? or didn’t I understand what you were trying to say? A I

    please explain, if I dind’t understand.
    I’m dutch, maybe that’s why

    Greetz Mister Y

  11. The zip file is simply a compressed file of all the folders and maps that the author included in the release.

    Sometimes you can copy the whole folder into a certain place and restart Steam and everything should appear in you games list. Other times you have to manually copy files into different places.

    You need to be really careful you don’t overwrite some files and in this case (I haven’t installed it for a long time) there is the possibility of damaging you Half-Life installation.

    You MUST read the instructions carefully BEFORE attempting to copy files.

  12. Mister Y

    btw, im not from AMSTERDAM.
    there are more city’s in Holland then only
    AMSTERDAM. And were not doing drugs.
    just to get that out of the way.

  13. Mister Y

    k, thanks phillip.
    luckily I already have some modding experience. So this shouldn’t be a problem

  14. create a folder called twisthaz and put all the files into it. Then put the folder in your half-life folder.Thats all thats needed.To run the game in the original HL just select custom game from the menu,for steam HL just select it from the game list menu.

  15. make a folder called twisthaz.put the files from the zip into it.Put that folder into the HL the game by selecting custom game or in steam from the game menu

  16. AI

    The note that is in #12 from me came directly from the readme file. The reason I put it in the comment was to caution wouldbe installers of what could happen to their HL1 game, I always unzip,unrar or what have you, everything (and also scan)that come onto this computer! I try to retrieve the readme to see where it’s got to go, and that’s why I included it in the comment, I’m sorry if I wasn’t more clear! I haven’t been doing this stuff to long (since 1984). Mister Y, I think your English is just fine!!!

  17. Mister Y

    Oke, I really appreciate your concerns with my well-being in the halflife universe.
    And thank you, about my english. I would seriously like to see you write in dutch.

  18. cant do dutch right now but how about Portuguese?

    De Seu dos inglês do é de problemas que de fine..Are do lá jogo do este de COM do tem do você anymore?

    probably not a pure translation but all I got is systran so…

  19. Mister Y

    Like I can talk portuguese

  20. HL Masta

    Fun mod, and yet very nice!!!!!
    Especially since we had to kill Barney with a crowbar, activate the bomb in the women bathroom, and get out via vent, and getting capital punishment at the end!

  21. Mel

    Ok, but very short and only containing Grunts without any story and not much in the way of any gameplay mix. However, ok for a short blast.

  22. Krasiviq

    Guys, I can’t start the game…
    I unzip all (that is the .pak file & the readme file) in a folder named twisthaz inside my half-life directory, but it does not appear in the change game menu. I also tried starting HL with the extension (as advised by the readme file) “-game twisthaz +map twisthaz” but it wouldn’t start… 😐

    Please help!!

  23. Readme doesnt seem right to me.I just open the valve folder and find what pak files I have.Today I only have a pak0.pak file.So I rename the one from this mod to pak1.pak and put it into the valve folder,start half life,open console and type map twisthaz and it works fine.

  24. Krasiviq

    I just tried what you said in the comment above, but no success again…
    I guess I’m gonna have to give up on this mod…
    Pity, as its name and the reviews sounded good to me!

  25. If your using the original won version of HL1 my way does work fine.If you have steam I don’t think it will work as I don’t believe it reads pak files very good.If you tell me you are using steam I will create a file that is usable with it.

    If you do have a won version check what numbers the pak files are in.They go in an order 0,1,2,3 etc.If there is no 1 you cant have a 2.

    I will probably make the file anyway as the link here will be dead in a few weeks and it should work in all versions anyway so Phillip can upload it to one of his places.

  26. Krasiviq

    To be honest, I’m not sure if I have the original or the Steam version.
    To be entirely honest, I have NO idea what’s the difference between them (I just know they both exist).
    I believe it has something to do with the console interface – and mine shows green(ish) and has an “x” in the top right corner so it can be closed with the mouse…
    I don’t know if that’s an indicator that I have the Steam version or not? If you tell me how to recognize which version I have, I’d tell you in a flash…

    PS: I do appreciate you trying to help me!

  27. Krasiviq

    OK, I went through my HL folder & it had several files with the word ‘steam” in them, including a ‘steam.dll″ file. So I’d say I have ‘the steam version” (whatever that is).

    From what I see so far, I’m having a tremendous amount of difficulties installing ANY mod. I’m having a big time struggle with the game each time trying to get the damn thing running. Unfortunatelly most of the time I’d lose 🙁

    I guess the only thing left for me to do is get rid of that HL installation I find it somewhere else – the “WON version” you say?

    I dunno. I’m starting to lay off the game beacause of these installation issues. I used to be a big fan though…

  28. Personal Favourite

    A very fun and funny map that is definitely one of my favorite standalone maps.

  29. Couldn’t find a working download link here, so don’t get mad if I post a working one:

  30. Ten Four Reviews

    Levels don’t always have to be massive or intricate undertakings to be enjoyable. I present Twisted Hazard Course, by Gibmaker, as proof.

    The description supplied is: “What if…the administrator was a sadist? Well, the hazard course might look something like this. Good luck, and happy training!” It’s a simple concept, yet clever. This map is a knockoff of the original Black Mesa Hazard Course, complete with training for the HEV, vehicles, and combat.

    In all, there isn’t a whole lot to this pack – it consists only of one map. But it is well designed and executed. Judging by Gibmaker’s Mapfinger page, he is a moderately experienced Half-Life level designer, though this is his first single player release. The overall design of Twisted Hazard Course is solid; the architecture is not exactly astounding and some of the texturing is a bit off, but in general this is a decently put-together map.

    There are a whole slew of new sounds recorded for this map by professional voice actress Allison Smith, who does a truly outstanding job as your holographic guide. Another aspect that stands out is clever use of sequences throughout the map. They gave the map a lighthearted feel and kept me smiling along the way.

    Like I said, there isn’t a whole lot to Twisted Hazard Course, but what is there is really fun. You won’t find tough combat or an intricate storyline, but give it a try anyway. And if you don’t listen closely to your guide and read all the in-game text you’ll be missing out on a couple clever jokes. That is what made me like this map and that is why I recommend it for a brief diversion.

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Thursday, 7th December, 2000 by Unquenque.

    This review was originally posted on the Ten Four Website, which is now offline. Permission has been granted to republish the full review and more details can be found on the About page.

  31. Mboogogah, play it now!

  32. Play It Later

    Nice little map, funny and have some fun moments. Mapping is OK, it was really fun to play and maybe Richman got inspired of this mod when he start making Hazardous-Couse 2, concept is really similar. Sad that map is too short, because it was really nice map, i think you are gonna check it, really, you didn’t lose your time. Maybe, one of best oldschool HL1 maps, for 2000 that’s really nice design.

  33. Play It Later


  34. Play It Now!

    A Short but definitely interesting map. I really enjoyed imaging the bonkers logic where it was worthwhile to kill ~30 scientists to train a single HEV user. The effects are also pretty cool at times.

    This map is definitely worth checking out.

  35. Maybe?

    okay I suppose

  36. Maybe?

    Most of the audio files are not working. What a crap, it just a silent Hazard Course, not twisted. And the electric chair in the end has no sense, I prefer to stay inside the pipe so the fire absorb my flesh.

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