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Latest 25 Comments
28 Jun 2021 The Infinite Shift -Blue Shift I'm glad to help. It's been a coon's age since I visited but from 2006-2011 I played every one of...
23 Jun 2021 The Infinite Shift -Blue Shift Like the readme says, you need to install the patch, bspatch.exe. However, if you use the...
23 Jun 2021 The Infinite Shift -Blue Shift If you check Virustotal for the infshift.7z file on ModdB, only 1 of 59 antiviruses flagged it as...
18 Apr 2012 Twisted Hazard Course Fixed.
18 Apr 2012 U Life Fixed, thanks.
21 Jan 2012 Friendly Fire Fixed.
17 Jan 2012 Chemical Existence There's a file now, but until it's updated you'll also need to get the patch at GameFront. You...
29 Dec 2011 Deal With Destiny Fixed.
15 Dec 2011 Residual Point You're welcome. If nothing else you can google the file name and author, that's why the original ...
13 Dec 2011 Residual Point It is corrupt, thanks for pointing that out, although not because of the random-looking character...
30 Nov 2011 Star Wars Test Mod Fixed.
28 Nov 2011 Combine Combat Link fixed.
24 Nov 2011 Little Skyscraper of Horrors There's a walkthrough of sorts in the included skyscraper.txt. Sometimes it doesn't happen right ...
12 Nov 2011 Uplink Extended Download alive. :-)
08 Nov 2011 Night Shift Fixed.
22 Jun 2011 Half-Life Emergency Eif's "You are in army now" mod, that he mentioned above, is available at
25 May 2011 ES [spoiler]See the maintenance access switch through the window? To get there, you need to crawl th...
23 Sep 2010 Heart Of Evil: Napalm Edition
22 Mar 2009 The Real 1 and 2 Use the technique of planting tripmines on a wall in a diagonal line, so you can jump on the trip...
24 Nov 2008 Outwards Assuming you have the console, quicksave your game, type "sv_cheats 1" and load another map for i...
28 Oct 2008 Reissues The lift takes a long, long time. You can see its progress by the row of lights above it.
27 Oct 2008 CWCpack Initiative There's another button, at the terminal, not a light but the kind of button you push. It's hard t...
16 Jul 2008 Half-Life: Prison You are right. I've posted there.
13 Jul 2008 Half-Life: Prison Fixed the release date. EddieLee, I recognize the passage you describe but, oddly enough, the ...
05 Jul 2008 Half-Life Emergency Demo That's okay, because the is available. Having the best HL site on the web doesn't qualify you t...
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