The Infinite Shift -Blue Shift

4th October 2002

Author’s Note:

“The story starts where the original Blue-Shift ended: after having saved himself from Black-Mesa toghether with Rosenberg and the other 2 scientists, something goes wrong and Calhoun is teletransported in the alien dimension for a computer error.

… yes i know, isn’t very original….but is just an excuse to put the hands again on the weapons!”

Basic Details
  • Title: The Infinite Shift
  • File Name: bs-sp-the-infinite-shift-v2.7z
  • Original File Name: eng-shift.exe
  • Size : 2.5 MB
  • Author: Davide Di Bartolo AKA Crazy
  • Date Released: 03 October 2002

Download Options

Download to your HD [2.5 MB]

Manual Installation Instructions
  • Unzip and run eng-shift.exe
  • Like the readme says, you need to install the patch, bspatch.exe. However, if you use the Steam version of Blue Shift instead of the original release, the patch may not recognize Blue Shift as installed, and return an error message about no Half-Life products detected on your computer. You can get the patch to install by adding some entries to your registry.
  • See the note on installing Blue Shift update.txt in the download for more information.
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  1. Anonymous

    Will we need Blue Shift?

  2. so how do I install it because I downloaded my BS I instal it in the bs foldier or the hl foldier? I don’t get it.
    ill try both ways enyway I allways wanted to put an ending to what hapend in this game.

    1. should be programfiles(x86) steam/steamaps/source mods or username/blueshift/maps depending on what it is, a full mod or a bsp file.

      1. Only Source mods go in the SourceMods folder. That means the later games, with regards to this site, that means Half-Life 2, Episode One and Episode Two and Portal.

        Without downloading and checking the file, I would imagine that this needs to be extracted/installed to your Blueshift folder, not the maps, assuming it’s a mod.

  3. The readme tells you how to install it. It says to install to:

    For Steam (if it works), I guess it would be:
    C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\username\half-life blue shift\bshift

    Anyway, after you install it, start a game of Blue-Shift, bring down the console and type:
    map ba_shift1

  4. bkadar

    been messing with this , can’t seem to get it to work. just keeps getting a fatal error?or maybe its just time for more hl2.

  5. Gilfrarry

    I need help, too.
    Steam crashes with the error “Mod_LoadBModel: funny lump size in maps/ba_shift1.bsp” when I try to play.
    The readme says to get the Blue-Shift v1.0.0.1 patch, but the patch won’t install because it can’t find Blue Shift on my computer, presumably because I’m using Steam.
    Does anyone know where I can get the Blue-Shift v1.0.0.1 patch without its installer? Or any other way to use it with Steam?

    1. Same error here. Weird, can’t find any fix for that and looks like that just few of us are having that problem.

      1. Like the readme says, you need to install the patch, bspatch.exe. However, if you use the Steam version of Blue Shift instead of the original release, the patch may not recognize Blue Shift as installed, and return an error message about no Half-Life products detected on your computer.

        You can get the patch to install by adding some entries to your registry. Save the following as a text file, change the .txt extension to .reg, and open it again to add it to the registry. Then the patch will install (point it to the Half-Life Blue Shift folder in Steam) and The Infinite Shift mod will work.

        Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


        “Full Name”=”Half-Life: Blue Shift”

        “Full Name”=”Half-Life”

        “Full Name”=”Half-Life: Opposing Force”





  6. RedBone
    Think Twice

    i think that this game is too short I beat it in like 15 min I need a game that will last me a hour or 2!

  7. Poisonheadcrab

    Custume maps do not work on the steamed version of blue shift. I think they work on the enhancment mod blue shift unlocked, Whitch is blue shift with high def models.

  8. Play It Now!

    Very fun mod with very funny ending, nothing unique, but still worth your time. It can be annoying when you have to backtrack to find the scientist you need to open a door, but nonetheless, an entertaining romp thru Black Mesa.

    Oh and for people who cant run, get Blue Shift Unlocked from the Half-Life Improvement Team first, and then drop the mod’s contents into it’s folder, and run the first map from the console. Worked for me.

  9. Anon_1165592

    Just wondering, why does this need Blue Shift? Just because of Barney’s hands? Does it actually add new stuff to HL? I honestly don’t know.

    1. I plan to get this converted to Half-Life, so that more people can play it.

      1. Robert

        Hi there Philip!!

        Did you ever get Infinite shift reuploaded? The link for this Mod is broken. Over on MODDB people are saying the mod downloaded there is infected with a virus (!?). That’s why I’m hesitant to download it from there. I’m pretty sure I had this on my ancient Cira 2001 Desktop computer. Thanks, Rob

        1. If you check Virustotal for the infshift.7z file on ModdB, only 1 of 59 antiviruses flagged it as suspicious. So it’s safe. It’s a false positive, not a virus.

          The download on this page (I uploaded it myself; used to help with the site) is just the original eng-shift.exe wrapped in a 7-zip archive. It’s 2.5 MB. I’m not sure why the ModDB file is 13.3 MB. Maybe that was updated to fix the crashing or to work with the base Half-life game instead of Blue Shift.

          In any case, here is the PlanetPhillip file for which the download is broken above. Or you can use the ModDB version. Your choice.

          Enjoy the mod! I’m glad someone is still playing it.

          1. Unq

            Thanks. I grabbed the original PlanetPhillip file and added the patch text file to it.

            The download above has now been updated.

            1. I’m glad to help. It’s been a coon’s age since I visited but from 2006-2011 I played every one of the 430 HL1, 30 Oposing Force, and 1 Blue Shift mods then available on PlanetPhillip. Also wrote a few walkthroughs just for here, added Original File Name to the Basic Details on posts (which never really caught on with Phillip), uploaded files to his FTP server and fixed download links, and joined the Team site with Goddess Alyria, Mel, and Booman, while it lasted.

              Good times. Thank you for maintaining the site now. If I can help with some grunt work please let me know.

  10. JC

    Could you add a working link to the original mod? (the one that works under Blue-Shift).

  11. Play It Later

    Well, this was pretty fun, but the mapping in some areas is pretty meh, also, why did the original mod need Blue Shift to play? It adds absolutely nothing except for Barney’s hands, but anyway, the mod is good, there are a few areas that feel empty, but the gameplay itself is fun, there is not much else to say, it was a decent experiencie overall

  12. erc

    Dropping by to inform anyone out there wanting to give this a go that this does not work with the Steam version of Blue Shift as of 2021 (even after applying the BS update, be it through the original installer or manually replacing the .dll with the one updated one). It simply gives out an error about a ‘funny lump’ as loading the first map and results in a CtD. To get it running under Steam, I installed the disc version of Blue Shift, applied the BS update and finally used ‘Blue Shift Unlocked’ utility from HL Improvement Team to get a compact and updated Blue Shift mod folder under the Steam installation of Half-Life.

    Can’t say all that trouble was worth it though. It was 20-30 minutes of wandering through boxy and underdetailed rooms, in which the author randomly throws every trick of the HL book at the player. Sure, it does not has any glaring errors and there were a few nice ideas along the way, tho’ the overall drabness of it all overwhelms those moments. A pack that I can rate a 2/5 at most.

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