Mistaken Identity

for Half-Life

1st January 1998

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Basic Details
  • Title: Mistaken Identity
  • File Name: hl1-sp-mistaken-identity.7z
  • Original File Name: mistake1.zip
  • Size : 510Kb
  • Author: Richard Hamer
  • Date Released: 30 January 2000
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  1. Anonymous

    zip contains 3 bsps – HOSPITAL, WARD, INVASION. no instructions. put them in Half-Life/valve/maps. loaded HOSPITAL first – it seems to be he 1st (the others would not load properly) quite a difficult fighting map but the next map change hangs on loading.
    I know its old and small, the author has made the effort so I thought I would try it but could not progress

  2. piledriver

    that was me – forgot to sign in

  3. Anon-00236
    Avoid It!

    It could have been a whole lot longer

  4. Maybe?

    Sweet lil mappack (3 maps) with some design flaws and oddities but nice combat and good layouts.
    As the pack title already suppose, you are Gordon Freeman, but not the one the soldiers are looking for from BM. That’s where the trouble begins..
    Starting in the hospital where you work suddenly soldiers invade it and also some aliens are trying to say hello. Nothing special at all but quite fun to play.

    Mapping is quite good for the first maps of the author, but there are several places where you can jump out of the map or see things which shouldn’t be there.
    At one point you can even go through a wall, and the opposite of that is that at some other place it can be tricky just to move through a wall opening where a door should be…
    That’s kinda annoying a bit, because in this tight corridors an alien slave awaits at the end.
    So that are some minor flaws, bigger ones are the missing story or more puzzles and design oddities. Such as odd architecture sometimes or enemy placement.
    It’s also quite short to play, so you can finish it in less than 10 minutes.
    However, the author promised to make it better in FETT part two…

    Good aspects are the combat which can be tough at the start due to lack of ammo which is good.
    Unfortunately the combat balancing gets ruined in the last part as there are just too much weapons and ammo for the AR. I wonder why there’s a rocket launcher..

    Nonetheless, it’s not that bad so give it a try, I guess some players will like it too a bit!

    -Nice, tough combat (map 1-2 of 3)
    -Good layouts, nice lighting
    -Some “puzzles”
    -Balancing is okay until map 3
    -Part 2 is available

    -Bugs: graphics, clipping, mapchange
    -No real story
    -Very short playtime
    -Design oddities and flaws, also some weird architecture
    -Too much weapons and ammo at the end
    -Sudden ending

    Note: Type “map hospital” in console to start.

  5. Ten Four Reviews

    In many cases it is better when mappers do not release their first complete maps for public scrutiny. Case in point: Mistaken Identity, by Richard Hamer.

    The only good thing about this short episode is the premise. After the Black Mesa ‘Incident,’ the military was pretty pissed at a certain Gordon Freeman, and decides to launch a nationwide manhunt for him. Well, they eventually find a Gordon Freeman working at a hospital in the middle of nowhere. Unbeknownst to them (and unluckily for you), they are pursuing the wrong Gordon Freeman, hence the title of this episode.

    Mistaken Identity sports most of the signs of a typical first-time effort. It has a linear design, poor lighting, some poor texturing, and rather plain and mostly boxy architecture. Plus this episode takes place in a hospital. The levels have no resemblance to a hospital whatsoever (disregarding a couple of health kits lying around); it is much closer to the ol’ grunt-infested-collapsing-desert-base style. The r_speeds overall are generally acceptable, but there are still abysmal framerates throughout much of the episode. This is due to Richard’s blatant overuse of dynamic lights. Everywhere you go there seems to be flashing or flickering lights, which is not only annoying but it drastically slows the play down because your computer must work a lot harder.

    To top that off, there are a number of mistakes in the design of Mistaken Identity. In one spot, you can jump all the way to the top of the walls in an outdoor area, allowing you to either jump into the sky and out of the level or follow the walls to the end of the map, bypassing a small chunk. Common sense needs to prevail when you are designing a map; unfortunately, a couple of sections eschew this necessity. In the beginning section, Barney is in a small guard booth watching over things. I guess he was born and raised in there, because there is no door, no access panel, and no secret escape route for him to enter or exit said booth. Another example is a certain door on a one-foot-thick wall. You can get to the hallway behind the door, and there is no door on that side. So I suppose that door is painted on, huh? Or it could be a linen closet.

    Stay away from this one. The author has released Mistaken Identity 2, which has since been withdrawn due to stability problems (thus no review will be done at Ten Four). However, I have played part 2, and sadly it is not much of an improvement; it suffers from the same problems in design and speed that part 1 does. Richard has recently released Foothold, a level pack for OpFor, which will be reviewed in the near future, and is hard at work on Double Helix, another OpFor episode. Let’s hope these are dramatic improvements.

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Sunday, 17th September, 2000 by Unquenque.

    This review was originally posted on the Ten Four Website, which is now offline. Permission has been granted to republish the full review and more details can be found on the About page.

  6. Avoid It!

    Though Mistaken Identity has quite an amusing premise, it’s quite difficult one to enjoy. All semblance of that plot is gone by the time you fire up the map. You might not be THE Gordon Freeman, but you still have an HEV suit AND enough combat experience to take out an entire company of marines.

    This is not a map pack I feel I can review fairly because it is the author’s first ever attempt to make a map pack. Then again, they DID release it so… eh, here goes.

    Mistaken Identity is a very ugly map pack. The scale of most things is totally off, from the furniture to the stairs (you have to jump up them in one case). It is also very poor at letting you know how to progress at times. Going from the first map, HOSPITAL to the second called WARD, I had to resort to climbing out of the map and jumping over a fence.

    The combat spaces throughout are very constricted, hindering player and NPC alike, meaning the endless combat mostly resorts to standing in one spot and unloading your ammo into one another until somebody falls down.

    On top of all that, the map looks as though it was made without sticking to the grid, so there are single unit gaps or jutting out faces that you stick to which becomes very frustrating.

    I’d give this one a miss. It’s a bit of a mess.

  7. Play It Later

    This mod is nice but boxy. There’s not enough space for many maneuvers. Still is nice to consider a good mod. He don’t give esencial weapons in the beginning of the phase, but gives them later. It is not a good idea to waiste too many shots on crates, but there’s not many crates too. And that rocket in the chanal, does it some use? Maybe it should explode or something, just standing still like a box floating in the water like a submarine torpedo.

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