A free Windows application to manage your maps and mods

Previously known as MapTap.

Currently Gauge should work but is not supported. We apologize in advance.


Everything you wanted to know about the application and how it makes managing SP maps easy.

  • Install: You have plenty of easy ways to install maps and mods

  • Play: To play a release you only need to do select it and then click PLAY or just double click it.

  • Report: If for any reason an archive doesn't work correctly,just report it and we'll check it out.

  • Uninstall: When you have finished with a map, just select it and then click "Uninstall" and everything related to that map is deleted, without touching you base installation.

  • Once you have installed a few maps, you can re-order the various columns to make finding what you are looking for very easy.

  • We've included the option of opening the folder where each map is installed. This allows you fast access to any screenshots you may have taken or to read the readme file (if it has one).

  • Mark you favourite maps for future replay with one click.

  • In addition to re-ordering the list, it's also possible to view only "played", "unplayed" or "Favourite" maps.

  • No need to use the engine console!

  • The Cost: Zero, zip, nada. It's completely free.

  • Windows Only: Yeah, sorry, it's only for Windows.

  • Gauge Exclusives: Special Gauge only mappacks!


Here is a list of frequently asked questions. Please read them before sending a support email, as they may solve your issue immediately.

How do I install the software?

Simply download the installer and execute it. You will need to have administrator privileges when installing the software, in order to enjoy the full set of features that Gauge has to offer.

Can I install it on multiple computers?

Yes. Just remember that the maps installed on one computer will only be available for that computer.

Will Gauge work with multiple Steam accounts?

Yes. Just remember that the maps installed on one account will only be available for that account. This is especially important if you drag files onto Gauge's icon. They will install to the last opened account.

How do I update the software?

Gauge has its own update feature. Each time you start Gauge it will check for updates and download them if available. At the next start-up, Gauge will install the update for you. However, if for some reason it doesn't, you can download the latest update from the Change Log section and install it manually.

What if a map I download is broken?

If for some reason you have problems with a map, you can report the downloaded archive. Just select the map in the list of installed maps and then press the 'Report' button. Phillip gets to see which archives have been reported. It is worth noting that none of your personal details are sent, just the file name. Therefore, nobody will contact you to say the file has been fixed.

What kind of files are supported?

Gauge is designed to use mods, maps and mappacks published on RunThinkShootLive.Com.

How can I see the maps I have played?

Check (in the 'View' menu) that you have selected either the 'View All' option or 'Played maps'.

How can I see the maps I haven't played?

Check (in the 'View' menu) that you have selected either the 'View All' option or 'Unplayed maps'.

How do I install maps to different Steam Accounts?

Click on the the 'Accounts' menu, and select the Steam account you want to use. Then install a map as normal.

Will Gauge work with a pirated version of Steam or games?

We have no idea and we don't care. Support Valve by buying their games.

Will you be adding new features?

How can I report a bug?

I have a question that is not listed here, what do I do?

Sorry, Gauge is not supported anymore.


Please note that each update is cumulative, meaning you only ever need the latest version, irrespective of what version you are updating from.

Version 2.7.0
Half-Life and Opposing Force can be installed on different drives, search function, desktop shortcuts and install directly after downloading a archive from within Gauge.

Version 2.6.0
Gives users the option of disabling background images for mods that crash. Creates a proper mod for Source map and multiple map releases, meaning users can play any map via the standard Steam Menu.

Version 2.5.0
Automatically creates a new gameinfo.txt that allows most mods to work with Steampipe. Various bug fixes and small changes to the UI.

Version 2.4.0
Now works with Steampipe. Multiple Gauge accounts removed.

Version 2.3.1
fixes an issue with "Megapacks" and the readme file included.

Version 2.3.0
added support for Opposing Force
Adds "Gauge" to map name
Group installs from exclusive PP files
fixes an issues with no games found
anonymously counts map plays
"Thank you" pop up after 50 plays
anonymously counts installations
highlights first map for some mappacks
fixes an issue if PlanetPhillip.Com is not available
fixes an issue of strange symbols in map titles.
updated copyright date

Version 2.0.7
added support for Half-Life 1.
fixed game search paths.
fixed map pack titles.
added progress reporter for install process.
added "Favourites" functionality.
added embedded browser.
better progress reporter.
no more crashes when double clicking an item still installing.
ability to cancell install.
all links handled in embedded browser.
open install older.
removed review page (not fully functional).
bugfixes (list header).
refresh button

Version 1.0.14
Installer bug fix

Version 1.0.13
better spacing in the 'About' dialogue.
issue a warning if the game needed for the archive is not properly detected.

Version 1.0.12
make sure only one instance of Gauge is running
queue all install processes from the web browser to that single Gauge instance
reworked the 'About' popup

Version 1.0.11
ignore fake user folders ("temp")
added filter dialogue and toolbar entry
'Accounts' and 'View' are in a separate toolbar
disable the 'Accounts' menu while installing maps

Version 1.0.10
added 'Accounts' menu, to complement the toolbar button
changed font to the displayed account name
added shortcuts to most actions

Version 1.0.9
added donations button and menu item
list filtering after played/unplayed status
active account displayed on the list title
fixed help URL
changed the 'About' popup to credit the icon maker(s) and coder

Version 1.0.8
added support for drag and drop for multiple 7z files
added status messages
added a label to specify the active account
fixed opening the help page when updating Gauge
display proper game names ("Half Life 2" instead of "hl2")

Version 1.0.7
used the proper .exe in the update files
the Steam account window now opens up with the last used account: useful to know what account is being used.

Version 1.0.6
updated the display, even if the account has no maps installed, to clean up the UI.

Previous Versions
No public versions or documentation recorded before this time.