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1st January 1998

Basic Details
  • Title: Outrun
  • File Name: hl1-sp-outrun.7z
  • Original File Name: outrun.zip
  • Size : 3.92Mb
  • Author: Edmund Hunt
  • Date Released: 26 February 2000
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  1. piledriver

    Mostly human enemies, slightly non-linear in places and a few puzzles. Mr Hunt has shown how entertainment should be done. A proper, honest to goodness action shooter in true half-life stylee, a proper ending with big bangs and, unlike some of these mods, you know when you’ve escaped. Only 1-2 hours playtime on medium but definitely worth the download. 4/5

  2. Manual_Monaro

    A solid, clean yet comparatively fun mod. Edmund Hunt has done a great job producing something that, while not revolutionary or overly fantastic, is still a solid romp through the much-loved Black Mesa style environments.

    Gameplay is a solid achievement. Enemy and item placement is done well (Except a blaring case of ” lots of items/chargers before a tough segment” at the very end of the mod.) with not too much of a case of being under balanced. However, at times I found there to be lack of ammo or health, which detracts from the positive outlook of this mod. ” Resourcefulness” isn’t a case here, as there were too many enemies during those segments. To be blunt – it’s a niggling pain. But I didn’t suffer this too much.

    Firefights are arguably quite fun. Map layout provides some great, if not, fantastic grunt fights. Puzzles are strewn few and far between, but in decent numbers. There is case of having to destroy computers a few times throughout, so keep that in mind. (It got me stumped at first!)

    Overall, gameplay is a solid, fun achievement, but nothing really special comes about it. There’s a real sense of ” been there, done that” throughout the mod, which is an unfortunate outlook. Nonetheless, it ticks nearly all the boxes.

    Design is above average. It remains quite clean throughout and is overly consistent. There are many areas constituting interesting brushwork, spotless trimwork, pleasantly good lighting and effects plus some tidy texture work. But then again, there are many areas that are large, empty, bland and overly boring. At times, there’s a severe lack of interesting architecture and trimwork to justify the design. it’s simply unfortunate that the author is rather inconsistent with his level of design. But despite that, these ” unfortunate areas” aren’t really too painful to look at, so don’t go in expecting completely amateurish design.

    Set-pieces are quite good and very much nice to look at. Though few and far between, they, and the map’s layout, set a good pace.

    There’s some new custom content here. Nothing really special. Just some signs/textures, new skins and sound effects. The author’s attempt at ” voice acting” was barely audible, but it’s at the very end of the mod, so that’s not too much to worry about.

    So, overall, a solid modification. it’s consistently clean and holds up as being quite fun. Despite what I’ve said, I can only ask you to consider playing, on behalf of it being a fairly generic romp, with nary a thing that comes off as groundbreaking or even anything that seems overly fantastic. (Except the grunt fights.) I don’t recall ever being in an area and thinking ” This is neat!” (Well, except one thing, but it was still a case of “been there, done that”.)

    But if you’re into some fun, fast, reckless combat, with a good pace, sweet design — Or you’re one of those ” I’ll play anything,” type of people, then jump right in!

    My recommendation:

  3. Play It Now!

    Manual_Monaro pretty much covered everything there is to say haha.

    Personally, I think it’s a very well-designed mod with perfectly spaced-out scripted sequences, puzzles, and battles.

    8/10, it’s just too short though =P

    By the by, if you’re confused, check the Readme.txt for quite an extensive storyline.

  4. Play It Later

    You will make no mistake if you spend your time for playing this mission. There is no anything outstanding, but all was done well and interesting to play.

  5. Play It Now!

    WOW! To be honest, it’s a shame I never played that jewel earlier, plus, I had a bad feeling when reading the title… however, it proofed me wrong, it’s a great mod!
    Being an spy disguised as Gordon Freeman, after accomplishing the Black Mesa mission, your new mission is to infiltrate a research facility, and knock out Dr. Chiang (of course “played” by the Gman). Your employer, the Special Air Service (SAS) is offering you this job after the disaster of the BM mission.

    That’s more or less the story (read readme.txt for full story) and the to-do list, as there’s indeed much to do! The lab is a quite big facility with several areas, heavily guarded and filled with sub-tasks to solve for moving on. Quite many maps are a good playtime combined with variation is a good mixture for a SP HL mod. Go play it, if you haven’t (for a long time) !

    -Superior leveldesign, nice lighting, textures etc., lot of variation (indoor, outdoor etc.)
    -Excellent balanced
    -Great combat situations
    -Nice, surprising scripts
    -Some puzzles
    -Music for flair or dramatic scenes is used very often
    -Secret areas
    -Quite long playtime

    -Where’s part 2? Is there one?
    -Sometimes a bit tough

  6. Ten Four Reviews

    Another author apparently new to the Half-Life mapping scene and another large helping of levels. We’ve seen this combination go quite well in the past but we’ve also seen some rather less memorable first attempts at a large unit. Where does Outrun lie in this scale?

    Happily, it has its feet planted firmly at the better end of the scale. It’s not an awe-inspiring debut but debuts usually aren’t. What you will find in the seven levels on offer in Outrun is a decent display of mapping and some decent combat. There were no significant visual errors and the architecture and lighting on show were more than adequate.

    On the other hand, the unit is missing some important features. Its main problem is a general lack of ideas and it ends up feeling a bit tired by the end; there’s really nothing you won’t have seen ten times before. Of course, it’s been done to a high standard here, which does go some way towards compensating for the pedestrian levels, but there was a real lack of events. The path through the maps has few interesting twists and it was quite frustrating to find a level that was very well put together but that could have been so much more given a few new ideas.

    It would be unfair to criticise Edmund too much for giving us what we’ve enjoyed in the past. The combat is good – generally quite tough without being unfair – and the pace of the levels is kept high as more and more grunts are thrown at you.

    If you’re growing tired of the standard Half-Life fare then you’re not going to find anything here of interest: you won’t uncover any real puzzles or neat set-pieces. If you’re still not bored of the generic grunt-fest template we’ve grown used to, however, this is as good a way as any to waste a couple of hours. Edmund has got the standard mapping down now and I look forward to seeing if he can inject the freshness that’s missing here into the upcoming sequel.

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Wednesday, 29th March, 2000 by Morgan.

    This review was originally posted on the Ten Four Website, which is now offline. Permission has been granted to republish the full review and more details can be found on the About page.

  7. Play It Later

    This is the first mod I ever played, so I may be a bit bias. Simply playing new levels was the coolest thing ever at the time.

    I have replayed it recently and I have to say it is fairly mediocre. However the levels don’t look that bad and it changes nicely from combat, horror, and puzzles. The puzzles are pretty simple. It has a vague and simple story. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t that memorable either. It isn’t very long either, but you typically won’t finish it in one sitting.

  8. Play It Now!

    Solid mod, nice tempo going through various maps. No big boss fights witch I personally don’t enjoy anyway. Yeah, what the hell, play it now!

  9. Play It Later

    There’s not much to say about it, this is a good mod with loads of fun and some creative maps, I love the new pistol, the puzzles can get a little confusing, but when in doubt, just shoot the control panels, the difficulty is nicely balanced, though I feel that it is a little too hard in some areas, but really, there’s not much to say, just a really solid mod, give it a try

  10. Play It Later

    Outrun is one of the first mods I ever played. I don’t recall having this much trouble getting through it, but knowing how I used to play through these things I was playing on Easy with Godmode on…

    One thing that stuck in my mind was the name Chiang and the MI5 gman model with his… red hair?

    Anyway, nostalgia aside, I remember really enjoying playing through this back in the day. Coming back to it with two decades of level design experience, I can’t ignore the flaws and the occasional errors in the mapping. Things such as level change triggers not always firing, as well as ladders using the wrong Render Mode so they glow in the dark.

    That being said, this is still a solid map pack that will keep you going for some time. Worth checking out when you have time.

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