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  1. Resident Evil Roku
  2. Field Intensity

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I've learned the basics of mapping but stopped because I lost two hard drives by using Valve Hammer Source

Latest 25 Comments
03 Dec 2023 Halloween Horror V: THE UNKNOWN - Map Labs Presents Huh, I can't believe I missed this one. Well, better late than never. SPOILER ALERT. [recima...
18 Nov 2023 Half-Life: The World Machine First of all, happy 25th anniversary to Half-Life. And with this mod, I've enjoyed it a lot more ...
04 Nov 2023 Mission Improbable This one is pretty good! At first I thought the main objective is the listening post but after th...
20 Oct 2023 Case Closed Okay, so I've found the crossbow and it requires a little more exploration because you'd miss it ...
17 Oct 2023 ETC - Earthquake Test Centre This looks very familiar to me. It's as if I have played this before. If I am not mistaken, Sven ...
16 Oct 2023 Shift Two The level design is poorly made. I can't get past the bathroom after flooding it
10 Oct 2023 The Xeno Project 2 Well things get a little more creative. Personally I love this setting more than the first one, y...
10 Oct 2023 The Xeno Project Well this is very different, the fact that Xen becomes a planet instead of a border world with fl...
07 Oct 2023 Typical Disaster: The Lost Levels The combat is very easy, even the helicopter battle. The puzzles are easy as well. You don't need...
06 Oct 2023 Absolute Redemption Well this is another good mod right here and the best part is that it takes place outside of Blac...
05 Oct 2023 Fight for Life Meh, this one is okay to me. I have no words on the level design. The combat is too easy, I feel ...
30 Sep 2023 Half-Life 2: Black Mesa East Challenges: - Kill Judith Mossman - Kill Eli Vance - Kill Alyx Vance
30 Sep 2023 Half-Life: Anomalous Materials Challenge: - Obtain the handgun without cheating
30 Sep 2023 Half-Life: Power Up My challenges: Kill the garg without turning the generator on Finish the chapter without turn...
30 Sep 2023 Half-Life: We've Got Hostiles! I've got a better challenge, an easy one. Complete We've Got Hostiles in not more than 30 seconds.
29 Sep 2023 Aurora: Reinstated This is a very obscure mod right here. First of all, you are playing as Adrian Shephard but why i...
29 Sep 2023 Dangerous World This is a maybe for me because I have seen inconsistencies in this whole mod. Let's start with th...
29 Sep 2023 HunterVille Another good and challenging ville here, well not all entries are good. [recimage id=4] Wel...
24 Sep 2023 Half-Life: The Infected This one is somewhat okay to me. My first issue here is that the game is too dark. The nighttime ...
24 Sep 2023 Moonwalker Level design, originality, all great. The combat is too easy on normal so I recommend playing thi...
24 Sep 2023 Vengeance I've seen more cons here than the pros in this mod. First, the story really makes no sense to me....
23 Sep 2023 Military Duty There's nothing much to say about the level design, story, characters, and combat. They're all pr...
23 Sep 2023 Run From Hell I forgot one more thing. I know the language is Russian but why are the dialogues mixed with Engl...
23 Sep 2023 Run From Hell Well this is a very obscure mod. Why does it take forever to destroy one crate? Seriously, most o...
19 Sep 2023 Operation X Well the description is at least honest. First, level design. It is pretty bland and very lin...
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