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  1. Resident Evil Roku
  2. Field Intensity

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I've learned the basics of mapping but stopped because I lost two hard drives by using Valve Hammer Source

Latest 25 Comments
21 May 2024 Powerstation 17 Hands down to one of the best classic mods in HL2. There's not much to say about it but I'd be bi...
21 May 2024 Baryonic Predicament This would've been a great mod if it weren't for a cheap combat arena. There's pretty much no sto...
21 May 2024 Slums Is there a way to install this without using EXE file?
20 May 2024 Old School Finally, I was able to finish this mod. I still do not know why my game crashed during the finale...
20 May 2024 Timeline 1 I mean it has a lot of Wolfenstein vibes here which what makes it unique and different for a Half...
06 May 2024 Outrun So there are goods and bads in this mod. First off is that the level design and triggers are brok...
05 Apr 2024 Back On 2rack: Vertigo - Map Labs Presents Better late than never. Here goes another review. [recimage id=3] Off to a good start, leve...
24 Mar 2024 Blood and Bones After so many "Avoid it" reviews, I can't believe there are still people playing this horrendous ...
18 Mar 2024 Compromised Great mod with great story. Combat and level design, meh. I'm sure the author puts all the effort...
18 Mar 2024 Penetration Link broken
18 Mar 2024 Socialist Tension Link broken
18 Mar 2024 Joutomaa Redux The mod is pretty great but a bit too anticlimactic for the ending. As for the story, I pretty mu...
10 Mar 2024 Todesangst 2 Full review later
09 Mar 2024 Todesangst 1 This mod is close to be one of my personal favorite. Unfortunately there are some things I am con...
09 Mar 2024 Todesangst 1 Maybe you're too blind to see the good stuffs in this mod
07 Mar 2024 USS Darkstar It's hard for me to put a personal favorite on a mod. This one, this takes the cake. This mod is ...
07 Mar 2024 Undertime You travel back in time to stop Dr. Slick, very simple.... nah, it's not. The level is very block...
07 Mar 2024 Escape by Leo Ring This one is fine to me but my first concern here is why do you have to change default controls? T...
07 Mar 2024 Aggregate Pain So the first thing that comes into my mind is that you have no suit. You only have a crowbar and ...
29 Feb 2024 Operation Nova Voice acting, story, level design, difficulty, it's almost perfect. For the story, it's amazing h...
27 Jan 2024 Poll Question 340 - Do you ever kill NPCs unnecessarily? Am I the only one who thinks otherwise?
26 Jan 2024 Introduce Yourself Hey, this site is back! I never had a chance to introduce myself but, here I am. I think now's th...
13 Dec 2023 Deja Vu v.2.00 What hurts this mod is that it's unfinished. The author did admit that this was based on Wolfenst...
11 Dec 2023 Residual Error: Volume 1 I'm giving this an avoid it because of how outdated this download is. If you do wanna try this, g...
03 Dec 2023 Halloween Horror V: THE UNKNOWN - Map Labs Presents Huh, I can't believe I missed this one. Well, better late than never. SPOILER ALERT. [recima...
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