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  1. Map Labs (All of the mods)
  2. Field Intensity

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I've learned the basics of mapping but stopped because I lost two hard drives by using Valve Hammer Source

Latest 25 Comments
02 Dec 2022 A2B Trajectory 3 The final battle really put a good closure and tension in it among the three maps
02 Dec 2022 A2B Trajectory 2 Same with the predecessor, this map also has amazing combat.
02 Dec 2022 A2B Trajectory Great combat in this map. I love the final battle the most in this map.
02 Dec 2022 Freedom Run and gun, there is nothing much to expect from a blocky map with zombies and combine soldiers....
21 Nov 2022 Overtime While the combat is fun, everything else look bland tbh. Especially the indoors are blocky, no pu...
19 Nov 2022 Companion Piece 3: To the Grave - Map Labs Presents It's not that I didn't enjoy it. It was fun but to me it is getting old because of the number of ...
16 Nov 2022 Companion Piece 3: To the Grave - Map Labs Presents I'm quite surprised that this is far the shortest challenge in Map Labs. [recimage id=2] Th...
10 Nov 2022 CrossbowVille I'll review each map sooner or later but they're all great btw.
10 Nov 2022 Runaway Train Not bad for a short map. The map is quite easy but I don't like where you start without a crowbar...
09 Nov 2022 Street Hazard This is a good campaign at least but there are some flaws in it. First, let's go to combat. Sure ...
23 Sep 2022 EscapeVille - Map Labs Test Tube #18 Alright let's get this over with by reviewing entries one by one. [recimage id=2] Not bad f...
03 Sep 2022 Hard!Ville AKA HardVille Should've been an "Avoid It" rating but some maps here don't deserve that. But to summarize my re...
01 Sep 2022 Dark Interval: Part 1 A dream come true for those who crave in Half-Life 2 Beta. Visuals really do look perfect unlike ...
26 Aug 2022 Muripo No suit at half of the map? 0/10
26 Aug 2022 The Cage It's not bad but it is very bland. Just a generic hl2 map, run around, kill everyone, solve puzzl...
26 Aug 2022 Craig's World Map design, layout, and visuals look okay but not too appealing. Combat is fair at times, puzzles...
26 Aug 2022 Left 4 Dead in Ravenholm Good mod apparently but there is one problem. L4D gameplay is not designed for this and vice vers...
26 Aug 2022 Low Ammo Kill everything and that's it. I summarized this whole map for you
26 Aug 2022 Zombie Attack Just don't play this map
26 Aug 2022 Insomnia This is my most personal favorite map, giving me tons of late 2000s nostalgia and old Garry's Mod...
25 Aug 2022 Toxic Waste Junkies Visuals and map design look very decent. As for the combat, it is very easy. Puzzle, frustrating....
14 Aug 2022 Lot First half of the map is survival, second half is just traversing through the sewers. All of your...
14 Aug 2022 Re-Search and Destroy Not a bad map, visuals look fine but I didn't pay much attention on the outside. Combat can be an...
14 Aug 2022 Canals V2 I don't like the bridge part. The ending is pretty stupid
14 Aug 2022 Contractual Termination The map is very easy tbh because of unlimited rocket launcher ammo. Simply spam that and you'd ki...
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