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24 June 2020


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  1. Map Labs (All of the mods)
  2. Field Intensity

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I've learned the basics of mapping but stopped because I lost two hard drives by using Valve Hammer Source

Latest 25 Comments
27 Jun 2022 Venatura This mod has so many technical issues. Right after the first puzzle with the electrified water, i...
23 Jun 2022 TWHL Tower 2 This becomes my personal favorite because this sequel is far better than the first mod. What made...
23 Jun 2022 Test Lab 16 Combat is nearly non-existent here, you only get to fight one enemy and that's it. Visual and map...
23 Jun 2022 Operation Firesweep A very good demo at least, simple puzzles, less combat but in a challenging way and yes, challeng...
23 Jun 2022 Half-Life: Return 2 2 years of development and there are no improvements, wow. The enemy placements, poor layout desi...
23 Jun 2022 Return Idc if this is the first map from the author but this is a very terrible map. I can't say anythin...
22 Jun 2022 Headcrab Boss Bland map. Instructions are simple, just kill a giant headcrab which is hard to kill. I mean it t...
22 Jun 2022 Black Silla Assault Don't play
22 Jun 2022 Sky Mesa Bland, unbalanced combat as if some are easy while some are not. Level design is blocky and unapp...
22 Jun 2022 TWHL Tower A very good compilation of entries in one mod however there are some maps that are totally bad an...
21 Jun 2022 Black Mesa Sideline I believe this mod was indeed finished, intentionally designed for two maps only. Combat is fairl...
21 Jun 2022 Be Careful! Bad weapon placement? Not playing
20 Jun 2022 Xen Walk The mod is very bland tbh. Just another generic Xen type map where you jump around floating rocks...
20 Jun 2022 Crowbar of Time Visuals look great, combat is fairly easy, ending has no ending so this is more of an endless mod...
20 Jun 2022 Espionage I didn't enjoy this mod that much. Level design is poor and blocky, combat is very easy, and lite...
20 Jun 2022 2009 EB Because of that, I'm not gonna give this a rating for now.
20 Jun 2022 2009 EB I couldn't finish this mod because it requires another wad file. I forgot what it is but it got t...
20 Jun 2022 Down Time The reason why I put this as my personal favorite is because this is one of a really good mod tha...
19 Jun 2022 Someplace Else Okay this is a good mod right here but the combat somehow takes the fun out. I don't mind challen...
19 Jun 2022 Xen Boat You start without a suit? 0/10
19 Jun 2022 Game Master's Lair This game has some fun in it and it's very easy and simplistic. Too bad it's short, I wish it cou...
19 Jun 2022 Torment I used to play this on Garry's Mod and the reason why I gave this a "maybe" is because of nostalg...
19 Jun 2022 Hotel Fight A mediocre map. I'm not saying that this is bad but more like bland. All you gotta do is just go ...
19 Jun 2022 Ghosts of White Forest Personal favorite for me. I love how you shift between two universes or perspective which is very...
19 Jun 2022 Mall of the Zombies I don't have to play this game and I'm not gonna play it so I'm just gonna "avoid it"
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