Todesangst 2

for Half-Life

1st January 1998

In the original Todesangst we learn about Dr. Jack Newell and his horrifyingly successful endeavors to merge Xen and human life. Freeman and Joe, a courageous member of the Black Mesa security force, hunt down Dr. Newell and eventually succeed in smashing his biological engineering plots.

The scheming doctor ironically meets his doom via his own creation, the “molecular transmutator” transforming him into a vicious Xenantromorph. Fade to black – roll the credits – end of story . . .or so we thought!

Dr. Newell was the genius mind behind the experimentation and development of the Xenanthromorph program but the true power behind the clandestine research was a multi-national anarchistic group called Schwarzgeist. The Schwarzgeist had managed to put their personnel in key scientific positions within Black Mesa since its construction.

They managed to keep their identity secret until an inadvertent exposure during the resonance cascade disaster and ensuing containment revealed their…

This was October 2017’s Classic of the Month mod.

Basic Details
  • Title: Todesangst 2
  • File Name: hl1-sp-todesangst-2.7z
  • Size : 61.10MB
  • Author: Daryn Waite AKA Peppy Fool
  • Date Updated: 07 January 2003

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The playthrough below is part of the Classic of the Month Event, run by Don AKA Unq.

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  1. Ezequielhl

    Very good mod with one but very funny weapon: THE HATCH. You can throw it, this way of attack is powerful and practical. You’ll love kill the new soldiers enemies with this! (they use Crossbows and a shotgun, performing the double shoot OMFG!).

    The mapping also is very good, with many different locations and new enemies in the deppending where you go (Example: new xenians in XEN). And theres lovely humoristic sequences.

    The same deffect to Todesangst 1: too short!

  2. Kyle Johnston

    Rating: 4/5
    Good: Cool name; great idea that is well executed; nice new content.
    Bad: Nothing amazingly spectacular; new models are slightly modified originals.

    Another good mod. I guess everything from Germany is good. Good cars, good engineering, good HL mods…yeah. This is a good mod. The story is nice, all the items are placed logically throughout the maps and as a bonus, and there are two episodes! The only things I didn’t about is that the campaigns were somewhat short and there weren’t many things too spectacular about it. But anyway, here’s the story: you are Gordon Freeman, and after coming back from Xen, you are practically a hero.

    However, your boss, Dr. Jack Newell, an expert chaos theory mathematician and Director of Black Mesa R&D, thinks otherwise. He doesn’t like you for all that you’ve become. In other words, he’s jealous. So you, the intrepid Gordon Freeman, must stop Newell from unleashing the Xen beasties into the wild of Earth. Good story, eh?

  3. HL Masta

    I finished it, and it rocks!!!

  4. Gilfrarry

    The Syndicated Review on this Todesangst 2 post is the same review that’s on the Todesangst 1 post.

  5. Mel
    Play It Now!

    Among the very top best of HL1 custom games, quality mapping with a good balance of gameplay with maybe the voice acting being the only weak part of the mod. This aside it’s a most play for all HL1 fans.

  6. Play It Now!

    No description this time, just saying this a class of it’s own!
    Many liked part 1 but to me this one is an epic, unique mod! Go play it!

    -Pretty neat story presented in cinematic cutscenes (+subtitles!), combined with some humour
    -Very good leveldesign this time, sweet maps with nice layouts and lighting – sometimes boring
    -New textures, prefabs, sounds, music, throwable hatchet, customized models (NPC’s and also enemies), etc.
    -Very long playtime – about 2-3 hours (not sure, can be even more)
    -Now very good balancing in combat – plenty of ammo but tough mercenaries, aliens
    -Some pretty good scripts
    -Quite much variety about locations (labs, space station, outdoor areas, etc.)
    -A few, but easypuzzles
    -Useable stationary twin turret (against helicopter)
    -Secret areas (five in total)
    -Specific, short hazard course incl. bonus area (access code can be solved during finding secret areas ingame: each time finding a secret you’ll get a new digit – by the way, noclip will not function to access the bonus room in the hazard course!)
    -Fair placed auto-saves

    -Sometimes ugly textures / not very detailed rooms, being boxy or just boring-looking
    -Again too less and too easy puzzles
    -Mercenaries only use shotgun, no one has the assault rifle – BUT sometimes they have a crossbow (!)
    -Some longer walkways
    -Deadly script if advancing to fast (at least one, can’t remember)
    -Some minor bugs (elevator, ..)
    -Can get confusing sometimes (space station for example)

  7. Ten Four Reviews
    Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3

    Rare these days is the Half-Life pack with a reasonable and interesting plot. But Todesangst 2: der echte Feind (T2DEF) continues the strong plot and gameplay from the excellent Todesangst, and in most ways surpasses the original.

    The scope of T2DEF in comparison to the original is much greater. While Todesangst was essentially a map pack for Half-Life, T2DEF is a full-blown modification, including new weapons, enemies, music, customized voice acting, and a lot of new code that allows for some pretty neat tricks (such as mp3 support, fog, and some cool camera systems that you will get a chance to use). This time instead of making a map pack alone, Daryn “Peppyfool” Waite has both expanded his capabilities and added a supporting team to help build T2DEF into the full mod that it is. The hard work of the whole team paid off: Todesangst 2 is a lot of fun to play, and is certainly one of the very best Half-Life packs to come out recently.

    First, if you haven’t played the original Todesangst, go download it right now and play it before you even think about playing this pack. OK, well it’s not totally necessary, but it will sure help you in understanding some aspects of the plot, since T2DEF is a well-conceived and interesting continuation of the original. The plot doesn’t exactly hold you on the edge of your seat, but it suffices, and there are a couple twists and some humor in there to make it interesting. One of the key complaints I have about this pack is the way in which the story is conveyed. There are a number of cutscenes of conversations which are, quite frankly, too long and boring. The custom voice acting is fair enough (although better editing seems to be coming in a patch), but you are stuck watching the characters stand around and talk with no way of skipping the cutscene. Now, I’m all for cutscenes, as long as they hold your interest and serve a purpose. But that’s not really the case here, and they end up as major interruptions in the action. I was dreading them by the second time I played through T2DEF.

    Thankfully, the action between the cutscenes is superb. There is a fair amount of combat in this pack, although for me the Difficult setting (a.k.a. ‘Dried Habanero’) was by far more balanced than Medium, which seemed all too easy. Instead of the crowbar, you have a new melee weapon to play with: the hatchet. This weapon is excellent in that it can be thrown to cause devastating damage, and can be picked up again after dropping whatever enemy has crossed your path. Throwing with accuracy takes a bit of practice, but there is a decent training section in the T2DEF Hazard Course, so visit that first. Protip: do not throw the hatchet straight up into the air and try to catch it.

    You also encounter a slew of new enemies throughout the pack. The enemy soldiers have been remodeled, and some of them now sport crossbows, so be warned. Two of the other major new adversaries are in the screenshots above: the M-450 robotic laser and the impressive Ka-50 attack helicopter. All of the new enemies certainly add a unique aspect to this mod, along with a fair amount of challenge. For example, the Ka-50 helicopter is not merely a substitute for Half-Life’s original Apache helicopter, as the Ka-50 is armed with several heat-seeking missiles in addition to its normal arsenal of rockets and its chaingun. If you’re caught out in the open when you encounter it, you’re done. As deadly as it is, however, I feel that the section with the Ka-50 in it had a lot more potential; I was very disappointed when I found that with good timing I could simply avoid the chopper all the way through. I think a major showdown where you were forced to fight the chopper would have been a great addition and I think T2DEF missed a great opportunity there.

    After a well-done opening sequence, you are treated to a fairly long game in T2DEF, full of well-designed maps. Architecture is solid throughout, and the overall pack is well laid out and flows very well as a whole (with the noted exception of the cutscenes). The mod itself is divided into three distinct episodes which lead you to varied locales with varied objectives, which are typically explained in the cutscenes.

    Overall Todesangst 2: der echte Feind (which the Babelfish translates as “the genuine enemy”) is a generally professional mod that is fun to play. There are a few shortcomings and some unfulfilled potential, but I don’t hesitate to recommend this pack to all Half-Life players.

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Sunday, 16th February, 2003 by Unquenque.

    This review was originally posted on the Ten Four Website, which is now offline. Permission has been granted to republish the full review and more details can be found on the About page.

  8. Download link is still Filecloud, should be updated

  9. Unq
    Play It Later

    Well that’s not only my playthrough video above for the Classic of the Month, but that’s also my Ten Four review above, so I’ll keep this pretty short.

    Todesangst 2 definitely surpasses the original. It’s bigger and overall better – but still suffers from the significant problem of pacing. Yes, good pacing in an action game typically varies action-filled periods with quieter sections, often for puzzle solving or exploration or exposition. But here the cutscenes are obnoxiously long – especially the “villain lectures me about his evil plan” scene. Which I had to repeat during the stream. Ugh.

    And for the work that went into the custom enemies, I think they could have been used to better effect. But the custom voice acting is decent (and subtitles a nice addition), and the combat is generally good and mixed up with the addition of the throwing hatchet.

    Overall, still recommended. It may just fall short of a ‘classic’ in my book but it’s definitely worth playing.

  10. Super nice mod! The mod became slightly complex and much larger than the previous mod. Because of the cutscenes and the chapters with various themes, playing is not boring.

    This mod has many creative things. Unused models in HL1 are used as new Xen creatures (ex. poison chumtoad) in this mod. Their attacks are well designed so it’s fun to fight them. HECU soldiers are replaced by mercenaries. Most HECU soldiers use the automatic rifle, but the main weapon of the mercenaries is the shotgun. And some soldiers now use the crossbow. So we can enjoy new kinds of fights in this mod. I love the replacement of the crowbar with the hatchet. It is very useful when I want to kill a soldier before he attacks me, or when I have to kill strong the aliens fast.

    Good map design, storyline, creative weapons, and enemies – One of the best HL1 mods I’ve ever played. Nice job.

  11. Personal Favourite

    Oh I forgot to click the score…

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