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Latest 25 Comments
28 Jun 2015 Todesangst 2 Download link is still Filecloud, should be updated
13 Sep 2008 Mistake Pre-Release can u please upload version 2 to filecloud? I'm having probs with both sites. Thanks in advance.
14 Jul 2008 Vortigaunt Revolution This mod looks like its dead...
25 May 2008 Reissues I can't believe it! It's finally out! I'm gonna finish it as quickly as possible.
23 Apr 2008 The House 3: G Is this one out yet?
18 Apr 2008 Offshore i am currently stuck in chapter one. after fighting in a big prison room, I got to a quiet room w...
16 Apr 2008 Residual Point hold on. so there's three parts to this whole mod? the hazard course has two paths, and there's ...
16 Apr 2008 Antlion Troopers HQ *an end to it.
16 Apr 2008 Antlion Troopers HQ I tried using god to see if there was an to it. And there is!
13 Jan 2008 Minerva HELP! im stuck in map 4a. wat do I do after meeting the first group of zombines?
01 Dec 2007 Zombie Stress I LOVE THIS!!! Consider it if you're not the zombie type. Otherwise,
23 Nov 2007 Das Roboss HELP!!!! I need help finding the batteries in the second map. thx.
29 Oct 2007 Mr. Deathwish Part 1 Has anyone noticed that part 2 is out? Go to http://www.vicegaming.net/ to check it out.
26 Oct 2007 Etc ELE ETC is made by Dave Johston, while this mod is made by Andrew Gunns. Both of these are also ident...
07 Oct 2007 Little Skyscraper of Horrors I'm lost in this one. I dunno wat to do after I fell into the pool from the building.
06 Oct 2007 The Poseidon Incident so sad this wasn't finished. I was looking forward to playing it.
06 Oct 2007 Postal sry for the harsh comment. well, Dark Operations was good.
08 Aug 2007 Postal one of the most boring maps ever. "Nuff said.
08 Aug 2007 5 More Ways to Die someone's ought to at least acknowledge it for its creativity.
08 Aug 2007 1986 The scripted sequences are nice. The only bad thing here, as mentioned before, is that ther...
06 Aug 2007 Mad Crabs 1 Does Mad Crabs 2 really exist. I played it, but it doesn't seem to be related.
06 Aug 2007 The Conspiracy in Shadow 2 If this is TCIS 2, where is TCIS 1?
05 Aug 2007 Alamo for Heart Of Evil u no wat? u dun need to help me. I found all of em already.
16 Jul 2007 Alamo for Heart Of Evil I need help! I cant find all of the safes! Can somebody list where are they located?
17 Mar 2007 Outpost this is a follow-up to a map, what is that map anyway?
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