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25th February 2006


Most of this is said at the beginning of the level anyway, but the terrorists are at it again. This time they’ve stolen the one of careless yanks hi-tech spy jets and you, Steve Hunt, have been called in to sort it out again (I know Hunt works for Mi5, but you don’t think the Brits are just going to give the jet back without some hefty compensation do you?).

Basic Details
  • Title: Outpost
  • File Name: hl1-sp-outpost.7z
  • Original File Name: outpost.zip
  • Size : 733Kb
  • Author: Peter Dunning
  • Date Released: 29 April 2001
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  1. this is a follow-up to a map, what is that map anyway?

  2. Ade

    Well, than was an interesting half an hour of my life. Going all out with this map is not the right approach, I had to make my moves carefully, but it’s not extremely hard.
    It’s too linear, you go through about 4 open spaces, kill some grunts, rescue a hostage that doesn’t interact, other than that, I appreciate the level of difficultness and that aircraft at the end.
    As for bugs, it crashed when I bombed the upstairs of the “Terrorists HQ” lol and I only got to read the first 5 letters of “Mission Accomplished”.

  3. Mel

    Short but good/grunts only

  4. piledriver

    Ad3, it reloads to the last save if you kill the hostage in the upstairs of the “Terrorists HQ”

  5. Ade

    rescue a hostage that doesn’t interact

    I know, think I took the hostage downstairs before I bombed the place, piledriver. Otherwise it wouldn’t be saying mission accomplished. Anyway, it was just a crash, sometimes you can’t reproduce it in the same spot. Did you like the mod?

  6. piledriver

    Couldn’t get the hostage to do anything cos he doesn’t interact. Did you give him a shove?
    Yes, not a bad mod, just short. You said it all in post 2 really. Screenshots waiting to be added.

  7. Ade

    Hmm, I just realised that the first 5 letters of “Mission..” could have become mission failed if I didn’t manage to get the hostage out. So could be a bug, or just poorly constructed, since that character never interacted with anyone and I wonder why would they put him there in the first place, why not a scientist? Maybe someone else will give this a try and also make some screenies, maybe one or two with that aircraft and get more people to play it.

  8. piledriver

    Screenshots are in Phillips inbox. (He’s a busy man.) 🙂

  9. Maybe?

    A neat lil map about you being a British spy to recover an hijacked airplane, rescueing it’s pilot and retrieving important notes. At first you’re dropped down near the supposed place the plane might is held via parachute. Heavy resistance is to be expected in form of soldiers.

    -Good story
    -Nice action, good balancing
    -Tactics required
    -A few puzzles
    -Decent level design, usually outdoor

    -Short playtime
    -Not much variation
    -Sometimes stupid AI
    -Tough beginning

  10. Ten Four Reviews

    Some maps have poorly executed openings, and unfortunately Outpost is one of them. Here’s the scenario: you drop a foot (why is the spawn point in air?) onto a small ledge, then it’s onto the ground below, where a pack of Marines not too far away is eager to make your acquaintance (see left-most screenshot). Not only is your attack advantage thrown off, but you don’t have any decent cover. ARGH! The cover problem crops up again more than once though, so tactical playing is encouraged.

    With that rude opening out of the way, Outpost turns out be a decent map. Like most maps that are labeled decent, level design is middle-of-the-road. Not overwhelming or particularly compelling, but well-conceived, and cleanly built at that. There is an inkling of a puzzle early on, which is good, but aside from that the map is all-out combat, which isn’t all that bad. Plenty of healthy interchange between Marines and female assassins in some interesting setups, a couple of which are probably more difficult than necessary (on Difficult skill, at least).

    Relatively good for a second map from this author, Outpost certainly deserves kudos. Here’s hoping he’ll turn out more ambitious content in the form of map packs instead of single maps. 😉

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Thursday, 16th May, 2002 by Calyst.

    This review was originally posted on the Ten Four Website, which is now offline.  Permission has been granted to republish the full review and more details can be found on the About page.

  11. Peter Dunning

    Hi, I made this map (a long long time ago now). I was delighted to see that it is still out there and that people enjoy it. I think I agree with most of the comments, bad start, poorly executed thing with the hostage, but it was only my 2nd ever map. There is one correction to make on the walk-through though.

    * Spoiler alert *

    So if I remember correctly, the path to the left that is “nothing special” contains a generator. It you smash it or blow it up then the lasers get switched off (or powered down). So you don’t have to take the hit trying to get past them.

  12. Play It Now!

    It is a short but fun, single map.

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