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4 January 2010


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Lover of Half-Life since the beginning. I map and mod and I still do it for Half-Life and the Goldsource engine. Headcrabs are just so cute I want to pet them. Also a former reviewer at Ten Four.
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Run & gun, quicksave & quickload.

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  1. Thief: The Dark Project
  2. System Shock 2
  3. Portal / Portal 2
  4. Braid
  5. The Swapper

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  • Mapping: Expert
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I map and mod primarily for Half-Life, not the Source engine. Long live Goldsource.

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21 Sep 2021 Classic of the Month Stream - Peaces Like Us - September 2021 This one's already in the Hall of Fame! In general not all Classic of the Month mods are Hall ...
18 Sep 2021 Operation Randomosity I thought exactly the same (hey it's MrGnang!!) when I updated the Ten Four review a few days bac...
13 Sep 2021 Half-Life: Escape Download found and fixed!
03 Sep 2021 Peaces Like Us Version 2 Closing comments. This is merely a repackaged version of for Steam (adding menu music, custom b...
03 Sep 2021 Your Favourite Underrated FPS Games I edited your comment to remove the shit. You're welcome to participate in the community, even o...
03 Sep 2021 Half-Risen (Demo v2.0) Wait, you have a review on the ModDB page. :) Although your comment is from 2020 so it probabl...
31 Aug 2021 Beacon Sorry, just talked to JamaicanDave about this. Black Mesa's updates over the years have broken m...
28 Aug 2021 Stalwart XT That's why the link points to the workshop page.
22 Aug 2021 Classic of the Month Stream - Brave Brain - August 2021 Agreed, there was an awful lack of autosaves in this mod, sadly.
01 Aug 2021 Cosmonaut Did you carefully follow the ? Specifically, you need the of the Source SDK Base 2013 Singlep...
10 Jul 2021 Cthulhu Updated.
30 Jun 2021 Uplinked This one caught me quite by surprise, in a good way. It's a solid Black Mesa-themed map pack tha...
28 Jun 2021 2020 General Chat A good place to join and get involved in Source mapping is the Map Labs Discord: http://discord.g...
26 Jun 2021 The Infinite Shift -Blue Shift Thanks. I grabbed the original PlanetPhillip file and added the patch text file to it. The do...
03 Jun 2021 Halloween Horror 3: Bone Room - Map Labs Test Tube #11 All the Mapbase folders are just supporting. Mapbase includes a bunch of tools for the mappers t...
21 May 2021 ElevatorVille 2 - 48-Hour Map Labs Atom #9 Mapping Challenge Announcement Yeah it would not have been my preference. There's a reason we stopped running the 1 to 3 day ch...
12 May 2021 Classic of the Month Stream - Timeline - April 2021 Timeline 2 & 3 are already on RTSL: and I don't know if they'll be future Classics of the M...
11 May 2021 Classic of the Month Stream - Timeline - April 2021 All the mod files are packed into pak0.pak, the old way of doing things. But running it via Stea...
10 May 2021 2020 General Chat Is this perhaps XBLAH's Die Another Day from ?
06 May 2021 Classic of the Month Stream - Timeline - April 2021 Not the right place to ask, but here you go: https://www.moddb.com/mods/map-labs/downloads/atom-week
06 May 2021 ElevatorVille 2 - 48-Hour Map Labs Atom #9 Mapping Challenge Announcement Not nothing, here you go: https://www.moddb.com/mods/map-labs/downloads/atom-week
23 Apr 2021 ElevatorVille 2 - 48-Hour Map Labs Atom #9 Mapping Challenge Announcement Likely early next week.
01 Apr 2021 AscentVille - 24-Hour Map Labs Atom #6 Mapping Challenge Announcement The Map Labs crew is hard at work on it, but it'll still be some time before it's all ready to re...
31 Mar 2021 Infiltration Please don't leave a recommendation for a map you haven't played.
20 Mar 2021 Headcrab Survival Recommendation was removed, you have to at least write a reaction or basic thoughts on the experi...
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