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Lover of Half-Life since the beginning. I map and mod and I still do it for Half-Life and the Goldsource engine. Headcrabs are just so cute I want to pet them. Also a former reviewer at Ten Four.
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Run & gun, quicksave & quickload.

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  1. Thief: The Dark Project
  2. System Shock 2
  3. Portal / Portal 2
  4. Braid
  5. The Swapper

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  • Mapping: Expert
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I map and mod primarily for Half-Life, not the Source engine. Long live Goldsource.

Latest 25 Comments
26 Jan 2022 Sewer Escape Fixed, thanks.
12 Jan 2022 Atom Week - Map Labs Atoms #6 - #10 (featuring AscentVille and ElevatorVille 2) Yeah, this was an incredibly frustrating first "jump" that you have to make - apparently when you...
12 Jan 2022 Classic of the Month Stream – Transmissions: Element 120 – January 2022 At the end battle? I only played this once before and don't specifically remember having a probl...
04 Jan 2022 2022 General Chat On the header, the dark "General Chat" shot is also from Levitation, and the pipes "General Chat"...
04 Jan 2022 April 2017 Classic of the Month Livestream General Introduction text here. Playtime: xx minutes
03 Jan 2022 2022 General Chat This is a work-in-progress shot from Levitation, an upcoming mod for Alyx.
10 Dec 2021 Classic of the Month Stream – TWHL Tower 2 – December 2021 Sure, 100% disc, 100% paintings too.
17 Nov 2021 Gauge 2.7.2 Now Available Try this direct link, perhaps: http://files.runthinkshootlive.com/gauge/Gauge_install_2.7.2.exe ...
09 Nov 2021 Halloween Horror 4: Nightmare on Reboot Street! - Map Labs #16 VMFs are in the mapsrc folder!
07 Nov 2021 Halloween Horror 4: Nightmare on Reboot Street! - Map Labs #16 Hi canucksfan, there are 13 maps here! I think you didn't scroll down when looking at the map th...
03 Nov 2021 Swiss_Cheese Halloween 2002 This is Goldsrc! It's a much expanded version of his original Swiss_Cheese Halloween which only h...
29 Oct 2021 Dark Evening For a first release this is certainly decent. It's a pack of 3 maps that are fairly different in...
22 Oct 2021 Antlion Troopers HQ Thanks, fixed.
20 Oct 2021 Pyramid https://www.moddb.com/games/half-life-2-episode-two/downloads/pyramid-patch Thanks for the com...
16 Oct 2021 Star Wars Fixed. The only map I figure this post could be for is Jobabob's TWHL entry for the Map a Movie ...
16 Oct 2021 Southeastern Lan party Fixed, thanks.
09 Oct 2021 2020 General Chat Use . A quick google search would have shown this.
09 Oct 2021 2020 General Chat Good to get feedback, though there is only so much I can change. As far as controlling the 'back'...
09 Oct 2021 Vote for the October Classic of the Month! All right, in a big comeback and edging out Timeline 2, Case Closed will be October's CotM stream...
21 Sep 2021 Classic of the Month Stream - Peaces Like Us - September 2021 This one's already in the Hall of Fame! In general not all Classic of the Month mods are Hall ...
18 Sep 2021 Operation Randomosity I thought exactly the same (hey it's MrGnang!!) when I updated the Ten Four review a few days bac...
13 Sep 2021 Half-Life: Escape Download found and fixed!
03 Sep 2021 Peaces Like Us Version 2 Closing comments. This is merely a repackaged version of for Steam (adding menu music, custom b...
03 Sep 2021 Your Favourite Underrated FPS Games I edited your comment to remove the shit. You're welcome to participate in the community, even o...
03 Sep 2021 Half-Risen (Demo v2.0) Wait, you have a review on the ModDB page. :) Although your comment is from 2020 so it probabl...
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