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4 January 2010


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Lover of Half-Life since the beginning. I map and mod and I still do it for Half-Life and the Goldsource engine. Headcrabs are just so cute I want to pet them. Also a former reviewer at Ten Four.
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Run & gun, quicksave & quickload.

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  1. Thief: The Dark Project
  2. System Shock 2
  3. Portal / Portal 2
  4. Braid
  5. The Swapper

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  • Mapping: Expert
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  • Music: Little

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I map and mod primarily for Half-Life, not the Source engine. Long live Goldsource.

Latest 25 Comments
25 Jun 2024 Hardware Upgrade: Remastered Sorry, simply didn't see your comment that was held in limbo. So I restored your original and rem...
09 Jun 2024 Penetration There you go, I happened to find the exe on my hard drive, apparently downloaded the day after th...
17 Mar 2024 Counter-Life Fixed.
17 Mar 2024 Chinatown Preview Fixed.
03 Mar 2024 Two Smoking Barrels Fixed.
03 Mar 2024 Ts_mf Fixed.
03 Mar 2024 Soft Boiled Fixed.
25 Feb 2024 Energy Weapons Testing Facility Added the link. Fair warning on the lack of quality though.
24 Feb 2024 The Poseidon Incident Download fixed!
24 Feb 2024 The Island Updated the download to not only work but it should run properly, now under the Source SDK Base 2...
21 Feb 2024 2024 General Chat Yes.
04 Dec 2023 Tune - Map Labs Atom #4 Arctoitea isn't an entry, it's the second line of the really long titled map on the line above.
22 Nov 2023 Orb Fixed, thanks.
05 Nov 2023 The Wrap-Up! - Map Labs Test Tube #10 Note that this challenge was from over 3 years ago - Map Labs is alive and well.
26 Oct 2023 Tune - Map Labs Atom #4 As I said, negative reviews are fine and welcomed. But a lot of your recent comments have crossed...
25 Oct 2023 Tune - Map Labs Atom #4 When you leave an absurdly negative comment, without any attempt at constructive criticism, I'm g...
24 Sep 2023 The Boss LVL - Map Labs Presents Right, now credited!
20 Sep 2023 The Boss LVL - Map Labs Presents Always welcome to your opinion. Never anything constructive to say though, too bad.
21 Aug 2023 Two Rooms - Map Labs Test Tube #9 >> these tests are one of the reasons why the number of new maps has slowed to a trickle. Wha...
20 Aug 2023 Blockout - Map Labs Test Tube #5 I half agree with this. It's a great exercise for the mappers (which is also a huge factor when ...
19 Aug 2023 Halloween Horror 3: Bone Room - Map Labs Test Tube #11 Hi Hec, sorry, I can't help on this one. I also had problems playing this map and it wasn't even...
15 Aug 2023 2023 General Chat Sure, it's possible. But so unimportant compared to everything else on the site that I don't expe...
12 Aug 2023 2023 General Chat Welcome. Sorry, RTSL works differently - users don't upload their maps - instead, we post them. ...
17 Jul 2023 2023 General Chat For my part, you're welcome - and good luck, that's pretty ambitious!
28 May 2023 Azure Sheep Changed the link, thanks.
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