The Island

for Half-Life 2

16th January 2005

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

The Island is a single player first person shooter mod where there aren’t any logical obstacles. It’s just PURE and very hard action. And who is your enemy? It is an army made up of all kinds of zombies (especially by fast zombies) and their headcrabs. Where has it happened? On an island!

This mod will be good for people who know and like action and not for beginners. The Mod is eight maps long and includes some advanced source engine effects.

Dead Sector?

Matt Dougherty has emailed to point out that The Island shows a remarkable similarity to Dead Sector and he is absolutely correct.   A little further investigation shows that The Island looks EXACTLY the same as Dead Sector: Source!   I’ve emailed the author to find out what is going on.   Once I know, I’ll edit this post again. Stay Tuned!

I’ve just received a reply from the author, The Island is the English version of Dead Sector Source. So, unless you speak and read Czech then you should probably download (when it’s available!) the Island.

Basic Details
  • Title: The Island
  • File Name: sdk-2013-sp-the-island.7z
  • Size : 17.2 Mb
  • Author: -Stalk3r-
  • Date Released: 14 January 2006

Download Options

Download to your HD [17.2 MB]

Manual Installation Instructions
  • Make sure you have the Upcoming branch of the Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer installed in Steam and run at least once. (Properties – Betas – select upcoming from the dropdown list).
  • Copy the TheIsland folder into your SourceMods folder.
  • Restart or start Steam.
  • The Island should now be listed in your Library tab.
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. Mike

    The Island is a pretty good mod. The prevalance of fast zombies and headcrabs got wearisome sometimes, and the dark interiors are DARK! Too dark for my liking. On the plus side there are some very good set pieces and locations to explore. I thought the harbour was particularly well realised. It’s definitely a mod worth playing.

  2. Matt

    This ended too abruptly. The original mod for half-life stretched on for another hour or two after this one ended, and it was all good. You eventually made your way into a city, which was great fun, probably my favorite part of the game. The addition of fast and poison zombies and the loss of the tripmines didn’t do this mod any good.

  3. dethtoll

    this mod would’ve been better if it was more faithful to the original. instead it completely throws out what made the original fun. okay, yeah, I wouldn’t mind seeing fast/poison zombies (and even zombines!) from time to time, you know, to mix things up, but I liked the puzzle solving. why’d he have to get rid of the puzzle solving?

    fun in its own right, but pales in comparison with the original.

  4. Mel

    I played this game “Dead Sector” some time ago and wrote then the following;
    Played OK, not much of a story, plenty of alien combat much of it overwhelming. Not a good balanced game, very linear in design and too dark most of the time, however if you like very tough situations then this one is for you.

  5. The Abandoned Workshops

    Action packed throughout the entire modification, fighting against all three zombie and headcrab types. Everywhere you go will be zombies, no other enemy is used but you do get some allies to help in your battles. There is plenty of supplies, however the fights can get boring and eventually tiresome with the fast zombies. You’ll also come across many corridors that cut through the cliffs which make some of the action tedious and again, boring. However, some areas were balanced well. Your main objective is to escape the island, but other than that it’s just fighting and no puzzles.

    Outside areas are well lit with some good structure to the rocks, ground and other small details such as vents. However, the corridors are all the same, look flat and need a major usage of the flash light which affects gameplay too much. Some light could have helped, even if there would have been a little. Other locations that have a big industrial feel to them such as some sort of cargo place, a garage and a dock where the ending it. Most of these places use props to detail them but still some fine structure and texturing to help make it look better.

    Some tiresome zombie action but with some good design throughout.

    Rating: 70%

  6. Kyle Johnston

    Rating: 4/5
    Good: Lots of action; great map architecture; quick load times.
    Bad: No new content; short; relatively small maps.

    The Island, by Stalk3r, was a nice surprise. Here’s the idea: you’re stuck on an island infested with zombies and headcrabs. You need to escape. Better find some guns and ammo cause you’re in for a helluva fight. While not overwhelmingly difficult, you will be tested, as there are not only the standard zombies and headcrabs, but plenty of fast zombies, fast headcrabs, poisonous headcrabs, and everyone’s favorite hulking creature, the poisonous headcrab host zombie. You’ll come across a few courageous humans with whom you can fight with, but for the most part, you are on your own.

    You start out with the standard crowbar and HK pistol. If you look around some more, you can find the Magnum revolver in the first map too. All of the human weapons used in Half-Life 2 are available to you in The Island, that is, the crowbar, HK pistol, Magnum revolver, shotgun, HK MP7, grenades, and the rocket launcher. No Combine assault rifle or gravity gun for you.

    Moving on to the maps, this is where I think you’ll really admire the work put in. Since you are on an island, it can be tough to get the horizon to look decent. The way Stalk3r manipulated the land, water, and skyboxes make it look realistic, adding a lot of depth and character to the maps. You will fight mostly outside (about 90% of the time), but there are some indoor conflicts that you must slog through. Speaking of fighting, you will be doing a lot of it. Like I mentioned earlier in the review, you will be killing all sorts of headcrabs and zombies, so make sure you have plenty of ammo and grenades and health, because you’ll need it. Oh, and make sure you have the Quick Load key within reach, because you will be pressing it often enough.

    All that being said, I do have some gripes. One, there isn’t any real new content (textures, models, etc…) that I could tell. The skybox might be custom, but I’m not sure. Another problem that seems to be affecting many of these early mods, is the length. I understand that its difficult to make a mod, but The Island is relatively short. But then again, it is free, so I can’t compain too much. Plus, its a lot of fun. Finally, a negative by-product of the quick loading maps is the fact that the maps are somewhat small compared to other Half-Life 2 mod maps. But its the price you pay for having quick load times.

    All things considered, The Island does not disappoint. I certainly recommend it, and I hope you get clicking and downloading so you can start whipping and skull blowing.

  7. Pat

    How do you get off the starting dock when it first starts?

  8. There is no dock when you firdt start.But other than that you must learn how to jump.I have tested this mod many a times and everything thats jumpable works.

  9. Pat

    Thank you for the answer, but what exactly am I supposed to jump? I have a dark room, a locked door outside, a small dock, another small dock where you find the pistol; now where do you go from here? I kill the zombies and the head crabs and then go into this dark room that seems to go nowhere. What am I supposed to jump?

  10. Pat

    Can anyone tell me how to start? I come out of a cave, kill the zombies, find the gun. Now what do I do?

  11. In this dark room is there steel beams piled along the wall?If so look up on the wall above them.

  12. Pat

    Thank you for the answer andyb.

  13. Andrew37

    a classic in half life mods… just awesome cant stop playing it 😀

  14. Does anyone have a link to the file? The Filecloud servers appear to be down. At least from my part of the web…

  15. Personal Favourite

    I loved this. Has nothing to do with HL..It’s as skin of your teeth try to get to the boat and get off “The Island”….if you can.
    You wake up in a cave with next to nothing with hell awaiting right outside your shallow grotto..

    Plenty of head crabs, zombies, crack zombies and those other things that throw black spiders at you. It’s a great time waster!.. Hard to make jumps, some swimming and running like hell. But into what?… Download it and find out….
    Play this alone in the dark… 3 am is

  16. Maybe?

    this was an ok play, it did get boring after awhile and I couldn’t figure out where to go at one point, ( the area with the containers just after you meet up with 2 rebels) the entrance door was blocked with unmovable barrels. the one plus I did like that other mappers should do is the flashlight always stayed on and didn’t drain out after a minute. overall its worth the dload and a play.

    1. The “unmovable barrels” problem only occurs after saving and loading a game. When you’re starting a map, all barrels are movable, but as soon as you start saving and loading your game they become unmovable. Very annoying, as barrels are needed on several occasions to reach the next map.

  17. Play It Now!

    Loved it, it was very spooky, entertaining!

  18. Max

    requesting updated download link

    1. Unq

      Recommendation was removed, you have to at least write a reaction or basic thoughts on the experience.

  19. Unq

    Updated the download to not only work but it should run properly, now under the Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer. Just drop the folder it in Sourcemods as usual.

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