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25 Jun 2019 The Surface Complex JamaicanDave, do you know if this is supposed work with the latest retail version? I followed ...
25 Jun 2019 The Surface Complex JamaicanDave, do you know if this is supposed work with the latest retail version? I followed...
25 Sep 2016 Episode 3: The Closure ADDENDUM: Been through the entire mod a second time. One of the things that still strikes me t...
21 Sep 2016 Episode 3: The Closure Despite a few minor shortcomings, I LOVED this 'mission pack'. I'm a huge fan of immersive game...
15 Sep 2016 Scylla I could never get this to download. Of course *I've subscribed*. Of course I've restarted steam. ...
20 Mar 2016 Grey Solved: it was the console command line parameter... :-/
20 Mar 2016 Grey Been trying for 2 hours, unsuccessfully, to launch the mod. I have the latest 1.6gb version inst...
28 Mar 2014 RavenholmVille Mapping Competition OH YEAH! I love Ravenholm! MAKE'EM SUPER CREEPY PLEASE!!! =)
21 Sep 2013 Rebellion This worked for me!
06 Sep 2013 Instinct Amazing! Superb difficulty curve. GREAT level design.
05 Sep 2013 Deliverance Wow, difficult and yet amazingly addictive map. A true classic!
05 Sep 2013 Todesangst 1 atrocious voice acting, bland and disproportionate levels, I don't see what you people like abo...
05 Sep 2013 Chronicles Episode One: Traumatic Experiences I don't see what the fuss is about.
05 Sep 2013 Technical Problems This map is barely feasible on hard. Enemy placement is infamous, too few munitions to deal wit...
05 Sep 2013 Underground by ToTac great map
26 Aug 2013 Haunted Meh, poorly done altogether
23 Aug 2013 Smart Decoy Wow, GREAT MAP! not too easy, fun to play, great design!
18 Aug 2013 Black Mesa Sideline Wow.. just wow. GREAT map.
08 Mar 2013 Life Lost Prison Very good
07 Mar 2013 Street Stuck Very good map
18 Jan 2013 Triage The enemies come infinitely that is, until you make some specific key progress. Then scripted se...
17 Jan 2013 Triage This map is very displeasing from the start. Few things are a bigger turn-off for me than infinit...
10 Jan 2013 Overawe Extremely nice, not too easy, not too hard. Would play again.
30 Jul 2012 Station 51 I agree with most people here: great mod, play it now!
22 Apr 2012 G String Beta I had this problem with one map only, the one with a huge chasm in the ventilation, so I avoide...
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