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4th September 2005

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life 2 Doom 3 Far Cry Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods

The story of Rebellion starts where Vengeance ended.

You have won the battle over Gargantua but this last one had leave you in such a shape that even your mother would not recognize you. You have lost all of your weapons during the battle and your are severely wounded. Nevertheless, some scientists who kept themselves away during your last fight are coming to give you first aid… They don’t have the time to help you. A marines platoon arriving begins to shoot them down and one of the grunts puts a highly explosive satchel charge a few meters from you that cause the ground to collapse when exploding.

Falling in the fault line provoked by the explosion, you lost consciousness…

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life 2 Doom 3 Far Cry Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods

Some times later (minutes or hours — you don’t even care to know) a voice wake you up. It takes you a time before you realize that this voice comes from the integrated communication system of your HEV suit. Your head in the clouds you don’t understand very well what the voice is telling you. Some words are strangely familiar among the others: death… life… there’s also a strange story about getting rid of the place where you are and about a time limit… You vaguely understand that you have 60 minutes to contact the man who is calling you before… Another time, you faint…

Sci- Fi Single Player First Person Shooter Games Half Life 2 Doom 3 Far Cry Unreal UT2004 Quake Mods

When you wake up again, your wounds hurt you and you have a terrible headache but you have also lost precious minutes… You must go and find a radio transmitter before it’s too late. Meanwhile, only one idea is obsessing you, to find the GMan and to make him pay the bill. You want to screw him up for all he has done to you and to your colleagues… But before you can find him, you must survive… Not that hard, do you think? After all, you have a certain amount of experience in this matter.

And one thought keeps you going on: your REBELLION is just about to begin…

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  1. Mystery8

    Wow. Keeping in mind that I had to reinstall an old version of Half-Life (ver to play this, it is one of the best looking Half-Life SP mods I’ve ever played. The maps continued to amaze me from the beginning right to the end.

    The city levels are beautifully created and feels very much like a real city. There’s a lot of detail everywhere. The new weapons are a lot of fun for making short work of the enemy soldiers.

    The voice overs are in French, but there are English subtitles. The translation isn’t great, but in most cases you can understand what’s going on. It’s nice that they even did a translation.

    There’s some help via the website listed here (direct link: for using old versions of Half-Life in order to play this mod. Its a shame that no patch was released, since it would make this mod much accessible and more likely to be played.

    Aside from the compatibility problems, I’d rank this mod near or right up with Neil Manke’s They Hunger. Highly recommended.

  2. Mel

    How do I reinstall HL vision

  3. Ezequielhl

    You need an oldie HL CD ^^, and a Opossing Force CD. In the second CD you can install the patch fot Half Life.

    Reinstall HL, then run the patch installer from the Opfor CD.

    It works for me and My Athlon ^^.

    The mod? 4/5. Great action challenge, but you only fight soldiers. The maps are great and makes you explore (especially the city) form more ammo. There’s new weapons and models. I recommend you put your oldie HL CD to hear the music.

    Yes, this is a must play ^^

  4. i have original HL and mine is ver
    you can (if you have original game) and look for hlupdate.exe. not sure if it will work but ya never know.other than that just google for half life updates. file planet has most of em

  5. Unpacked zip reveals 10 files. No txt file. Setup.exe fails to run (parameter incorrect). anybody help? Mod sounds good.

  6. Zockopa
    Play It Now!

    Visually this old Mod stands the test of time
    with no problem. The architecture shown here is
    in some places way beyond what ive seen in other mods but there are some serious mappingerrors like respawning in front of the players eyes etc.. This costs this mod some points in the rating. Gameplaywise Rebellion is somewhat harder than HL1 and very hard in a couple places. Probably a beginner will find this mod frustrating.
    What counts for me is the conceptual grandness of this mod,because its unique in a good way.
    To sum it up:

  7. First time I d/l’d this the file was bust, but now I tried a different server and used the tips and link from Mystery8 in post 1.
    Great mod. Got to the bit where the clock is counting down and there’s a “fire door” to go through (map – connexion EXPLOSION). The door wont open till 1 minute left, then I can walk through it (literally – like noclip). Do the button thing, run like hell, the other door won’t open, time runs out, nothing happens. Is this a bug? Am I beaten?

  8. Play It Now!

    Yes, I have the same problem like piledriver!
    Somebody please help us! 🙂

  9. HL Masta
    Play It Now!

    Hey, my HL came up with CS Steamless retail… Meaning I vave version …
    So I think i’ll be able to play this map good.

  10. Anonymous


    Game DLL version mismatch
    The game DLL for rebellion appears to be outdated, check for updates

    Please fix this ASAP

  11. Crinkle

    I remember playing this mod years ago and it was great. But it no longer seems to work in steam, and I have no idea why. Anyone?

    1. Arrown

      Thanks a lot for all your comment, that funny to read that 10 year later 🙂 and it’s a pleasure.

      Arrown (Creator)

      1. Zikri

        But, will you continue to make a patch for this mod? I like this mod but I can’t play it, because of the dll mismatch problem.

  12. In case you have version half-life like me, all you have to do to make this mod to work is to go in folder rebellion, open liblist.gam with notepad and change “dlls\rebellion.dll” to “..\valve\dlls\hl.dll”

  13. Avoid It!

    Timed mission? hell no!

  14. abel

    I open rebellion with 7zip and doubleclick on setup.exe then this
    setup is unable to find _setup.dll which is needed to complet the installation
    error 103

    and after unzip the folder and I doubleclick on setup nothing happens

  15. hum

    I have the same problem

    look at
    there are lots of mods

    world war dont work

  16. Gilfrarry

    It installed properly for me, after extracting all the files in to the same folder and running setup.exe.
    I moved the “rebellion” folder created by the installer to my half-life steam folder and successfully ran it, after (a) creating an empty folder called “cl_dlls” in the mod folder, “rebellion,” so the mod would show up in steam, and (b) following captainFill’s instructions about changing “dlls\rebellion.dll” in liblist.gam to “..\valve\dlls\hl.dll” exactly, including the two period marks.
    For World War, if you mean the download links are broken, read the instructions on any post about broken links.

  17. abel

    okay go to this site and download rebellion (telechargement visitor)–i431.htm

    then go to

    look for rebellion and the patch, the patch change the liblist (dll..) and the titles the language

  18. Gilfrarry

    Thanks. These files are identical but much easier to install. All I had to do was extract them and create the “cl_dlls” folder.

  19. Ten Four Reviews

    What’s the French word for tedious? That just about sums up this massive level pack from French authors Arrown and Doberman, the duo who brought you Vengeance. The download checks in at a daunting 66+ MB, the unpacked folders take up almost as much space as Opposing Force, and the number of included maps is greater than any Half-Life single player episode to date (including Op4!).

    Please note that this mod includes new code, but it is not yet compatible with the (or above) patch for Half-Life. I actually had to install version to a new directory in order to play this pack. Another option to run this mod is presented here.

    Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird taught us all that bigger and longer is not necessarily better. Finishing Rebellion may have been one of the most grueling experiences of my life. I certainly hope you like grunts. Because that is the only enemy you will meet in Rebellion. Wait. I take that back. There were a couple of assassins thrown in – in one of the early levels. No slaves, no zombies, no barnacles, not even a token headcrab-in-the-vent. Nothing.

    I got sick of battling grunts soon after the episode began. About 40 levels (and a hell of a lot of savegames) later, I was still fighting grunts. And it is hard. I played on the medium skill level, but there were just so many grunts in certain places that I ended up uttering words that would make most people faint in horror. If you aren’t cursing out the authors by the end of this episode, you have much more patience than I.

    Before I really get into my criticism, let me point out the good things about this mod. (Hint: enemy variety is not one of them!) Most of the weapon models were new, and you do get several new weapons to play with. My favorite is the gatling gun, similar to the assault cannon carried by the HWGuy in TFC. This sucker can really chew up them grunts. Also added to your arsenal is a double-zoom sniper rifle, a machine pistol of some sort (forgive me for not knowing my guns) that holds a whopping 80 bullets per clip, and a nifty replacement for the 9mm pistol, complete with a fancy twirl-around-the-finger when you select it.

    There is some semblance of a story, albeit told in French. The pack comes with a roughly translated English version of titles.txt, so you can at least follow the story and orders through the text on the screen.

    In many spots the architecture is simply impressive. These two really have an eye for design, although they seem intent on completing their dream design at any cost (meaning: your framerates will suffer). And you do get into a couple of clever situations during this episode – there is a neat game of cat & mouse at the very beginning, a challenging countdown sequence, and a couple of long-distance assaults that require you to think before you charge.

    There are scads of nice new textures, especially in the memorable city scene. Speaking of which, the city section is one part that will stand out when you play Rebellion. Spread out over 9 maps, this section really makes you feel like you are in a city – it is completely non-linear, cleverly designed, and nice to look at. But beware the dozens upon dozens of grunts that happen to inhabit said city. As frustrating as that section was for me, it certainly was memorable.

    Now, the bad. Did I mention the grunts? Oh, OK. Did I mention that they can appear out of thin air? This is an old mapper’s trick to add some challenge to a level – make the player think he has cleared out an area, then when he comes back, add some more enemies to surprise him. This method in itself does not bother me; indeed, if used properly, it can adequately surprise and challenge the player. When used improperly, however, it only detracts from a map’s quality. And it is truly abused in Rebellion.

    Not only is the sheer number of grunts overwhelming to begin with, more grunts are added all the time. Furthermore, in several instances the grunts popped out of thin air in front of me! If this trick is used, it should never, never be done in a place the player can see it. One example – I go over to the corner of a large, deserted storage room to check out some crates. As soon as I get to the corner, 4 or 5 grunts just magically appear in the room. This is just careless design – I could see the grunts appear. OK, enough about the stupid grunt tricks.

    As mentioned earlier, the authors are not particularly experts in designing for speed or playability. There are many huge, wide open spaces in Rebellion, to which the Half-Life engine does not take kindly. Also, sometimes the architecture, although impressive, is just too much for the processing power available. If you do not have a pretty powerful machine, Rebellion will likely be unplayable for you. I play on a PII-400 with 256 MB and a TNT card and my computer was really chugging in many spots.

    The other main problem is gameflow, or lack thereof. First, Rebellion is too long. Second, there are some long load times – some of the maps are over 6 MB. Add in several downright boring sections, along with ridiculously long cutscenes (one shot of a switch opening a door is about 90 seconds long), and long, slow briefings in French and you have some major disruptions in the game. These types of things just add to the player’s frustration – game flow was one area in which the original Half-Life excelled, while Rebellion falls flat on its face.

    This episode definitely had potential. Nifty new weapons, nice-looking new textures, good challenges (including tough base assaults, a ‘boss’ about 2/3 the way through, and an extremely tough escort mission), and a decent story usually make for a great level pack. Unfortunately, the high r_speeds, the inconsistent game flow, and the lack of variety make it impossible for me to recommend Rebellion.

    If the authors had concentrated more on quality over quantity, Rebellion could have been spectacular. However, if you can handle the download, or if you can get it on CD, you may want to check it out anyway just to see the good parts – I don’t regret playing through Rebellion, but I’ll be extremely hard-pressed to do it again.

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Monday, 31st July, 2000 by Unquenque.

    This review was originally posted on the Ten Four Website, which is now offline. Permission has been granted to republish the full review and more details can be found on the About page.

  20. Dgemie

    I actually wrote a comment for this a few days ago, but it didn’t appear (probably because I used Opera?). Well, let’s use that as an opportunity to write something better!
    I think that this is one of the more atmospheric and satisfying episodes that I have played, but it does require a specific mindset to really enjoy. And I would really recommend playing it on, because the new weapons do make a difference (at least the “minigun”)!

    1. Sorry about your comment not appearing, I don’t know where it went as it was not in the spam.

  21. Personal Favourite

    You can download this mod from Moddb. It works 100%, just install English version so you can read and understand what they say from French as translation. This mod is nice, it’s a piece of Art. I agree it has too many empty areas and some of them has too many soldiers at once. Still the overall art design is Superb. They employed all their skill in artistic design and removed the old way of shooting weapons, they made it like faster killing way. That makes the Assault Rifle a special mod weapon which is capable of eliminate all kind of threat.

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