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1st August 2001


I didn’t want to die. So I said I’d work for that man in the suit. Now I’m in this room – this motel-like room. But the door has no handle, and it won’t open. It has a window in it, so they can see me. I’ve been in here for too long.

They woke me up a few minutes ago, and told me to put the hazard suit on. It’s in the shower – I was trying to clean it. I’m sitting on the bed now. The suit says it’s 5:00am. The sun hasn’t come up yet – why do they want me now?

There’s a security guard at the door, and he’s opening it. He wants me to follow him …

Basic Details
  • Title: Haunted
  • File Name: hl1-sp-haunted.7z
  • Original File Name: haunted.zip
  • Size : 4.86Mb
  • Author: Joseph Lollback
  • Date Released: 01 August 2000
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  1. Christian

    Downloaded it, seems ok, but it does not start for me. The MD5 of the copy I received is c31db00e56a3cb9c8d7895abb8219c7

    Could anyone double-check that?

  2. bumtown

    i can turn this into a mod 😛

  3. Gilfrarry

    Downloaded it, seems ok, but it does not start for me. The MD5 of the copy I received is c31db00e56a3cb9c8d7895abb8219c7

    Could anyone double-check that?

    I had the same problem.
    The readme says to extract the pak1.pak file to your /Half-Life/valve/ folder, run HL, open the console, and type: map pagan1a. That’s what I did and probably you, too. HL said “map change failed: “pagan1a” not found on server.”
    If there is not already a file named pak0.pak in that folder, then you’ll need to rename pak1.pak to pak0.pak.
    It worked on my copy of Steam.

  4. you can rename the pak file to pak0 or do as I did.
    I crated a folder called haunted,inside of it I created save,media and logo folders then made a liblist.gam file.Then I extracted the pak file contents into the haunted folder.It now is listed in my steam games list and plays fine.

    To create a liblist use notepad and input this info
    game “Haunted”
    gamedir “haunted”
    version “1.0”
    hlversion “1009”
    type “single”
    size “30500500”
    startmap “pagan1a.bsp”
    trainmap “”
    gamedll “..\valve\dlls\hl.dll”

    save it as a txt the change the txt to gam
    I just used a liblist from another mod and changed a few things.

  5. Anon-00184
    Play It Now!

    Unfortunately, this mod isn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be. Good thing it has some decent action sequences to back it up!

    The maps and scenarios draw influences from everything like The Matrix to Hard-Boiled to Terminator.

    Some complaints though: the horror section was way too damn dark, the map change from pagan7 to pagan8 didn’t work, and stepping on any corpses during the final sequence will instantly gib you…

    There isn’t really an ending either, just a corpse and some weird chanting.

    But I still think you should…

    I give it 7 out of a possible 10 fun chipmunks.

  6. Mel

    good balance/unique game/very buggy/dark levels

  7. Play It Later

    That’s an old mappack from 1999, but it doesn’t matter!
    It’s also the authors first released maps, it doesn’t matter!
    Therefore there are some bugs and annoying things, BUT it just doesn’t matter!!!
    This is a very cool mappack, so I advice you to play it!

    Let me point out the negatives first this time:
    Some bugs can really be annoying, the game can crash with an sound error.
    At one place the sound can or will be stuttering. Then there’s the typical elevator bug.
    Some scripts will not work correctly, so you may have to load one of the last maps manually and give you some stuff via cheats (HEV suit, weapons you had before).
    You may not like wandering around in very dark areas for a few maps.
    And you will probably miss a better, more sophisticated story.
    Besides that some things are just odd…

    Now, do you wanna know something?
    I just don’t care! Not this time! It’s a very nice experience!

    The best feature of it is the amazingly great atmosphere! You’ll find out soon when playing it!
    Then, there are some very cool, often surprising scripts. (OH MY GOD moments!)
    Did I mention the excellent combat yet? Always fair, but very good balanced.
    Not to forget the stunning architecture and lighting!
    And at least a few, easier puzzles.

    As mentioned, this pack lives from it’s atmosphere mostly as there is music used quite often and there are moments when you think: “what the heck is going on here??”
    Some neat scripts support this great atmosphere.
    Nonetheless even without that major argument for playing it, there are more.
    The combat for example is pretty cool, always fair, very good balanced and never seems random.
    Not only the combat, but everything in “Haunted” is very well thought-out.
    Okay, some things make not much sense but still..
    Another big feature is the awesome mapping and lighting. Remember it was back in 1999!
    It’s way higher than average and everything else than boxy or basic.
    Some architecture is just amazing and the areas include offices, cafeteria, short outdoor sections and larger halls or a subway station. Also the obligatory power station.

    Scripts can be very nice, but some are just odd when enemies being spawned out of nowhere.
    And I don’t mean alien slaves or grunts only…
    However, some scripts can injure you seriously or even kill you, quicksave often!
    There is a ridable jeep and a mounted gun can be used early in-game.

    -Very good, intense atmosphere supported by music, lighting etc.
    -Great mapping with stunning architecture and lighting usually
    -Excellent combat action
    -Very good balancing
    -Some very cool scripted sequences
    -A few, easy puzzles
    -Good playtime (~20-60 minutes)

    -Bugs like game crash, sound stutter, elevator, triggering scripts, getting squished by a chair (lol?)
    -No real story
    -Minor performance issues
    -Minor design oddities
    -Dark part of the mappack can be annoying
    -Disappointing end

    Conclusion: Play it if you’re looking for action and a great atmosphere set in nice layouts.

    Addition: It’s not real horror, and yes at times it can be very dark but the areas have lot of space to move, that compensates it!

  8. Ten Four Reviews

    As we saw in Assault, new authors and huge units don’t generally go well together. When I saw in the textfile that this eighteen-level unit was his first release, I began to wonder what I’d let myself in for. The author’s casual attitude to bugs in his level was also slightly worrying; simply instructing you to “just load your game, and do things differently, or again” isn’t really satisfactory.

    Fortunately it turned out a lot better than I expected and was certainly well above the depths plumbed by Assault. But, inevitably, it had plenty of problems too. My apprehension about what Joseph said in the textfile wasn’t far from the mark. There are lots of places where things can and do go wrong and I managed to catch many of them; I’m sure there are some I missed. Worse still, some of them are very serious, show-stopping even. In one map about three-quarters of the way through I managed to miss a changelevel trigger and couldn’t continue, forcing me to restart the unit. [I figured out a workaround for that one, incidentally. When you enter the train and the screen blacks out, don’t move or you may miss the trigger.] In addition to these, there are the usual minor errors you’d expect from a new author, plus some truly horrendous r_speeds at times.

    However, the most serious issue was with the gameplay in the middle of the unit. As I walked down a long corridor in one map, there was an evil laugh and then the lights went out. An interesting twist in the story, I thought, switching on my flashlight. After about ten minutes of wandering around in pitch darkness, I began to wonder if the author had actually attempted to play Haunted before releasing it upon the rest of us. I have no idea what the author could have been thinking while mapping this area. In case anyone else is considering introducing such a gameplay element into their own work, let me make this clear: exploring two or three levels by flashlight alone is a Bad Thing. It’s not even a brief two or three levels here; I had to stop and recharge my flashlight at least twice. Nor are the areas you have to wander small and confined so that you can easily find your way. The sections you’re exploring are huge and open and I’m sure they’re big enough to make a fair few players give up on the unit.

    If it wasn’t for this hugely misjudged area then I’d be recommending Haunted to you. There are a few really nice ideas tucked away into the unit, with the train sequence being particularly noticeable. Some places look pretty good and Joseph has generally kept the visuals tidy without too many obvious errors. Unfortunately, Joseph has really shot himself in the foot; the experience of wandering through multiple levels in blackness at a very low framerate just spoiled the whole thing and how good or bad the rest of it is becomes more or less irrelevant. A pity that a promising set of levels has been wasted in such a manner but, nonetheless, this is best avoided.

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Tuesday, 12th October, 1999 by Morgan.

    This review was originally posted on the Ten Four Website, which is now offline. Permission has been granted to republish the full review and more details can be found on the About page.

  9. Play It Now!

    This mappack can be played with Xash3D Engine without significant problems, you only need to set sv_validate_changelevel parameter to 0 (via console, or by editing of config.cfg) to avoid one unsuccessful level change. The mappack is really cool, except that part where you should kill a lot of enemies almost in full darkness. Also it’s recommended to use your quicksave button often enough, especially if you are playing on Hard 😉 .

  10. Think Twice

    Meh, poorly done altogether

  11. Play It Later

    When you have to jump over the riding train, it reminds me even of splinter cell games. The difference is that in real life is hard to fight against gravity made out of train movement and the faster the train moves, the less chance to stay alive for you in there. The train must be really slow to be able to run and jump between vagons. On the second hand there’s no tunnel in the world where there’s nothing ahead except just an infinite tunnel.

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