Plan B

for Half-Life

1st January 1998

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Basic Details
  • Title: Plan B
  • File Name: hl1-sp-plan-b.7z
  • Original File Name:
  • Size : 1.78Mb
  • Author: Adam’ Jeb Radec’ Brown
  • Date Released: 28 July 2002
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  1. Mel
    Think Twice

    ok/not very polished/rocky at times/thin on content/not memorial

  2. piledriver
    Play It Now!

    Assuming this is an early mod, then use of brushes and lighting is way above average. This is a good quality but short mission, involving decent gameplay with a realistic goal. Some cut scenes. Health and armour are spread really thin, with the HEV suit only attainable after some dangerous fighting. About 20 mins, play on hard. Well worth the download.

    From the Readme:-
    “There are a few basic ideas you need to grasp before taking on Plan B. Instead of throwing 90 grunts at you I
    increase situational difficulties by limiting ammo, Strategic enemy placement, and by discouraging stupid non-
    realistic behavior (eg if you wouldn’t do it with your body in real life don’t do it in Plan B).”

  3. Maybe?

    Suddenly waking up in a strange place, imprisoned, you have to free you way at all costs!
    Once done, you’re aware that soldiers have taken over the place – to prevent the aliens to attack!
    So you have to find a way to escape… after that, a scientist in a nearby cell makes an offer you can’t refuse 😉 He knows how to get to some storage room, but the price is to free him first.
    Therefore you fight and search your way to get to him, avoiding soldiers and aliens which ain’t very easy. Time for a plan B it seems…

    -Very good leveldesign most of the time, few exceptions (lot hallways)
    -Nice scripts, cutscenes and text (dialogue) supporting the story
    -A few puzzles
    -Superhard, challenging combat requiring strategies – a bit bad balanced for my taste (less health, ammo)
    -Interesting story, exciting gameplay

    -Difficulty, definitely nothing for newbies
    -No HEV at start (takes a few mins to get / find, involved in gameplay)
    -Quite short playtime (is there a sequel, anyone??)
    -Mean enemy spawns / placement

  4. Ten Four Reviews

    Plan B is a first-time single player release, although the author, Adam “Jeb_Redec” Brown, has made a couple of multiplayer maps judging by his website. This short pack shows some flashes of clever design, but overall it is merely slightly above average among first-time releases.

    A short backstory has been provided, but just to set the opening scene. Though there is a logical progression through the maps, there is no further plot development. But keeping in mind that this is a short pack, and that the author promises it is “To Be Continued,” this is excusable. The puzzles you must solve are conveyed through in-game text, in most cases taking the place of spoken instructions from a scientist. Some camera sequences are used as well, but some of them are irritatingly long and serve no real purpose. In my mind, camera sequences should be kept at a minimum – part of the superb original HL experience was that you were always a part of the action, with only a single camera sequence. The puzzles themselves are pretty straightforward and are executed well – nothing groundbreaking, but better than your average first-time SP map pack.

    Continue reading the review on Ten Four…

    This review is republished here by permission and was originally published Sunday, 11th August, 2002 by Unquenque.

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