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19 year old german who likes to play games
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Latest 25 Comments
20 Jul 2015 Sorry for the lack of updates get well soon!
25 Sep 2014 The Island requesting updated download link
21 Sep 2014 Happy 11th Birthday Me wow, that's amazing :O i hope, that this page will continue to exist and not die like all the ...
08 Jul 2014 Poll Question 295 - Which games have you finished? i actually finished them all at least once, but played through some of them at least twice i thi...
07 Jul 2014 Keys so i just finished this, and i must say that it was pretty damn amazing. i really love mods that...
10 Mar 2014 Forest Train this mod absolutely blows my mind it was easily one of the best mods, I ever played the map...
01 Mar 2014 Reclamation another broken download here, yet with no alternative download to be found what is it with all...
01 Mar 2014 The Heist download is broken alternative download link unavailable
01 Mar 2014 Sector 9 download broken, alternative download couldn't be found
01 Mar 2014 No Freedom "Scene ".\scenes\streetscene.vcd" missing!"
28 Feb 2014 Antracide put short, the architecture is a bit simple and all, but the absolutely ridiculous amount of enem...
31 Oct 2012 Other-Life: Hatch 18: Chapter 1: Forgotten Passenger I am not a man of many words, but I'll try to say as much as I can to make it a proper review. ...
31 Oct 2012 Half-Life: Twitter Style Review Random train ride, pushing unknown materials, big bang, aliens outta nowhere, hours through bm, o...
28 Oct 2012 Lost Concept Dev4 "This mod is still in development and an updated release will be made available." Well... I'm kin...
01 May 2012 Space Lasercore Nevermind, just had to wait, so I'd like to give a personaly fav or something, but I guess that d...
22 Apr 2012 Residual Life This mod is simply amazing. I played the 2 demos, he released before the final version came out a...
04 Apr 2012 NewBlackMesaVille Simply said: Prety nice, but only one entry? A bit disappointing but still a nice nostalgical Bla...
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