Sorry for the lack of updates

20th July 2015

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to apologise for not posting or updating the site much recently. I have a serious neck, shoulder and arm problem and I can’t use the mouse or keyboard for more than 10 minutes with experiencing pain.

In fact,l I was off work for 3 weeks with it.

I have an appointment with the specialist next Monday and hopefully he or she can offer a solution.

For now, I will try to do some admin stuff, like adding the authors missing from the PLAY archives etc.

Fingers crossed I’ll be killing the Combine or Xenians again soon.


  1. galocza

    please Phillip, just rest. you were pretty vague what ails you but sounds like rest is the key, extertion the enemy, nothing can be that urgent.
    actually i hope that you will only read this after reconvalescing (hm is that a word in english?)
    get well.

  2. Salamancer

    A lot of us are already engaged with the competition, or waiting for it. The lack of updates is fine.
    Rest up, hope to see you back online soon.

  3. Yeah, I would certainly put getting well above all else. Trust me. I’m an expert in the field of taking time off work. 😛

  4. Man, that sounds bad. Typing this update alone must of hurt some. Hope you get better soon!

  5. This is an outrage! How dare you put your health above my videogames? If it hurts so much to type with your fingers, you’ll just have to learn to do it with your toes.

    All kidding aside, Phillip, best wishes for a quick solution and speedy recovery! I’ll cross my fingers on your behalf so you don’t have to strain them any more than necessary.

  6. s.anchev

    As I’m a (french) M.D. in real life, it seems you’ve a cervical radiculopathy, you should try to get a cervical radio, or even better, an MRI, you should check your personal doctor…

  7. asterixer

    I send you a “Gute Besserung” from Germany 🙂

  8. Your health comes first. Take all the time you need to get better. Thanks for years of this amazing service!

  9. Heinz

    Hey Phil,

    sometimes there are places where liquids stay and get more and more…did you have a medical surgery on your neck?

    I hope you get well soon, take your time!

    1. No, I haven’t had any surgery. The pain just suddenly appeared.

  10. Thanks to everybody for the kind messages and comments. I promise I didn’t post this to get any sympathy!

  11. Too bad Phillip,,
    looks like you got some!


  12. John

    Phillip, a few years back, I developed a similar problem. The specifics: Too much time at the computer (I’m a data warehouse engineer) led to bad posture which led to a bone spur developing between c5 and c6 in my neck. That bone spur now pinches a nerve. That led to pain in my neck and shoulder on the left side and numbness in two of my fingers on my left hand.

    My orthopedic surgeon sent me to a great physical therapist that gave me some great exercises to do. These are helping to improve my posture and therefore, relieving the pain and numbness. This has enabled me to avoid surgery. Modern day physical therapy is awesome. He also told me to get back in good overall shape.

    I hope you get well soon and can avoid surgery. The therapy took about 6 weeks before I noticed improvement.

    Best wishes!

  13. There is nothing to apologize for. I don’t expect nor demand constant updates, espicially when you are not feeling well.

    No one is demanding anything from you. You don’t have to feel like you HAVE to update the site. If you feel like resting, don’t hesitate. I feel bad when you apologize, it makes me feel like its our fault for having high demands.

    1. You are right, nobody is demanding aything from me, but I WANT to update more often and feel bad when I don’t. Especially since we just had the donations drive 2015!

  14. Hi Phillip.

    I didn’t post straight away as you made me angry so’s here what I think in a censored version.

    You don’t need to (censored)ing apologise to us, your health and well-being is far more (censored)ing important than any (censored)ing website. We owe you far (censored)ing more than you owe to us. If you don’t (censored)ing look after yourself before looking after the site then you are a (censored)ing idiot. We can all wait until you are better, as it is quite (censored)ing obvious you have a loyal and in many cases a long-standing following, we can and will wait until you are (censored)ing better.

    OK, rant over, get well soon.

    1. Sorry to make you angry.

      I apologise because as a visitor of other websites, I like to visit sites that are updated often and I love running this site and genuienely feel bad when I don’t do a good job – irrespective of whether it’s a hobby or not.

      Thanks for caring.

  15. Sad to hear Phillip. Instead of giving you flowers, chocolate.. I donated a few dollars to this site.

    Wishing you a fast recovery my friend!

    1. David, I’ve sent an email. Thank you for yoour kind donation. It’s much appreciated.

  16. zoe

    Forgive me if I’m breaking protocol, for those of you itching to play/review maps, “Altered Transmission – Demo 10” is available (easy to search for). Maybe Phillip will begin a new post for player comments, etc.

    I’ll let the more professional scrutinizers do the heavy lifting while Phillip recovers.

    1. Thanks for the news. Once it’s officially released, I’ll create a post for it, even if I can’t play it.

  17. what about a second-in-command ….. so when your not feeling well you can outsource updates and daily info ( including map and mods ) to a trusted second party
    however this would have to be a close freind or someone you really trust … then this way you can chill out and get better knowing the site is in safe hands
    anyway get better quick phillip … all the guys are thinking of you mate !

  18. Hec

    God, I didn’t know about your health issue Philip, I hope you get well and hit the road soon again!! From the bottom of my heart bro!

    1. Thank you for your kind words.

  19. bolec

    Get well buddy, just get well 😀

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