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2 April 2009




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  1. Quake 2
  2. Alan Wake
  3. S.T.A.L.K.E.R
  4. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  5. Metro

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21 Jan 2016 The Hammer Cup 16: Challenge 1: ChasmVille What does this mean for a gamer and developer? In order to play any HL2 mod I only need to downlo...
07 Jan 2016 The Hammer Cup 16: Challenge 1: ChasmVille "The map must run in system with only Ep2 installed", any easy comfortable way for the developer ...
29 Dec 2015 New Year, New Logo and New Features Nice list of things/features for the site. Year 2016 is looking promising for Run Think Shoot Liv...
28 Dec 2015 What The Headcrab: Episode 006 Thanks for the mention! A correction.. Spherical Nightmares is not yet greenlit. It's on Greenlig...
06 Dec 2015 Poll Question 331- Can you tell the quality of a mod from a screenshot of its final release? No, The visuals are definitely important. When selling the mod to its audience, but also duri...
22 Jul 2015 Sorry for the lack of updates Sad to hear Phillip. Instead of giving you flowers, chocolate.. I donated a few dollars to this s...
18 Jul 2015 Station60Ville - Mapping Challenge Theme Announcement Can 2 mappers work together on 1 entry?
07 Jul 2015 The Future of Mapping Challenges Yes there needs to be a theme. Definitely. It act as a motivation, to take on the challenge and a...
06 Jul 2015 The Future of Mapping Challenges First off, I would like to say.. that I love this site, the content you produce and maintain Phil...
08 Dec 2012 Joutomaa Redux Good mod, well worth the time. :) I found it much harder than most other mods. It was refreshi...
08 Dec 2012 Silent Escape Great mod! It sure has its ups and downs, but overall I had a great time. Visually very good, thr...
12 Nov 2012 TREE: Opposing Force Podcast I have played Opposing Force, but I don't remember much of it. I will install and play it shortly...
27 Sep 2012 VerticalVille I should have made the Helicopter shoot rockets at you, then you would have more explosions. But ...
27 Sep 2012 VerticalVille Thanks for this review. I took a break from my upcoming single player modification, Spherical Nig...
27 Sep 2012 VerticalVille Yes, I read it. Thank you! :)
27 Sep 2012 VerticalVille Not quite sure why it's wrong to use batteries as detail, especially where they make sense and wh...
27 Sep 2012 VerticalVille My friend had similar issue, with some levels locked. They unlocked as he finished them. So somet...
25 Sep 2012 VerticalVille First of all, thanks everyone for your comments. Much appreciated! Here is my review of the entie...
15 Feb 2011 Poll Question 208 - Does the length of a map or mod affect your recommendation? For me it depends on what the mod is trying to do. If I am suppose to feel something for the stor...
14 Dec 2009 Poll Question 150 - Do you play fullscreen or windowed? Why would anyone play in windowed mode? Kills the immersion, but also makes me wonder if you are ...
30 Jun 2009 Poll Question 129 - Do you prefer reviews by mappers or players? I voted on reading players reviews. I think the player has a more valuable opinion. He has the...
05 Apr 2009 Poll Question 118 - Would you like to see more squad based SP Mods? I voted No. I don't want more squad featured mods. I want good ones, otherwise I don't want an...
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