TREE: Opposing Force Podcast

11th November 2012

As part of the The Replay Experience Experiment, here is the second of a number of podcasts, discussing one of the games we have played.

In this case, it’s for Opposing Force. Joining me for this one is Don. Don is a modder with tremendous experience and has released a number of mods/maps including, Radix.

We discuss Opposing Force from a number of different aspects.

Both Don and I will respond to any comments you may make, so please don’t hesitate to comment.

The Replay Experience Experiment

This post is part of the The Replay Experience Experiment 2012 event. This is a chance to replay all the Half-Life games and discuss them based on our experiences since we first played them.

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  1. I have played Opposing Force, but I don’t remember much of it. I will install and play it shortly. This podcast, in my opinion, is one of the best here on the site. Strange since I haven’t invested too much time into the game you are talking about.

    Great chemistry, no interrupting, interesting thoughts and points. Audio quality awesome. Love the length, long without ever being boring. I even felt I wanted more when it ended. Overall it was a really great podcast. Is there something similar for Half-Life 1, Half-Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2? I would love to have more podcast’s like this, for those games.

    Great to have a player and a mapper in a 1on1 discussion. Great to hear the different opinions, have the different perspective (player vs mapper), also go in-depth about how certain scenes were built. Don, you mentioned writing an article about the intro scene of Opposing Force, where can I read it?

    You guys worked well together. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I agree that it went very well and Don and I seem to work well together. I’ll let him give you the link for the article as I don’t have it, but to answer your other question, yes there is a podcast for Half-Life and will be one for each of the games, as we finish them in the TREE event. Here is the link:

      Might I also suggest visiting the TREE page as it has links to other articles related to the event.

      1. Unq

        I second that, thanks much for the kind words.

        The tutorial on the Opposing Force intro was for the old mapping site VERC (Valve Editing Resource Center), now defunct. The tutorial was reproduced at TWHL, at – although the images are missing. I’ve uploaded the images at and the example map is now at if you’re interested.

        So not sure if that helps, it’s really more of a mapper’s tutorial rather than an article – but if you have any questions just let me know.

  2. Hey Phillip The podcast is broken. Instead of playing the Opposing Force podcast it is playing the Half-Life one podcast. So you might want to fix it. (and put it and all the other podcasts up for download while your at it hint hint wink wink…)

    1. I’ve fixed the link and added a download button.

      The newer podcasts all have download links and to be perfectly honest, I thought all the old ones did too.

      I will work my way through them and add the links.

      1. Awesome! I look forward to listening to them all. 😀

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