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What The Headcrab! Episode 10

A day late. Okay, Okay, I’m sorry. This was supposed to be a Saturday thing but I reformatted my PC on Friday afternoon and it took longer than usual. I changed operating systems otherwise I would have simply copied my back up image across. It’s 95% done now, so PHEW!

Before we actually start the show, I want to tell you about some very important changes to the format.

Firstly, the show will be moving to YouTube. I will continue to make the MP3 download available, but you will no longer be able to play it via the built in player directly on the site. However, modern browsers, like Google Chrome, can actually play the file within the browser itself, so that might not be an issue.

This change may necessitate a change to the menu items, but I’ll decide on that in the very near future.

Secondly, I will only be providing the links to the mods, not the “commentary” as well.

Thirdly, There will also be coverage of what’s been happening on RTSL, including the Poll Question and other posts, plus links to interesting comments and discussions.

Annnnyway, what’s been happening in the HL SP world lately?

29th May 2016 7 Comments

What The Headcrab: Episode 009

Bet you didn’t think you would see another WTH episode! I do want to make them but it’s so hard to allocate the time.

I have a plan to do shorter weekly shows, but let’s see what happens.

Anyway, what’s been happening in the HL SP world lately?

21st May 2016 7 Comments

What The Headcrab: Episode 008

Howdy All. I’m a few days late with this episode but hopefully you will forgive me.

Plenty of news this podcast as well as a break from tradition.

One quick word of warning, I sometimes refer to things on the screen and if you just listen to the podcast it may seem strange. Sorry.

Also, I seem to say “Kinda” a LOT this episode, not sure why that is, again sorry.

So, let’s get started.

16th March 2016 7 Comments

Audio Interview with Bradley Toliver

I finally managed to sit down and chat with Bradley Toliver AKA ComfortJones maker of Abandon: The Town.

I was especially keen on chatting with him because the mod features some unusual gameplay mechanic choices and I thought it would be interesting for other modders and players to hear the reasons behind them.

We chat for about 46 minutes and cover pretty much everything I wanted to.

You can listen via this page or download it to your HDD.

28th February 2016 1 Comment

What The Headcrab: Episode 007

OMG, yes, that’s right, I finally managed to produce another WTH podcast.

I’m so sorry for the delay. As with the last one, this is just about the mods. Almost everything is taken from ModDB.

Since it’s been almost two months since the last podcast and we have had an influx of new members/readers thanks to the YouTube channel Valve News Network, let me quickly summarize the podcast.

What The Headcrab is a podcast that updates listeners on what’s been happening in the Source/Gold Source single player modding world. Initially, the podcast covered Reddit, YouTube and GameBanana but it quickly became apparent that there was too much to cover. From episode 6, I decided to focus almost exclusively on mods.

If you would like to know more, please read the What The Headcrab: Introduction.

At some point in the future I may create video versions of these podcasts.

27th February 2016 9 Comments