Audio Interview with Ethosaur

15th August 2017

Here is an audio interview with Ethosaur, maker of The PTSD Mod.

We talk about his modding history, the process he used to make the mod and what the mod is all about.

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  1. Was pretty fun interview! Haven’t done many of these before but it was quite enjoyable.

  2. Wesp5

    Hi Philipp, I can’t seem to get your protected email adress even with Javascript enabled, so I’ll just hijack this thread ;). You probably already heard that Marc Laidlaw posted the HL2:EP3 synopsis online and there are mod teams forming to create this closure to the Half-Life series. Only those I heard from want to use the Unreal engine and I don’t know if they have any modding experience in the first place. On the other hand all active and best HL2 modders are working for your competitions here, so why don’t you try to get them together to re-create HL2:EP3 in the Source engine like it was supposed to be?

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