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Level designer of various source-related games and aspiring artist of 3d, 2d and game making.
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Quick but always exploring all nooks, I always try to find all hidden secrets while still going at a quick pace, hopefully not losing anything interesting on the way.

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I played trough all half-life games including many various half-life 2 mods and even made 2 mods myself along with many map-packs and horror maps for garrysmod.

Top 5 Favourites


  1. Team fortress 2
  2. Portal 2
  3. Ratchet and clank
  4. Mass effect 2
  5. Fallout 3


  1. Minerva
  2. Research and development
  3. Liberationville

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  • Mapping: A lot
  • Modeling: A lot
  • Scripting: Little
  • Texturing: Some
  • Voice acting: Some
  • Writing: Some
  • Sound: Little
  • Music: None

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I have and can work with pretty much any game made with source. Including Team fortress 2, Half-life 2, L4D, CSGO and more.

Latest 25 Comments
31 Jan 2020 The PTSD Mod 2 The hint in the end regarding to But thanks for playing the mod!
30 Jan 2020 The PTSD Mod 2 Remember to set 2013 Singleplayer to [Upcoming] before launching it. Also try re-downloading if ...
27 Jan 2020 The PTSD Mod 2
10 Jan 2019 One Room - Map Labs Test Tube #1 Thanks everyone for entering, look forward to see everyone's next entries. Good luck!
16 Sep 2018 The 72-Second Experiment I started with about less than 9 hours left on the clock when I made my map (Cliff confusion) so ...
11 Nov 2017 Re-Poll Question 001 - Have you Crowbarred Barney for his ammo? I did it like once when I first played half-life out of curiosity, after that I never done it any...
16 Sep 2017 Epistle3Ville Yeah I am aware, sadly I didn't notice until moments after sending the map. And after that I was ...
16 Sep 2017 Epistle3Ville Trek to Borealis was made from scratch. The only part I cant take credit for (which should be obv...
16 Sep 2017 CromulentVille No review for manor of ptsd?
16 Sep 2017 $850 Prize Fund for The Hammer Cup 2017 That's great, also really nice to see there being prizes for 4th and 5th etc. Im excited to see ...
23 Aug 2017 The PTSD Mod Sorry for the late reply, but yeah I think I get it, and actually in a way there are a few parts ...
21 Aug 2017 The PTSD Mod Manor of PTSD was made in conjunction of PTSD mod, so I decided I wanted both to be unique playth...
15 Aug 2017 The PTSD Mod It originally started as an inside joke where I would say I had gotten "PTSD" from working on PUN...
15 Aug 2017 Audio Interview with Ethosaur Was pretty fun interview! Haven't done many of these before but it was quite enjoyable.
26 Jul 2017 BlackMesaDoorVille Announcement Agreed, feels a bit "cheaty/lazy" but im sure if you are creative enough, that part can quickly b...
20 Jul 2017 CromulentVille I disagree wholeheartedly, while the quality of the maps might not always be good, it allows for ...
16 Jul 2017 CromulentVille I think this had a mixed bag of good and not so good maps, I think it's worth checking out though...
16 Jul 2017 Remaining Mapping Challenges' Dates Looking forward to it all 🤘
16 Jul 2017 CromulentVille 👍
15 Jul 2017 CromulentVille Aside from the Punt tile textures, everything was made within the given timeframe. The ptsd part ...
10 Jul 2017 BridgeVille Is it just me or are you muted in the video where you play through my map? (Smog city) I see you ...
08 Jul 2017 BridgeVille So I wasn't the only one then 😏
05 Jul 2017 DownFall Short but sweet, felt like great another episode of the ongoing stories of Gordon freeman, lookin...
25 May 2017 The Hammer Cup 2017 - Challenge 3 Dates Looking forward to it ?
18 Feb 2017 DefendVilleTwo Yeah to confirm for anyone else that plays, this was not intentional. Traverse through the cave...
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