What The Headcrab! Episode 14

27th June 2016

So, here we are, a new publish day and a BUNCH of interesting news and stuff.

Go watch.

Watch the Video

Last Week’s Follow Up

Franus Kepa: What about transmissions element 120 releasing on steam this week?

GamerDude27: If my mod were to ever be featured here (Recovered Operations) I’d be ecstatic

Barnz: “yes they are models from paranoia, i only modified them and i will continue to do that but also no i did not get permission from them but honestly i think they wont care.

Bolloxed: I’m getting a HL tattoo! Only 99,999 people to go!

YouTube Channel Spotlight
Half-Life Lore Trivia Question

Can you answer this question WITHOUT referring to the OverWiki?

Please post your answer as a YouTube comment.

At the end of the Ravenholm chapter in Half-Life 2, a fight between the Combine and rebels occurs. One rebel is injured. What is his name? Bonus: Who is he named after?

This question was kindly supplied by monkeymo1999.

Pick Of The Episode Game Giveaway

This week’s game Interloper, courtesy of Aaron from SteamContests.com.

To have a chance to win, simply post your Pick of the Episode, i.e. your favourite news item from the show, as a YouTube comment and I will randomly select a winner on next week’s show.


  1. Was refreshing the page waiting for this episode to come out. 🙂

  2. Wow! So many new things here! First of all, it’s glad to see that Transmissions: Element 120 made it on Steam. That mod was awesome. Also, Half-Payne still looks cool to me and No Portal looks really interesting too.

    Also, about that lore question, the rebel’s name is Winston, but I don’t know from what person he got his name from.

  3. Answering the question without looking at the OverWiki: “Winston’s been hit!” *cue Triage at Dawn*

    He is rumored to be named after the protagonist from George Orwell’s 1984, but AFAIK it was never officially confirmed.

    I’m too much of a dork for Half-Life trivia, that’s why I make comics based on it. And speaking of trivia, comics and Winston, some personal trivia of mine:
    Winston appeared in the very first comic I made using Garry’s Mod. I made a joke that he always pretended to be hurt during firefights and just dropped down moaning, exactly like in Half-Life 2.

  4. these WTH videos have evolved into something I’m looking forward to every week.
    Good job Phillip!

  5. A video review sounds interesting 😮

  6. An aside, but man, that facemap looks amazing.

  7. Wow, fast detect looks great. Definitively the highlight of the week for me. Oh, also uncle Jobel with his Half-Life guitar.

  8. Kevin

    Anyone have a link to the “No Portal” mod? I’ve searched and searched on ModDB but I cannot find it. Tried Google, etc. and still no luck.

    1. The link is in the main post above.

  9. Darth_Sylph

    Winston was the name of the guy who got shot,

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