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Hello, I am a mapper. I have released no mods/maps as of yet. But someday I will. And oh boy will it be bad! (Or maybe great... or bad.)
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The orange grab grab weapon is almost the only thing I use.

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  1. Team Fortress 2
  2. Blockland
  3. Space Engineers


  1. Minerva: Metastasis
  2. Mission Improbable

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  • Mapping: A lot
  • Modeling: None
  • Scripting: None
  • Texturing: None
  • Voice acting: None
  • Writing: Some
  • Sound: None
  • Music: Little

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I am a perfectionist and will remake maps just to make them that little bit better.

Latest 25 Comments
02 Jun 2017 The Hammer Cup 2017 – Challenge 3 – BridgeVille So there can be multiple bridges?
24 May 2017 Aurora: Reinstated The beginning of the mod was dissapointing. You just, start out of nowhere. Were you teleported t...
22 Jan 2017 Street Stuck The visuals are great. It replicates the visual style of City 17 perfectly. It falls short in t...
04 Dec 2016 Project 25 Your average Half-Life 2 mod. Some puzzles and shooting. Main complaint was that I saw 2 glass ...
03 Dec 2016 Precursor I found the opening section to be the strongest part of this mod. Very unique and exciting. I fo...
03 Dec 2016 Precinct 17 Great map! Lighting, details everything is great! Main gripe with the gameplay was that the cove...
27 Nov 2016 Poll Question 360 - Would you pay to try a Half-Life 3 Demo? Half-Life 3 is one of those games I want to know as little about as possible. I think a short de...
27 Nov 2016 Poll question 361 - Would you pay for early access to Xen? I'd much rather wait for Xen. And what can I say, I'm poor.
27 Jun 2016 What The Headcrab! Episode 14 Was refreshing the page waiting for this episode to come out. :)
25 Jun 2016 Poll Question 350 - How would you feel if Half-Life 3 were released and it didn't support modding? Even if it didn't have mod support some clever bastards would find a way to make mods anyway.
28 May 2016 Sudden Departure A bit too easy even on hard. Players can easily escape the map and essential gameplay items can ...
15 May 2016 Leon's Coastline to Atmosphere I don't remember writing this review. An intresting read to say the least! Wait wut, I didn'...
15 May 2016 Trouble Dutch Too easy. Too short. Too... blocky? A very basic map. Some fun to be had and well... I enjoyed i...
15 May 2016 Year Long Alarm Holy crap this was good! It felt like Valve made it! The level design and visuals we're to good ...
15 May 2016 Revelation I don't know about you guys, but I enjoyed it. The lighting was bad, the mapping a bit blocky an...
14 May 2016 Hangover This mod brought some intresting concepts to the table, 2 new vechicles and an inventory system. ...
13 May 2016 Poll Question 346 - Are you, like Phillip, just as excited about the potential maps and mods made from HL3 content as you are about the game itself? Can't wait to make my own maps in HL3, hopefully in the new hammer you can preview lighting. God...
08 May 2016 Mission Improbable This mod has great visuals, level design and story! I recommend you play it NOW!
08 May 2016 Episode 3: The Closure I got very far into this mod. And I would say that is a monumental achievement because I hated ev...
29 Apr 2016 Forest Train The buildings and nature was pleasing to the eye. The gameplay was never boring and I was never ...
13 Feb 2016 Local-Motive (Classic) Short, good lookin' and well made... Even comes with voice acting and some custom animations. I...
09 Feb 2016 Cliff Cottage Quite liked this. The visuals are basic but the gameplay is good. The setting was unique and I...
24 Jan 2016 Leon's Coastline to Atmosphere This mod started out good. And the as it progressed it got worse and worse. The end is buggy, and...
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