Poll question 361 – Would you pay for early access to Xen?

8th November 2016

Unless you have been living under a rock, and that’s not a bad thing in today’s world, you would have seen the recent announcement by the Crowbar Collective that work on Xen is progressing well.

They have released a couple of plan screenshots for you to get excited about.

As soon as they did that, I started to wonder how many people would pay for early access, so that’s what this poll question about.

Players who have the mod version will not be getting the new levels, so if you haven’t bought the game yet, I highly recommend it. In addition, it allows you to play all of the maps released, whereas the mod version doesn’t.



Would you pay for early access to Xen?

  • No, no way! (72%, 91 Votes)
  • Maybe. (19%, 24 Votes)
  • Yes, definitely! (9%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 126

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  1. op4xendance.bsp

    Oh absolutely. I want to chill on Xen right now, even if there are proverbial scaffolding and construction men still all over the place.

  2. marnamai

    hell no, I already paid for the full game

  3. Wesp5

    Oh, so Xen will not be available for the mod version? So much for the promise to make a total conversion for free! And another step from Valve to finally get free money of the mods that fans create in their spare time…

    1. Well, to be honest, it is a totall recreation of VALVE’S property, so I can understand them AND the CC wanting to get some profit out of it to Valve.

  4. Heinz

    Omg, I would never pay for early access of parts of a game
    I already paid for the full version, so this question never came up.

    Dear Phil, off topic…what would you think of an Xmas- oder Winterville?
    I say, PLS give it a chance and the mappers and modders the time to 1 or 2 days before Xmas from now on, so we possibly could have better quality of a Ville Contest.

    I also would give some keys for indie games on steam for the winner or the best voted 3 maps or something like this.
    Don’t hesitate to contact me by email, if you wanna give it a chance and maybe brainstorming about how and what this “Ville” could be.
    This is my idea to give the community something back, because I got a lot being given by it.
    Is your sabbatical over and sorry if my english is not the best.

  5. I wouldn`t, because I’m very excited for Xen and want to see it in it’s final form without knowing anything about it. I want it to blow me away.

    1. This is exactly how I feel about it. I would rather see the finished polished project than a (possibly) broken/underwhelming alpha or beta version of it. If they deliver on their promised release date then it isn’t too far away, but it’s also reasonable to expect it could take a bit longer. Either way, I’m fine with waiting.

  6. I’d like to take a minute to point out another game: Overwatch, and how it does ‘early access’ stuff.

    Blizzard allows you to connect to a ‘Public Test Realm’, a server where you can go and play with features currently being tested in beta. Anyone who owns Overwatch can connect at no cost or fee of any kind.

    Recently, Blizzard announced a new character that has been extremely hyped for a very long time. Currently, the character is available to play on the PTR and everyone is flooding just trying to get in (there’s a limit to how many people can connect). There are many youtubers making videos on this character trying to get views and profit from the hype.

    Now imagine if Blizzard decided to ask for a fee to access this server. I’ll bet there would be some people who would do it in a heartbeat, while others would quickly decline. I’ll bet those youtubers would get a lot more views if that were the case. Would it be the same for Xen? Are people willing pay for something that’s going to come out officially in due time?

    Anyway, just thought I’d share my thoughts here. I don’t prefer to bring up unrelated games on sites or forums dedicated to another, but I felt I should point out these parallels. I wouldn’t pay for Xen early access by the way.

    1. a public beta like that is very common for games like Overwatch. Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have that too. WoW probably as well and some lesser known games too Im sure, but you make a good point.
      Btw, Black Mesa does that too for some updates. When that update needs testing, they release a beta version which you can get by opting to the beta client in the properties of the game in steam. They might do it for Xen too when its very close to release.

  7. No.
    I would not.
    I already paid for Black Mesa.

  8. No, I would not pay. I’m still asking myself if preordering the game was a smart thing to do, but it was less than 10 € on the sale and I just couldn’t resist 😀

  9. This is an unquestionable no for me. I paid for the retail version of the game in order to get a more polished experience, try out the multiplayer (for all that was worth…) and to eventually get Xen. I also did it to show my support as there is not a doubt in my mind that the guys and gals of Crowbar Collective have more than earned it.

    If people are up for early access then that’s their right, but personally I’ve been bitten by that particular snake before and was disappointed *cough* DAYZ *cough*

    So, no. I’d wait for the official release.

  10. turbochris

    I would pay money for it if it’s as good as Black Mesa and I’m happy to wait for a polished final product.

  11. I’d much rather wait for Xen.
    And what can I say, I’m poor.

  12. I’m wait for xen 3 years, but don’t known. So i can pay 3 dollars. 😀
    Seriosly, why i must pay for only xen chapter? *chapters)
    I think no, editors of BM can without donate make Xen.

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