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Максим Хулиган

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14 March 2017




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Russian Federation

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  • Skype: sub-zero4321
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    My name is Maxim Kalimullin, i'm from russia. I can't speak english very cool.
    Half-Life Games Owned
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    When i play i am balanced.

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    Frist my game is FlatOut, i play it in 2006.

    Top 5 Favourites


    1. Half-Life
    2. Team Fortress 2
    3. Saints Row
    4. Geometry Dash
    5. FlatOut


    1. Crack-Life :D
    2. Underhell
    3. USS Darkstar
    4. Nightmare House 2
    5. Human Error

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    Modding Skills

    • Mapping: Some
    • Modeling: Little
    • Scripting: Little
    • Texturing: Some
    • Voice acting: A lot
    • Writing: Some
    • Sound: A lot
    • Music: Some

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    Nothing special.

    Latest 25 Comments
    03 Oct 2017 Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. I'm really enjoyed by this mod. Perfectly conveys the atmosphere of a typical prison. Short but s...
    17 Sep 2017 Mapping Challenges 2018 2018 is very soon....
    16 Sep 2017 September 2017 Classic of the Month Livestream Half-Quake Amen* not Halfquake
    07 Sep 2017 Third 50-Hour Mapping Challenge Starts This Friday I want to see AbstractVille. With unusual maps like Insomnia, Hypnophobia....
    06 Sep 2017 Third 50-Hour Mapping Challenge Starts This Friday I'm in waiting! :3
    23 Aug 2017 The PTSD Mod You need to play another great mod from Ethy!!! Really dank and crazy mod. Some puzzles, boss fi...
    18 Jul 2017 CromulentVille yup. that the THING. BATTLE WITH TEXTURE
    16 Jul 2017 CromulentVille Really absurd or unusual maps in this competition. Some maps it's really funny but some creepy or...
    05 Jul 2017 DownFall I saw it's in steam and really like it! More mods for HL2 because i like HL2 mods so much! Play...
    05 Jul 2017 Bridge The Gap A bit boring. You can play it later or now. But really good for HL1 mapping challenge. Mod is s...
    02 Jul 2017 Second 50-Hour Mapping Challenge Another MinimalismVille? Sounds good.
    01 Jul 2017 BridgeVille Great maps with bridges! I really like it! Play it now!!!
    17 Jun 2017 ToxicVille Really good idea with "toxic" map theme. Here is really cool toxic maps with toxic fileds. I th...
    12 Jun 2017 MinimalismVille Great mapping challenge! Nice idea for minimalism idea. I really like this competition. Here yo...
    10 Jun 2017 Venatura Russian mapper made this stuff! It's really cool mod. Here is really hot reskin for Alyx. :) So, ...
    28 May 2017 Beacon It's nice to see again maps for BM. And yes, it's map on theme Minimalism. Uh. So can you make ...
    13 May 2017 50-Hour Mapping Challenge - MinimalismVille Hope it's cool competition. We need maps from Jason Gimba.
    12 Apr 2017 Livestreams: Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th April I wait stream. And maybe i cant see it if dont in it day be busy.
    05 Apr 2017 April 2017 General Chat Well, im plan make a HORROR MAP, aslo i plan buy cs go and flatout 4 whats other?
    02 Apr 2017 The Hammer Cup 2017 – Challenge 2 – ToxicVille Not necessarily.
    25 Mar 2017 The Hammer Cup 2017 – Challenge 2 – ToxicVille I waiting. Think peoples make cool toxic maps.
    19 Mar 2017 What The Headcrab! Special 03 - The Trap 2: Mindlock I love this mod (1 part) and hope if author release The Trap 2 i hope its be pretty cool.
    16 Mar 2017 Terrorist Attack 2 Terrible mapping.
    15 Mar 2017 March 2017 - General Chat Uhhh... Im bored. Play GM or CS? :(
    15 Mar 2017 Poll question 361 - Would you pay for early access to Xen? I'm wait for xen 3 years, but don't known. So i can pay 3 dollars. :D Seriosly, why i must pay f...
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