What The Headcrab! Special 03 – The Trap 2: Mindlock

19th March 2017

In this unplanned What The Headcrab! Special, talk about Reaktor’s The Trap 2: Mindlock, an in-development mod for the Source engine that will feature some new gameplay dynamics and some very clever puzzles.

Oh, did I mention the absolutely fantastic voice acting?!

Watch the video for full details.

Follow the mod here:

The original, and absolutely amazing Half-Life mod can be found here.

Watch the Video


  1. I love this mod (1 part) and hope if author release The Trap 2 i hope its be pretty cool.

  2. Retsibsi

    How odd, I was just thinking about this yesterday and wondering if it was due for release. I enjoyed the first mod enormously so this should be interesting.

  3. Ho man, I love the first game. Can’t wait for the second, already greenlighted and followed on modDB!

  4. Brian C


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