The Trap

for Half-Life

4th October 2008

Welcome to the Trap complex. Here, you will be subjected to numerous tests for dexterity and ingenuity. Please do not try to leave the elevator before it stops… And so begins a mod that has managed to both drive me crazy and make me feel great.

This mod is a collection of very thoughtful maps that require the player to find solutions to puzzles. Each section gets progressively harder, as you would expect.

Basic Details
  • Title: The Trap
  • File Name: hl1-sp-the-trap-1.5.7z
  • Original File Names: hl_the_trap_v1.1_english.exe, hl_the_trap_patch_v1.2.rar
  • Size : 63.22MB
  • Author: Reaktor
  • Date Released: 01 October 2008
English Walkthrough Available

Download Options

Download to your HDD [116MB]

Installation Instructions
  • Extract and run the hl_the_trap_v1.5_english.exe installer and when prompted locate either your \SteamApps\[username]\half-life or \SteamApps\common\half-life folder, whichever is relevant to your particular Steam installation.
  • Unpack the hl_the_trap_patch_v1.2.rar and copy the new the_trap folder into your half-life folder, overwriting the files when prompted to do so. Relevant changes to the mod are listed in the readme v1.5_eng.txt file.
  • Restart or start Steam.
  • The Trap v1.2 should now be listed in your Library tab.

If you require more help, please visit the Technical Help page.


The Trap is a HALL of FAME entry


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WARNING: The screenshots may contain spoilers.

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half-Life 1, 2 and Episodes 1, 2 and 3
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  1. Phillip says Play It!

    This is a fantastic piece of work and whilst I am only approximately halfway through I felt I had to give it a Play It Now recommendation.

    There is one warning, so far the amount of shooting is almost zero. It’s all about puzzles BABY! IF you love puzzles then you will definitely enjoy this. There’s plenty of pulling levers, finding cables and switches, jumping to difficult places etc. And sometimes your enemy is your friend!

    Since I did the voice acting for the English version, I know that later in the mod you get a “Helper” but I have yet to reach this point.

    As I said in the intro, this mod has made me feel great for finding the solution and also driven me crazy. It certainly helped me to take breaks and play a section or so each day but perhaps that’s just my style of playing.

    I highly recommend this mod to all who like puzzles and even though who are ready for a challenge. I can’t wait to see what the ending is.


  2. clunkfish
    Play It Now!

    I think Phillip’s review is spot-on. This is a classic HL1 mod and really shows what can be done with puzzles – I guarantee you’ll be scratching your head. In fact, I have to confess on the later ones I have taken to no-clipping around the map first just to get an idea of what lies ahead – some of them are really fiendish. Hats off and grateful thanks to the author for a superb piece of work.

  3. Wow, this looks really nice, I have not played a good Half Life puzzle mod since, I really don’t know… Maybe Conundrum 1. Downloading now.

  4. Gypsy Jim

    I’m only about four maps in, the one where you try to get the crowbar, and have to say I think the “one map a day” approach might be the way to go, as I am so utterly “not bothered” about this I can’t explain….

    For some reason, and it hasn’t happened with any other HL1 maps/mods at all, the graphics stutter in places, and the the stuttering can throw you off your longer/more accurate jumps which becomes irksome after a very short time. Still, I will persevere, just to make sure I’ve not accidentally missed a classic….On progress so far I don’t think this actually is one though.

    I have quite enjoyed one or two of the other puzzle maps previously presented here, but while this looks nice, I would struggle to call the experience “enjoyable”…and I haven’t as yet resorted to noclipping…..(It’s probably only a matter of time though!)

    I will reserve rating until I’ve slogged my way through the whole thing……Not looking promising so far.

  5. Zeek

    hmm tried installing but won’t run or show up in steam my games, checked Half life will run ok. Won’t run from own folder or source mods or hl folder, checked website very little info there, where have you guys installed to ?

  6. It installs to your Half-Life folder. Make sure it’s not in a folder, within a folder. In fact why not post your exact path here, minus your SteamAccount name.

  7. Loke

    – – – SPOILERS – – –

    No idea what to do at trab_4b. I’ve made it to the upper room, right before when you have to use the gun to shoot all the way to a button to open the timed door, that has a small gap with a large crusher just down below, although trying to jump down on it will result in getting crushed. What the heck am I supposed to do here?

    – – – SPOILERS END – – –

  8. What the heck am I supposed to do here?

    If it is where I think you are, (with the red floor) you need to get into the room next to you and stop the crusher. If not, sorry I can’t remember.

    I’m currently on 5C and want to finish the mod before I write a walkthrough but it’s going to take time.

  9. Zeek

    Philip, my hl folder is in c:\valve\steamapps\username\half-life….. even if I put it there it doesn’t run or show up, 1st time I’ve had this issue, all other mods intsall/play fine either directly through steam or by using the console and map …. weird and annoying as I like puzzle maps.

  10. In 4b you need to activate the door and go in and down the ladder from what I can tell>I don’t know how you open the gate over the ladder thou lol.I’m stuck there also and goin to bed now and will probably dream about it .

  11. Yeah, that’s the same place I’m referring to. No idea what to do there or how to open the gate.

  12. technoblue

    On the level where you get the crowbar, I avoided using the fan and instead used my leet jumping skills to obtain the crowbar. What am I missing, as the teleport just keeps killing me -_-

    PS: Great voice work there phillip! 😀

  13. @ technoblue Are you cheating?I think that may kill you.

    @loke Figured the gate part out.


    You need the switch that is on one of the tall green crates.When you have taken the lift to the top where the gate is head back across above the conveyor and shoot the button below beside the conveyor,a walkway will come over,go across and drop down ontop of the green crate and continue jumping till you get the gate button.

    Now I’m stuck gettin to the portal.I used to like puzzles lol.

  14. Thanks andy, I’ll check that out once I get back to it.

  15. On the next map.Man it aint gettin any easier lol

  16. Gilbert
    Think Twice

    I just don’t like this – in the beginning I enjoyed it, but after a while I found its too far from HL as first person shooter. This is just too much a puzzel game for me…

  17. Okay… *take a large breath* I’m stuck yet again, this time on trab_5b.

    — SPOILERS —

    From trab_5b_part_2, I just left the large room, which I can’t remember what it was named, in which you find the button and cord inside the cage. Placed the button and activated the self destruct feature, took the teleport out from the place and later left part 2.
    Now I’m in the area with the teleporters inside the glass wall with the crusher part right near it. Problem is, I don’t know how to get past the glass wall so I can pull the other switch. I don’t know either how to get past the explosive room with the trip mines so I can activate the elevator. Trying to blow the room up just kills everything in range.

    What to do?


    Btw, has anyone encountered any CTD’s? I’ve had two now and they seem to be random, i.e. I can’t seem to recreate them at the same place.

  18. Your doin better than me.I’m stuck on 4c.Activated everything I can find.Cant get to the door on the upper alley to see whats in there.Thought the fan would blow me up there but it barely makes it to the leaning concrete.

  19. I don’t know either how to get past the explosive room with the trip mines so I can activate the elevator. Trying to blow the room up just kills everything in range.

    What to do?

    You need to find a way to shoot the exploding crates from a long way away. I can’t remember exactly how I did it, bit that’s what I remember doing. Maybe it was related with the laser beam and the mirror, not sure.

    Btw, has anyone encountered any CTD’s?

    What are CTDs?

    It’s clear that I need to make some walkthroughs for this mod, maybe I’ll try and create a quick video of each solution after I pass it. It’s quite time consuming though. I’d also like to make a regular text/image walkthrough and even a hint guide.

  20. Loke, you need the purple wire piece to enable the control to move the mirror. I just checked and that will allow you to shoot the crates from a safe distance.

  21. Ah, ok. I’ll check that out.

    Btw, CTD = Crash to desktop. Seems to happen in most Half-Life mods nowadays, no idea why.

  22. Russian players have passed it faster :)))

  23. Finally made it to 5a lol got the fuse and used now stuck again.You got a sick mind Reaktor :p

  24. You got a sick mind Reaktor

    Ok, ok. I suspected it.=))

  25. Play It Later

    Is there only one ending?

  26. Pingback: Weekly Game Club

  27. Gort

    Well, I’ve done everything on 4C. Still can not find the exit to next map.
    – Accessed the hand grenade machine, went thru the upper door after turning the laser on it.
    – Got the pistorl after taking the big elevator with the laser.
    – Used the fan.


    (Great maps. Driving me crazy and I love it!)

  28. Did you cheat?Reason I ask is because to get the fuse for the fan thats by the explosive box you have to go to the area where the portal for end of map is.If you havent done that just think “I need a lift down”

  29. bkadar
    Play It Now!

    good fun . at4b ? ithink and well my saved games have stopped at 3 :0 :(.well back I go. the lifts seem to be sticky,kept saving before each cause I kept getting stuck on them, I think all so far . most annoying at 4b -towards the end-ish .
    very good puzzles, makes the mind work a little.

  30. Yes I get stuck on all lifts also.I try to remember to jump just before it stops especially if it’s a timed jump.This was a bug that sometimes happened in the original half life but here it seems to be on ALL lifts everytime you use them.I didn’t notice it untill around 4 a or b.

  31. andyb

    Well after a 2 day break I’ll give 5a a try again.If I don’t get it I may need a new pc when I get done smashing it lol.

  32. Well after a 2 day break I’ll give 5a a try again

    That approach worked for me. I was stuck on 5C for a three days, then it suddenly struck me. Just let me know if you get stuck as I’m on 6A, so I definitely beat that level.

    I’m quite proud of myself for not cheating so far but I am very stuck on 6A. I know what to do but I can’t do it. I’ll try again at the weekend and see what happens.

  33. MrHappy

    got the crowbar and have utterly no idea what to do next. Even went back to the first part of the chamber to see if there’s something there to smash. Maybe I’m blind but I feel like I’ve whacked, jumped on, and pressed use on every surface there is!

  34. MrHappy

    Lol nevermind, I was blind!

  35. Maybe?

    Can’t say it’s bad, but it’s a puzzle. People looking for a challenge will boil their brains here, and there is no walkthrough released yet. I got as far as Section 4c, and give up already.

  36. Don’t give up.I’m stuck on 5a still and if everyone quit at 4c I’d never be able to advance.If you need help just ask.

  37. Where are you stuck? I completed it a week ago but might’ve forgotten some of the areas due to being so insane. 😉

    Desperately need a walkthrough for this though.

  38. Hoyy

    Oh oh then, I am unable to get past it because I don’t know how to raise the soldier from the floor without killing it. I already did some few things like grabbing the pistol and opening reaching the laser-mirror thingy. I don’t know what to do next.

  39. zen
    Play It Now!

    I’m stuck on 5b_part2 anyone help please,

    thanks :!

  40. I already did some few things like grabbing the pistol and opening reaching the laser-mirror thingy.

    I can’t remember exactly but you need to cut the connection to the forcefiled. I believe it’s in a place you can’t reach and that’s why you need the pistol.

    I’m stuck on 5b_part2 anyone help please,

    You have to find a way to start the fan. The fan will blow you across the gap.

  41. zen

    I’ve already started the fan, I just don’t know what to do after I get to the lift on the other side, I can find no way out if I take the lift to the top. 😕

    there’s a blue wire on the wall behind the pit, shoot at the cubed part.


    I’ve made a walkthrough for 5a here:

    sorry for the sloppy gameplay, i’m pretty newb myself.

  42. bkadar

    sorry for the sloppy gameplay, I’m pretty newb myself.

    hmmm, you figured out 5a and made a video, i’ve been looking at that map for4 days now and pooooooop
    good job, nice video ,now I can move on

  43. zen
    Good video! But the underwater button you can press by your handgun.

  44. I can find no way out if I take the lift to the top.

    Normally I like to give clues rather than the answer but since you gave the answer to Hoyy I’ll do the same in case you prefer it that way. … Shoot one of the light fittings.

  45. zen

    Thanks Phillip! I shot the light itself a dozen of times but it never occurred to me to shoot the fitting 🙂

  46. 5C has got me baffled now.Why do I put myself through this lol

  47. zen

    Walkthrough for 5c part1 (with sound and high quality this time):

    Right now I’m trying to beat 5c part2 without godmode on, then I will work on 6a 🙂

    Edit by andyb for part 2 link
    5C part 2 now up

  48. bkadar

    as I work through 5b/c I keep getting the feeling of ,well , boredom. im trying but this seems to be dragging on, maybe time for some cake or pie.
    refresh the soul.

  49. 6A now.Is all you get a crowbar?Lost all my weapons for this map.Have to go around a post but not sure if there is something I should shoot because I don’t have a gun. :/

  50. 6A now.

    I’m stuck in exactly the same place. I think you have to jump left and then right but I can’t do it.

  51. Mel

    I have a rule “if you can’t do a jump within 6 attempts then why bother” this game is too frustrating for words and no fun after the first couple of chambers. it’s has one dimensional has room full of zombies, this is not Half-Life but that’s ok if you know what you are getting. If you want to play HL then choose one of the 300 or 400 hundred mod/mappacks available other then this one, but if you like brain damage and the need to rest in a dark room for 2 or 3 days then give this one a try, God be with you.

  52. I dont get it, its so laggy for me, thought hl, and other hl1 mods arnt

  53. Gypsy Jim
    Play It Now!

    Walkthrough, pretty please………..!I so gave up, about 4 c, but the vast amount of interest this mod seems to be generating has made me give it another go,I like the vast amount of effort that has obviously gone into the project, but this is so not turning me on to puzzle mods…….I might be thick, and I might not, but (as far as Half-life 1 or 2, if it’s a puzzle mod) I do need a few hints as to what the heck I’m supposed to be doing………… Clues please??Otherwise, like I said, I can see that a lot of work has gone into this mod, and (frustrating like it is) I have to rate it “Play it Now”…………

    and then go bang your head for a couple of hours………….

  54. Some video’s are allready posted in the comments to help out in spots

  55. Gypsy Jim

    Thanks andyb, I have looked at them, but am with Mel on this. I will come back to it, but only because there doesn’t seem to be many other new/current mods out there.

    Not because I have found it to be an awful lot of fun.

    Out of all of those who are several maps in front of me, I would bet that there might be one or two who’d agree with me?

    My hat’s off to Reaktor for his effort, and I know I sound ungrateful in this (don’t mean to), but I don’t think he quite hit the target, at least as far as I’m concerned, and I don’t know diddly about mapping……..but, as a concession, I do want to get through it, I just don’t know how.

  56. zen


    In level 5c, do I have to release the robots in order to pass the level?

    Because last time I didn’t release the robots before I went to fight the boss (as seen in my video), the portal in the end killed me::::::::?:?:????

  57. zen

    btw, I found out how to beat 5c part 2 without god mode thanks to this screenshot from fpsbanana:


    also for people who don’t know how to do the “Zzz” jump in 6a, it’s actually turn-in-mid-air. to do it, hold the movement key to the direction you are turning while you’re in mid-air.

  58. zen
    I don’t understand why it’s happend.
    You can’t proceed to the boss without the “push me” crate. And you can get this crate by cutting the wire under a crate.

  59. zen

    I did proceed to the boss without “push me” crate:

    What is the crate for anyway?

  60. btw, I found out how to beat 5c part 2 without god mode thanks to this screenshot from fpsbanana:

    I actually found this part quite easy and never even considered using godmode. To be honest I’m not sure how the images you linked to helps you!

    also for people who don’t know how to do the “Zzz” jump in 6a, it’s actually turn-in-mid-air. to do it, hold the movement key to the direction you are turning while you’re in mid-air.

    I did that many times, I just couldn’t do it! 🙁

  61. You can’t proceed to the boss without the “push me” crate. And you can get this crate by cutting the wire under a crate.

    I also did it without the crate.I can’t remember if I even used it for anything.I just had to shoot it down at the end so I didn’t die.

  62. Really nobody has guessed, where it is necessary to put the “push me” box? There even to think it is not necessary, there is only one place where it can be put (it’s slot of orange shootable button). And it will remove the blue shield.

  63. How is that possible?You can’t get to that side because of the wires on the floor and the other way is the tram track.The only slot I found where it fit was where the lava/fire is and thats pointless.You could use it to hold open the door to get to the houndeyes if you wanted but its not needed either.

  64. You are kidding? Open the map and see.

  65. Sorry. YELLOW button. NOT orange.

  66. Really nobody has guessed, where it is necessary to put the “push me” box?

    I did, I used it the way you planned it to be used – to stop the blue laser from switching the forcefield on and off.

  67. zen


    that’s strange,

    last time I tried to push the box onto the yellow button and it didn’t fit in and finally decided that it was for no use.

  68. zen

    well i’ve just tried it again and I got it in there (it was not easy though, the box tends to stuck)

    there’s another problem: if I pushed the box into the lava slot instead, I wouldn’t be able to get it out. besides the laser beam would paused randomly, sometime long enough for you to push the other box through the electric-field.

    so can you please fix this problem in the v1.2 release? an alternative solution is never good in a puzzle game with noclip protection 🙂

  69. I gave up on jumping around the post(may try again in a few months) and nocliped through it.Rest of the map ain’t to bad.Next one(6b) has me totally baffled so far.I think I know but aint sure.If it means jumping at really funky angles etc then I may have to cheat again.I hate stupid jumps.

  70. zen

    I just can’t figure out how to get the gauss ammo in 6b, can anyone gives a hint please~~

  71. From what I can figure out is you need to get the fan to blow you up there and when you get near it hit the button as you sail by.Doesn’t make sence but its all I can figure out.Same as placing the “key” above the door opposite the gauss refill station.Kinda stupid but …
    I tried shooting the button but that didn’t work.

  72. Tycell
    Play It Now!

    Hey guys, I’ve reached section seven and have just stopped playing to get some lunch.

    If anyone wants help with a level before that (6a 6b 6c etc) I am happy to give some hints. 🙂

  73. Gort

    Anyone else get trapped in the beginning of 6a?

    After I complete the last part of 5c and I jump in the portal, it loads and I just see the purple lightning and the yellow square. Nothing else happens.

    I don’t hear the dialog that is in the video that andyb mentions in comment 73.

  74. Try reloading the last save

  75. zen

    it seems that I can’t get blown up high enough to reach the ammo, unless I started with a gauss jump, still I’ll lose a considerable amount of health if I do that.

    any ideas?

  76. I have the same problem thats why I’m taking a break from it lol.I hate jumping to start with and these weird jumps are gettin me ticked off.

  77. zen

    am I the only one who finds that trap_7c is so ungodly hard? I really feel stupid now that I actually thought 5c_part2 was difficult““““~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    @ Tycell:

    have you figured out how to get the gauss ammo in 6b without losing a large amount of health? I’ve really wrecked my brain on this, almost ..`

  78. OK.
    In next mod you will play a corridor-like shooter with two headcrabs at each level.

  79. Another zen vid this time it’s 6b

    Good stuff but I don’t like using weapons to move myself.If it’s needed I’ll just no clip.The 6b has way to much jumping and return to bottom again to make you do it all over again.I have arthritis in my hands and can’t do the funky stuff you guys do but I still love the challenge

  80. Reaktor

    [ I don’t like using weapons to move myself.]

    Why? I NEVER make the gauss or other weapon as the device to move yourself.
    Everywhere in last video, where it is necessary to fly, gauss it should not be used.

  81. Gort

    For 6c:

    I’ve got the green switch, installed it and shot it.

    Explosion followed, the opening in the opposite wall was cleared, where I can see the bottom of the “well”.

    I assume I’ve got to get into the door by the green switch that I shot, but I don’t have the necessary icon/relic thingy to put anywhere else. Also, I don’t see anything at the top of the “well” that I can use.

    How am I missing the next thing to do???

  82. When the rocks blow away and break the glass on the otherside you need to get in there and figure it out.If I remember right.It gets easier after this level. 🙂 Untill the final :\

  83. Gort

    When the rocks blow away and break the glass on the otherside you need to get in there and figure it out.If I remember right.It gets easier after this level. Untill the final :\

    That’s my problem. I can’t figure out how to get in the room after the glass is broken.
    I’m not able to jump from the ground and I get killed if I jump from the cliff where the pipe is located.

  84. Anonymous

    push every possible button you can find

  85. Gort

    push every possible button you can find

    I am defeated. I surrender.

    I’ve pushed these buttons:
    – YELLOW shootable.
    – GREEN shootable.
    – Platform selection by the “Section 6 Chamber C” sign.
    – Button that opens the door by the Portal #1.

    These are either broken or I can’t access them:
    – Portal #1 is broken.
    – Portal #3 in the “well” can’t be accessed.

  86. Reaktor

    push every possible button you can find


  87. Gort



    Translation, please?

  88. Reaktor

    Bugaga = LOL

    The Patch v1.2 now available:

  89. Anonymous

    i’m pretty sure there’s something on top of the well

    what is the proper way to get to the green button in 6c? I did a grenade jump but it just didn’t seem like the right method.

    thanks for the update btw

  90. Ade

    I finally got the time to start this controversial mod which is obviously not for everybody, as you have been warned. It’s a puzzle mod, a twist between HL1 and Portal, which sounds pretty good to me. Don’t know why you guys complain there’s no connection with the HL universe. The first 4 or 5 maps are OK and I’m writing a walkthrough as I play it.
    I just have one question for the author, which mentioned that there is no need for the gauss gun in 6b. Although I haven’t reached a mod/situation where I needed to use a gun to increase my jump level, is there any map in this whole mod where I would need to do that?
    Because I don’t want to get stuck like you guys :)) I might be laughing now, as I go through the comments, but who knows, maybe I’ll be crying later, as I play it, therefore I apologize. It’s just that it’s fun to see the community playing a puzzle together at the same time, kinda looks like a forum with “point and click” games where the users pound on each new game to see who finishes first and share clues and hints while they play it, until someone posts a complete walkthrough (in this mod’s case, hope it will be me:D unless PP finishes his first). It’s a competition with each other and also with the author, and I’d like to see more of that.

  91. Reaktor

    x: I don’t know how to explain… My bad english… It’s my problem. Sorry.
    Ade: I don’t understood your question. Can you tell easier? Too hard too translate this.

  92. Ade

    Is there any map where I need to use a weapon to move myself?

    Man, we need a Russian translator! Too many Russian mods out there ;)) PP, you should start a competition where the first one who brings you a translator gets a free, uhm, big hug and thank you from all of us?

  93. Reaktor

    Purpose of the gauss only in destroying subjects and enemies

  94. Reaktor

    By the way, in a trailer #2 on a mark 0:35 it is possible to see how to pass that “difficult” episode from 6a

  95. Ade

    I remember reading a post about how they, the testers and author(s), figured out one or several ways to complete a mission and if the player found a different one, he would be called a cheater, even if he wasn’t cheating and the excuse was that they, the authors and testers can’t possibly find all the solutions. I just have this weird feeling that the post was here and somehow got deleted (maybe I dreamt it last night). Anywayz, the same thing happens to me and it’s pretty unfair, I’ve spent several hours, almost my entire spare time for this day in just one half of map (2c) trying to figure out why it says “DIE CHEAT” when I reach the portal in not one, not two, but three similar ways, yet three ways totally different from what the author had in mind.. I am just approaching the crate with the portal from the three breakable sides of the crate. I also remember NO noclipping so what the hell gives?!

  96. You cheated somewhere?That is why you get the message.It may happem thou I have yet to see it that it could come from something else.Basically as you do things it sets off a trigger to say complete and you do the next.You have to do all triggers to complete.

    I will do the map you say in the morning to see whats up.

  97. Reaktor

    I think you found an alternative solution.

  98. Ade

    Well, gee, thanks, but how do I proceed to the next map now?

  99. Reaktor

    Try to pass this chamber again by another way.

  100. Ade

    Well you couldn’t find all the solutions, so how can I? I can’t simply guess your solving, I’ve already spent hours. If I can’t continue unless I know an exact solution, this just means bad.. modding. I’m sorry, but I have to give up on this one. No rating.

  101. Reaktor

    1. Push the box to the other side
    2. Use it for reach the vent with orange arrow
    3. Get a big boxes in 2-nd part of level
    4. Put 3 boxes under 3 presses
    5. Use the presses for getting the crowbar
    6. Return to the 1-st part of level
    7. Break the glass-floor. You should be above ventilation to not be hurt
    8. Use crowbar to break the boards and find the portal.
    Tell me your solution and I will fix it in next patch.

  102. Thats the only way I saw to complete it but then again I didn’t stay on it to long.I may have to replay the mod again and see if I can find alternate routes for other sections.

  103. Ade

    First time I played the map I took the crowbar right in the beginning, by jumping from the first press, like Technoblue in comment #12, who had the same problem I have, he got killed by the teleporter. I’m not sure if the second time I played it I got the crowbar AFTER putting the boxes under the pistons and jumping on the pistons. But why should that be a trigger for cheating?
    If the jump can be made right in the beginning, why is that considered a cheat? 😐 You need more beta-testers, that’s for sure 😀

    I will play it again, this time I’ll get the crowbar only after stopping the pistons with the boxes and then see what happens.

  104. Reaktor

    I don’t know how you do that. Please record a demo.

  105. Ade

    Well, got the crowbar only after stopping the pistons with the boxes and the portal didn’t call me a cheater anymore.
    And I’ve made a video which shows it’s not impossible to take the crowbar in the beginning:
    It’s captured with Fraps, don’t ever use that, it’s so crashy and the 5 second video is like 77 mega omfg. And I also used a compressor, Digital Media Converter which narrowed it down to 1.6 mega :)) but as you can see, it lost some of the quality and added this huge writing.

  106. Reaktor

    I can’t make it. It’s only for hardcore gamers or you’re cheating.

  107. Ade

    Look, pal, there is no “OR”. Stop calling me a cheater! Your whole mod is for hardcore gamers! You’re trying to tell me that timing the first piston perfectly and making 3 long jumps in a row followed by a jump to the right is a piece of cake?! My jump is perfect timing + normal jump, that’s it! IF you have tried this jump half as many times as I’ve tried getting to a portal which killed me, maybe you could have made that jump. Or maybe you’re a mapper, not a gamer, so make your beta-testers do that jump for you. I am not a cheater.
    I’ve wasted enough of my time with this.

  108. Reaktor

    All the same, to jump on stopped presses it is much easier and more safe than that you suggest to do. I 20 times tried to repeat this trick, but even close have not come nearer.

  109. Ade

    What are you talking about? The pistons don’t stop entirely if I put boxes under them, just the lower part. The upper part comes down and smashes me if I stay on it for too long. Argh!

  110. Reaktor

    See trailer #1 – mark 0:45

  111. Ade

    Maybe you have a bug, I’ve noticed that the horizontal pistons act weird when I push myself against them, why shouldn’t the vertical ones be buggy, also? The video doesn’t prove anything anyway, that section is shown for half a second and the pistons can stand still for more than that.
    If you would like to continue this discussion, please send Phillip a mail so that he can give me your address (I couldn’t find it on your site) and we can talk elsewhere, cause I think we’ve done enough “chatting” here. I wonder how our posts haven’t been deleted yet, maybe PP is really busy 😛

  112. You can PM or email each other in the forum if your registered there

  113. Phil Bolton

    I’ve been following the comments above, and indeed they have helped more than once.
    This is a VERY GOOD puzzle game, though it can be extremely frustrating at times, particularly some of the jumps.
    I’ve just reached level 7 and I found 6c pretty hard with sideways jumps and launching yourself down the well, etc.
    But if you’re into puzzles, I say give it a go – you will find it a challenge.


  114. Reaktor

    10 votes will be sometime?

  115. 10 votes? What ya talkin about?

  116. Ade

    Just wishful thinking 😛 He can’t wait for his mod to have 10 votes so that it could get in the highest rated section.

    Even though 7 people voted for it, only 2 or 3 people actually finished this (I’m saying this based on the posts with recommendation images). The rest of those 7 gave up because this hard mod is definitely not for everyone.
    The rest of people that started playing this mod are now stuck and keep trying to finish it or wait for a walkthrough because this mod is, again, hard. And there are some people who stumbled upon the cheating message one too many times, and gave up as well, but refused to vote it, for some reason.

    Either that feeling of “I want to move on and see what happens” is missing or the players here are less experienced than the Russian players, or both, but I don’t think he’ll be getting another 3 votes pretty soon. I sure hope he will, I wanna see it’s rating compared to the already acknowledged blockbusters.

  117. Phil Bolton

    Votes? What’s this about votes?
    Can someone explain to an obvious idiot (me) about votes! Ten votes means what?


  118. Votes? What’s this about votes?
    Can someone explain to an obvious idiot (me) about votes! Ten votes means what?

    I presume he is talking about the ratings, but I show only 7 votes.

  119. I assume ratings also.Only 7 people have rated the mod so only 7 votes.As Ade said alot of people probably have not finished it either as it is not a mod for the average joe.It is not something that can be done in a day or 2 that is for sure.

  120. TigerTails
    Play It Now!

    I need some help on 4a.. I just cant possibly figure out what to do, unless i’ve got a client side bug..
    It’s the one with the conveyer belts, I’ve got in every room I can see.. Could someone email me a brief guide as to what I should do?
    Tiger (at)

  121. You need to find the fuses to activate the floor fans in the one room.

    I edited your post as no live email links allowed for your own safety from spam bots.

  122. Stef

    I’m not so far away as everybody i’m stuck in 3b I suppose you need to get to the strating place (with the exploding boxes just by jumping on the box on the other side of the wall were a hev recharge is put on the top? If I need to jump there even with the ‘reoriented” blow ventil I dont succeed and it start too push my nervres 🙁

  123. You need to start the laser thing to blow up the fan.Once complete you can use the other fan to blow you over to the next portal.The switch to open the portal is up above where the health charger is.from there jump to the fan…

    I think thats where you are stuck?

  124. Stef

    sorry andy I before what you told…i just want to reach the room with the lazer for the rest I really thaught I should do something like you explain

  125. The room with the laser is the room you first entered.There was about 6 exploding boxes around a switch.Push those boxes into the hole in the floor then activate the switch and a lift will take you up to the laser.The laser needs a part to work thou so you need to find it also

  126. lensturn

    Hi all and a merry xmas……….Yes he has been to me because, I believe, and through the night he downloaded THE TRAP so I have installed it. but just before it looks like it will begin there is an error message that says:
    Cant find library C:\sierra\half_life\the_trap\cl_dlls\client.dl which is funny because that is where it actually is.
    Im a bit dissapointed because I like the odd puzzle that I have found in HL……….ahhh that is it… this is my first puzzle !!!! . Well I am not going to get far in this game cos I have fell at the first hurdle. I need the walkthrough.
    Well if any of you has had the same problem would you please let me know, (but dont give it to that bloke in red cos I will have wait a year for it) and I would be very grateful.

  127. It’s for HL2 not HL1 thats why it don’t work.

  128. it’s for HL2 not HL1 thats why it don’t work.

    No, it is for HL1.
    Although I don’t know whether it will work without Steam.

    Do you have Steam lensturn? Actually I know you do because you have Ep2. In that case it needs to be installed in your Half-Life Steam folder. Assuming you have your HL1 installation via Steam, if not that may be the issue.

  129. lensturn

    Well I thought I was the only one playing on a computer today I didnt expect a reply until tomorrow, thanks both.
    Phillip do you mean steamapps or sourcemods folder ?
    have one on me

  130. lensturn

    I have just tried it from the sourcemods folder , started up steam and tried to run it but no go.
    By the way …when I do get it going I was wanting to be able to get in touch with another member that is just starting or wants to start playing the trap so that we could sort of help each other by giving little hints when one of us has solved a puzzle. How would I do that ?

  131. As you just found it it’s not a source mod. My path is:
    C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\planetphilliphl2\half-life\the_trap

    With regard to finding somebody just starting the mod I really can’t suggest anything.

    However, please don’t hesitate to ask for hints here, we’ll do what we can.

    Also, check YouTube for some walkthroughs.

  132. Personal Favourite

    I apologize for saying 2 instead of 1 but I swear to god when I looked at the title uptop it said HL2 so I assumed it was.I didn’t even remember that this is one of my favorites as I do like puzzles.
    Kids started fighting to early over the xbox.Thats my excuse.

    This should work in older HL1 game.May just have to move the steam dll’s into the old HL1 dll folder.Havent checked that out as I only play steam except for the few that dont work with it and usually I fix them too so they will work.

  133. lensturn

    Sorry Pillip but that does not work and Anb…I dont know which dlls and where to exactly put them.
    I have installed hl1 and hl2 ep1 and now I have bought hl2 ep2 ………I am trying to buy hl2,,,I went on the steam site and it was £13.99 which I thought was abit much for an older game, so I am still looking.
    If I install Hl2 maybe it will work, if not I am stuck. If you know the guy who wrote THE TRAP maybe you could get in touch and see what he has to say.
    Thanks for trying to help.

  134. You don’t need HL2 to run this map, so set that aside for now.

    What is your exact path to your half-life installation?
    What is your exact path to your The_trap installation?

    If you want to contact the author, his website link is in the main post. He is not a native English speaker, so be aware that any contact you have with him may be limited.

    Post back here with your paths and we will take it from there.

  135. Reaktor

    Hi! All that you need is Half Life 1.
    Forget about other games.

  136. lensturn

    Ok here we go
    Half life\the trap
    best of luck

  137. You have two options:
    1. Reinstall the mod plus patches to your Steam account (See the homepage for links)
    2. Reinstall the mod to your current installation.

    After that if you are still missing files I will send what it asks for.

    My recommendation would be to install to your Steam installation.

    Let me know if you need help.

    (Reaktor: This is why just having a folder installation is better)

  138. lensturn

    Thanks phillip…….What it is saying is : COULD NOT LOAD LIBRARY
    C:\ Sierra\ Half-Life\the_trap\cl_dlls\client.dll

    Thing is client.dll is where it should be as above so why can it not load it ?

  139. ok, this is one option. Try registering your Half-Life via Steam and installing it that way.

    I have no idea why the mod is not loading the dll. Have you patched to 1.2?

  140. lensturn

    no I have not patched to 1.2, do you mean HL or the trap.? I have tried putting it in sourcemods, do you mean that. ? I will wait for your reply.

  141. I am talking about patching The Trap. I really think you should register your HL via Steam and install it that way. My Steam Friends username is planetphilliphl2, so add me and we can chat while you do it.

  142. Sudsy

    I need some help!!! I finally got around to playing “The trap” and I’m stuck at 3C trying to get the pistol. I have both lifts working. I assume you have to go across the top of the big door the laser shot into to get the gun but cannot jump on it from lift( too far). I explored the explosives room and walked the beam to the HEV station. From there I jumped onto everything but could not find any way to safely set off the explosives, Can anybody that made it through 3C supply some help. Thanks in advance!

  143. 3c has a baricade that can omly be broken by an explosion.Guess how that willl happen.I think I or someone else supplied the answer earlier.

  144. Sudsy

    I went through all the comments again and found reference to a mirror and laser is this the one you mean? If it is where is the mirror? I ran out of places to look or do I need to get the pistol first to shoot the explosive boxes from far off? I think I need more than a hint at this point.

  145. Reaktor

    Sudsy, you need a houndeye-monster.

  146. Get a houndeye to chase you.It will create an explosion when it does it’s thing.Just remember to run so you don’t get caught by the blast.

  147. Sudsy

    Here I am thinking I was smart to keep the doors closed so the Houndeye’s wouldn’t keep bothering me. I wonder how many people get stuck at this point? I must keep a very open mind with this Reaktor Trip!

  148. Sudsy
    Personal Favourite

    Level 3 completed! I hope the pain and suffering is not as bad with level 4. Thanks for the help!

    1. Sudsy, each level gets harder and harder. Be prepared for some serious thinking.

  149. If you think 3 was hard then I’m quite sure you will be back asking more questions very very soon lol :p

  150. Sudsy

    I’m back. I made it through 4A without too much pain but 4B is a head scratcher. I can’t take the blue wire off the top of the laser and I can’t jump high enough off the conveyer belt( tried for 2 hours) to reach the upper level. Am I missing somthing or do I need to improve my jumping skills?

  151. Sudsy

    I’m throwing in the towel. I’ve been stuck in 4B all day. I can’t get upstairs or downstairs. I guess the hints will have to wait until somebody writes a walkthrough. It is really starting to get boring after repeating the same searching all day. I can’t find any help in all the comments at the point where I’m stuck and new ones are few and far between.

  152. Don’t give up now Sudsy. Either one of the readers or I will give you a hint as soon as I can load the mod and find where you are. Sorry but I can’t do it today or from memory.

  153. Sudsy

    Phillip, I thought I’d give it one more try where I was getting stuck. I tried umpteen hundred times to take the blue wire off the top of the laser beam gun in 4B yesterday but could not remove it. Tried jumping on the laser from the ladder also till I was blue in the face but that would not work either, I kept sliding off the top. I went back today and tried again. Would you believe on the 2nd jump off the ladder I stood on the laser gun and plucked the wire right up.
    From that point I had no problems into 4C where you have to start the cube moving and then jump on it. I don’t seem to have the hand coordination to do it. By the time I reach the jump off point at the top of the ladder the cube is passing me and the run jump combo doesn’t work good coming off the ladder top. Are there any short cuts around this or sprint functions available?

  154. Sudsy

    I solved the jumping problem by changing my jump key from space bar to mouse 3. I made it to 4C last night where I rescued the soldier in the pit and he asks me to open the door to the grenade room and pondering how to move the laser mirror. My frustrations are ebbing as good progress is being made.

  155. Sudsy

    I’m stuck again. I made it to 5B where I need help. I have to find the purple wire to rotate the laser beam in order to blow up the explosive room or remove the wire link located near the bottom of the stairs to deactivate the force shield and fan across to the elevator; reference comments 19 & 20. I made it to the transporter room thanks to the headcrabs and silenced the machine gun but nothing else.

  156. Sudsy

    Looks like everyone has lost interest in the game. Anyway if you would like to help I just made it to 5C without help and was wondering if there is anyway to get the machine gun when getting out of the 5C portal? Happy New Year to all!

  157. Well I was just playing 5b over againg to try and help as I just got home lol and you posted before I could give answer. 5C has a video done of it a back s few posts/pages

  158. Mel

    I think some players may spend the rest of the life trying to finish this one.

  159. lensturn

    I am stuck on 2c,,,,,,,,pathetic, but I love the game. got past the pistons but I just cannot get into the mind of reaktor and what he has done here. I dont read the posts in case I am told the answer which would spoil it for me unless I am really really stuck.
    Happy New Year to all

  160. Sudsy

    Lensturn hang in there. I almost threw in the towel the other day but after the occasional what the He__ do I do now the game runs pretty smooth and logical. I Know the Russian mind quite well because I married one 14 years ago. If anyone needs help with a Russian translation my wife will gladly help, just e-mail it to me or post it here. AndyB, Phillip and Reaktor thanks for coming to my aid when I had no hair left to pull out. Mel how far did you get in the game? Right now I’m getting ready for a few Nazdrovia’s (Russian good luck toast with vodka or other spirits) and after that I will have a pokmelia ( hangover). Is there any way to type Russian fonts in these posts?
    I will continue from entry into 5C portal next year when I can think straight again. A very Happy Prosperous and Half Life filled New Year to all my friends!


  161. Reaktor

    Once I have written on this site, that Russian players pass this mod faster. I have understood, why. Because the Russian version have a special doc-file with the hidden solution.
    Sudsy, what a cheerful post!! Happy new year!! Greetings from Russia!=)))

  162. Sudsy


    English: Happy New Year! Be Healthy (toast). Thanks for the game.

  163. lensturn

    My fingers are sore trying to jump off the moving platform without being squashed to get the crowbar in 2c,
    Is it a special jump or way to do it, or will I have to start on my other hand ? LO very L

  164. Sudsy

    Try and time the lift you are jumping off to be at the top when the first crusher is just starting to open and hit F6. From this point you must jump as the crushers are opening continuing to jump until landing on the third crusher and then turn right and jump off the third crusher. I may have hit F6 when landing on the third crusher when my timing was good I can’t remember all the details. Make sure you have blocked the bottom chrushers with the 3 crates so they can’t move up and down.

  165. Sudsy

    By the way, what does LOL mean I see it used here frequently?

  166. Sudsy

    Lensturn, how goes the jumping? Did you get the crowbar yet?

  167. lensturn

    Hi …yes I have,,,,Phew let me tell you I felt like an olympic hurdler doing those jumps as I was going up and down on the chair and I didnt notice it for half an hour and then my stomache began to ache.
    I sure am glad I finished it.
    What put me off was I looked at the video which is posted on number 109 above and I thought I had to do it that way.
    Well I am on 3a now
    all the best

  168. I made it to 5C and have not tried to play yet. I am taking a break over the holidays as this game is too intense to play everyday. I hope my info helped you. I think this jumping sequence was the most difficult I encountered up to the 5C level where I am now. Keep up the good work.

  169. Just tried 5C for a few hours. Looks like a tough go.

  170. hehe it’s still “easy” at that point. 6 is a bitch from hell.I’ve been debating to play it again aftter all the hair pulling I did last time but I love the puzzles

  171. The puzzles I like also. Its the time constraint put on completing a solution to move on. Its like merging Jesse Owens and Sherlock Holmes into one person to complete an investigation in marathon time. But I will persevere! I’m glad I have you guys for support when I flounder.

  172. Reaktor

    If somebody want to vote it I will respect:

  173. piledriver

    Lots of effort by Reaktor gone into making this mod and many players love it, but I have a small criticism:-
    The beauty is in working out what to do. The beast is in trying to do it.
    My main point being:-
    Designing a very difficult sequence of jumps is not difficult.
    There’s no enjoyment in trying a complicated, only just possible, set of jumps and failing over and over again. It’s just repetitive. Different mods wisely have one or two such jumps mixed with varied gameplay
    Small progressions through the puzzles are interrupted with quick saves – so no gameplay flow.

    I got to say, you either love banging your head on a brick wall and pulling your hair out, or you don’t.
    It’s definitely a personal preference and I prefer to get frustrated in very short doses.

  174. lensturn

    Hi folks……..could someone help please, Ive been stuck for days on 4b.
    I am trying to leave the lower level but everytime I jump down the hole behind the moving
    piston, with it being such a long way ,,I die.
    Thanks for any help

  175. I’ll have a look at first chance I get.

  176. Sudsy

    When you jump down the hole shoot the surface a few times before you hit the bottom, you will break the net covering the water.

  177. lensturn

    Thanks sudsy,,,,,,,I would never have dreamed of that

  178. lensturn

    I think I have found a bug in 4b, when I put the last peice in to start the last piston so that I fire through the hole to explode the crate by the switch to start the fan, I hear the voice (PP) say the game is up kill myself.
    Am I right ??

  179. Len,
    If you’re hearing voices now I would watch out for the men with the white jackets! It could be new Russian brain washing techniques! All kidding aside, please elaborate on your last sentence “I hear the voice (PP) say the game is up kill myself”. Do you mean I hear the voice OF (PP), meaning the voice of Phillip who runs this place or something else?


  180. Len,
    Did you read all of 186?

  181. lensturn

    Yes sir I heard the voice of phillip and he is telling me to kill myself although I think I have done everthing.
    I put in the last bar or wire which was blue then turned on the piston and thats when I heard phillip
    Cheers Len

  182. Len,
    Yes it’s there I went and listened myself. I guess your not nuts after all. I’m sure I’ve heard that voice throughout the game. When he says kill yourself I think he refers to smashing yourself agains the wall with the fan(hint) to break it. It’s not a russian accent that’s for sure. Maybe Phillip dubbed it in some how.

  183. lensturn

    Thats what it means alright so I just went and finished the level.
    BTW I have just wrote a walkthrough for this level…..
    Do you think I should put in one of these comments.??

  184. Phillip did the voice for this mod so thats why you here his voice through out it.

  185. lensturn

    4B Walkthrough

    To start the level, kill the houndeye on the left on the way to the elevator, fire at the switch and go up the elevator.

    At the top, turn left to shoot at the explosive crate to kill the big baddie, and then turn back again to kill the two baddies on the platform in front of you.

    Then go to where the elevator is in the next room and kill the baddie on top of the ammo machine, flick the switch that leaves the gate open on the platform above, then go up the elevator, kill the crab, get the battery and shoot the houndeyes and jump across to jump through the gate.

    Fire at the switch and jump on the laser to get the wire, go up the ladder and back to the floor.

    Go to the next room, insert the wire at the end of the conveyor, reverse the conveyor, fire at the switch and jump off the escalator to get on the lift that comes down when the button is fired at.

    At the top jump over to girder and at the other end fire at the button again you just fired at and the platform in front of you will extend towards you for you to easily jump over where you can pick up a battery and use the health and hev machine.

    Go to the edge and drop down on to the crate, and on to the other two crates on which the last one has the firing switch and health pack on floor.

    Go round again to the room with the conveyor and do the same again, but this time when you get on the girder, jump back onto the ledge by the laser switch.
    Fire all the way to the switch where the laser is and it will open the door behind you.
    Go in, see a helth pack, put in the switch you picked up earlier, fire at it and go down the ladder.

    Wait till the crusher is at the top and then fire at the wire next to the switch.
    Go under the crusher and pick up the gun barrel,go up the ladder, and then make your way back to the gun.

    Shoot the glass to get on the lift and shoot the crate under the elevator to let you get down.

    Shoot the nasty on the right as you come out of the elevator and then press the lever on the laser director you can then go into the room that the laser has opened and pick up health behind the switch, press the switch, but get out quick or you will be trapped in.

    The big piston has now started and you can pick up the blue wire it has detached that you will need upstairs.

    Now at the back of the moving piston you will see a hole, jump down and as you do fire at the mesh to break it at the bottom.

    Then fire at the switch , kill the houndeye and come up the elevator.
    Go behind the piston to jump in the room to get battery if you wish.

    Go to the switch for the door thats called Trap, watch out for the headcrab and insert the wire and press the button to start the piston.

    Get the health pack behind you if you wish then go and shoot the crates through the hole in the piston then go in and press the switch, then let the fan blow you through the big door.

    When you are through shoot at the wire just before it goes into the force field and then just jump in the portal.

  186. lensturn

    Hello all
    In 4c, could someone please tell me how to turn off the force field in the room where the fan is.

    I have been up and down in the lift, got the gun, got the batterys off the top of the office, altered the director slab for the fan, got the battery from downstairs and used it where the spikes arein the ceiling. even brought the soldier up in the lift.

    Please Help !

  187. Gotta read the posts len. Check out #48 on page 1

  188. lensturn

    I dont know how I missed that Andy, thanks for bringing it to my notice. Do you know I must have read the comments about 15 times, but they were for different levels, just shows you how helpfull these comments are
    (If you read them properly).

  189. lensturn

    BTW I found I had a heck of a lot of saved files in my trap directory that were using a lot of space so I got rid.
    What I did was go to the save folder in the TRAP directory and get rid of everyone except the ones that had autosave in the name of the file, and that left me with all the starts of every level I had done.
    Also I would like to know what program is used to record your progress as a video in a level like those
    on You Tube.
    All the very best to all

  190. Darth Marsden

    lensturn – the game creates a (very useful) autosave at the start of each level. That’s probably what you deleted. If you don’t want to replay earlier levels, then you should be fine. And I strongly suspect that the program used to capture video was FRAPS, though you’d have to ask the guy who recorded them for a definite answer.

    Sadly, most of those videos have now been taken down, which is annoying as I found them very helpful indeed! That said, I’m currently on 6c, so if you (or anyone else) need any further help, let us know and one of us should be able to steer you in the right direction.

  191. lensturn

    Sorry Darth if I misleaded you, but what I was saying was that I did indeed leave the begining of level files which is what I required and I thankyou for your offer of help if I need it in the future.
    Watch this space! LOL

  192. Darth Marsden

    Oh yeah, so you did. Must have missed that. I don’t have that problem myself – I only ever use quick-saves in Half-Life, so I must have made the mental assumption that other people do the same.

    Currently on 7b now, and Reaktor is a big meanie.

  193. lensturn

    dont moan because you will be sorry when you finish it

  194. Darth Marsden

    I think I have every right to moan, though it would help if I mentioned the right map – I’m absolutely stuck on 7c rather then 7b , which was easier then those around it, oddly. I suspect I might have cracked 7c by now, if only I had more time… Bah!

  195. Darth Marsden
    Play It Later

    Finished! Can I has a cookie now? 😀

    There was only the one ending, right? “cause otherwise… damn, man.

  196. Lucky Darth, I quit on start of 5C about 4 weeks ago. I was getting ready to start again until news of Strider Mountains impending pre release steered me away again. I’ll get back to it after first 5 maps of SM are completed.

    1. Sector 5c: gauss have taken the gun, now I’m out of here no more, what I have to destroy the present and what to do next?
      Unfortunately I can to the opposing manager does not jump ran.
      I hang on this set for weeks.
      Please help me …

  197. lensturn

    Well I am on 5a and know what I have to do but I cannot get on that boat thing and get round to the room with the fan quick enough before the door comes down, and I have been trying for two weeks,so it looks as if thats it for me.
    I love the puzzles but I think it is spoilt when I have to do keyboard gymnastics as not everybodys fingers is not the same as everyone else`s.

  198. Krasiviq

    Just posting my rating…
    For the record – I’ve finished the game in 3 days and did not find it that hard…
    No cheats wahtsoever used as well.
    I was wondering is there a similar puzzle mod?? A harder one maybe?


    1. We are currently creating an English version. We will release as soon as it’s ready.

  199. Bologna Bender

    Yeh right.

  200. Krasiviq

    gee thanks for nothing! the name of the mod please?

  201. Zam

    5c, I am stuck after part 2. I broke the glass and took the small red wire, placed in its place and pressed the red button. I then aligned the portal over the cart with the portal that rotates from above but nothing happened. is this the right way tofinish 5c? Any other ideas how to finish?

  202. Zam

    7a, after putting the shootable button, how do I jump to the mid air corridor?

  203. Markitus

    AWESOME mod! Great puzzles. Very funny credits XD. I am the only one who end all puzzles? 😛

  204. Grey Acumen
    Personal Favourite

    I’ve beaten every level, both on version 1.1 and version 1.2 without using any spoilers or cheats. It took me roughly a week of playing on and off, and numerous points where I repeatedly quick saved and reloaded.

    I highly recommend this game for anyone who is both a Half Life and a Portal fan. Fans of only Half Life or Portal alone will still likely find a great deal of enjoyment from this series, but it’s the ones who enjoy both that will get the most out of this game.

    I have also managed to set things in such a way that I was able to keep two tripmines through to the end of the last level and use them to alter the course of the game. My name should link to the video walk through I made of how to do it. I’m hoping to contact the author and get him to include an official alternate ending that would be accessible through this method or some variant of it. I know it’s not likely to happen at all, but it would be cool if it did.

  205. Reaktor

    I’m hoping to contact the author and get him to include an official alternate ending that would be accessible through this method or some variant of it.
    I’m here! =))

  206. Grey Acumen

    Awesome. If you haven’t already checked the video out, please click on my name and take a look. I’ve got a bunch of different ideas for how those trip mines could potentially be used. Obviously the video shows one possibility, but the trip mine can also be set inside that hatch for the “special button” to blow him up instead of merely blocking him. It looks like that would be able to kill him too, but the scripted sequence keeps him alive. Aside from that, you could also use them to kill of the captors that you run across, or if that contraption the helper was stuck in was made breakable, it would be cool if you could actually save him. Hopefully that all was just barely descriptive enough that only people who already have seen the ending will know what I’m taking about.

    Obviously you’re the one who has the final say on what gets implemented on this mod, so I’m not making any demands. I’m just happy that you put out this awesome piece of work, and figured I’d point out a potential way in which it could be expanded on. I know there are a lot of other people who have been hoping to find some way around the standard ending (I can’t possibly be the only one, right?)

    Either way, thanks for the awesome mod, Reaktor. This definitely ranks in my top 5 Half Life mods, even when considering the horrible framerate it runs at despite my using the lowest video settings possible 😛

  207. Reaktor

    About the offer at the end of a videoclip, I shall answer it with the quote from own site on which someone has left this comment:
    “Puzzles and secrets, which finding is based on own logic and laws of physics is abruptly, BUT puzzles and secrets, which finding it is based on knowledge of bugs of the engine of HL it’s… Idiocy, excuse”.

  208. Grey Acumen

    well, my logic wasn’t based on any bug. You don’t have to break the doors in order to keep the trip mines, you just need to make sure that the door moves and dislodges the tripmines before they finish activating. I always considered that aspect of the tripmine to be a feature, rather than a bug. In this case, it allows you to get rid of them so you aren’t holding them when all your stuff gets confiscated. then you pick them up to smuggle them through.
    To me, using a tripmine to prop a door open is the same thing as using a crate to prop a door open, so again, no bugs there.

    It’s not obvious logic, it’s sneaky, but in a situation like that, you’d obviously NEED to be sneaky in order to break out of the situation “they” are trying to force you into.

    I’m not trying to argue you into doing any more work. I’m just trying to defend my point that this isn’t a bug, but a legitimate strategy. If you can use a tripmine as a way to climb up sheer walls, then they should be able to handle propping a door open once they fully set in place.

    Thanks for the feedback though, even if it amounts to “no.” It’s more than I was expecting.

  209. Reaktor

    Grey Acumen
    Well, see next time! It’s good to find something new about my own mod.

  210. CatsMeatsMan

    I’m stuck at 7b. the part where the gargantua spawns. how the HELL do I kill it? I hav no explosives. only: crowbar,shotgun,MP5, and 9mm handgun. nothing so strong. there’s a gluon gun blocked by a shield. I hav a long-jump module but no place to jump in. HOW THE HELL DO I KILL IT?

    1. Grey Acumen

      sometimes the problem can become its own solution.

      consider this: what did you do to get the shields down on all the other weapon caches? Once you get that part, take a moment to consider what SPECIFICALLY keeps you from applying that very same methodology in this circumstance. Once you get that part you just need to find what it is that can remove those obstacles.

      Hopefully that wont be too vague.

  211. Carolyn
    Personal Favourite

    Ok, even tho I seem to be hopelessly stuck on 3B, I love this mod. I have looked in vain for a walkthrough, and I hope someone can help me. Level 3 starts out so simply I think I must have missed something. The first room is simply pushing a box up to a fence and jumping it. Then there is a room with a lot of trash cans. There is a hole in the barrier and a door that simply opens. You go in a room with a big table and a portal and then you see a switch surrounded by boxes of explosives. I have explored everything. I can see a wire behind the rock in the pit, and blew across the pool of toxic waste, but nothing was there. Any suggestions?

    1. Anonymous

      At Carlyn, push the explosive boxes into the hole with the pool of sludge at the bottom of it.

  212. Carolyn

    Help! Help?

  213. Ollo83

    carolyn, I suppose I’m stuck in the same level… with the explosive boxes at the beginning?

  214. I’ve reinstalled Windows/Steam not along ago and lost all my Trap Saves. 🙁

    Can you send me some screenshots via email and I’ll see if I can remember what you have to do.

  215. Anonymous

    guys how 2 beat 4b? im stuck

  216. josiah

    hey, um i’m stuck in this part in 4a where theres this big cube with buttons on the side and a bridge to a machine that breaks. I cant seem to figure out what to do!

  217. xedmonk


    i’m stuck on 6c part 1:

    can anyone tell me how am I supposed to get to that green shootable button?

  218. xedmonk
    Personal Favourite

    nevermind i’ve figured it out on my own.

    and now i’ve finished the game 🙂

  219. PsiKO911

    I’m trapped at4B when I jump in the portal I die and it says DIE CITER or something like that but I didnt use any cheats.
    I’ve seen a yellow key but I dont know how to get it nor how to use it
    Anyone ?

    1. Anonymous

      To get the shootable button, you need to be aware of whats behind you after hitting the switch on the conveyor belt – enough said.

  220. PsiKO911

    I’m trapped at4B when I jump in the portal I die and it says DIE CITER or something like that but I didnt use any cheats.
    I’ve seen a yellow key but I dont know how to get it nor how to use it.
    Anyone ?

    1. Anonymous

      I got a similar problem as PsiKO911 on 4b.
      I didn’t use any cheats, got the wires etc but when I use the grey wire and flick the switch, the voiceover says I failed the test, time to die. I continued on, got to the end and jumped into the portal, but the game just dies leaving me with a red screen. Is this a game crash or some sort of penalty for something I don’t know about?

  221. Well I finally made it back to 5C after almost a year off and made it to level 2. I got the door opened to the boss and made my way to the upper level over the Top with the multiple yellow beams shooting out. I took the lift up to where the control levers are located and one has a missing handle. I see the handle behind the glass door but it will not come out when trying to remove it and the moving blue energy wall keeps killing me unless I go down the short ladder and hang there until the moving wall moves over me. I suspect I am supposed to move the push me box somewhere but the moving wall zaps me to fast to get it anywhere that seems useful( I think in front of glass door with handle inside). I checked the videos listed but the 5C ones have been removed. Anybody still following this game that can help me at this point?

    1. Well looks like nobody follows this one anymore. If somebody knows of a walk through that was made I would appreciate its location. If anybody recalls what they did at the end of 5C I would be very happy to hear from them. I have an update since my last post yesterday. I managed to get the gauss gun and climbed the ladders back to the top. I have the 2 rifle grenades from the top of the ammo dispensing machine and I am now stuck again. I tried blowing everything up with gauss gun and rifle grenades but cant find any way out of the track room or the adjacent pit.

      1. Location: 5C level 2. Found my problem, had to use mouse 2 with gauss gun to break screen and set of explosives. I broke the glass cube and got the red wire and set it in place and pushed the red button. Now I’m stumbling again, tried lining up some portals but nothing works. HHHHHHHELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Hallo,

          Section 5c
          wie komme ich weiter, nach dem ich das Gaussgewehr genommen habe?

          Cannot with Gaussphere gun not screen destroyed !
          Please more Informations or screenshoots.
          thank you.
          Greetings from Jürgen.

  222. Mike

    I’m stuck on 4c of The Trap half life mod.
    I am near the end and the soldier wont walk through the gate.
    He just stands near it and wont move. Any suggestions?


    1. Molly

      Apparently you can’t push any keys while the soldier is doing his speaking bit after being freed. Start the level over again – sorry – and just let him do his thing at the end…

  223. Play It Now!

    I love this mod. as the description says,it is quite portal-like. the floating orange juice stuff was pretty cool too. it kinda reminds me of the excursion funnel in portal 2. over all, this, as well as I rate “Play it Now!”, Personal favorite as well.

  224. Hec
    Personal Favourite

    I’m surprised I don’t have any review on this one!!, I played it back in 2008 or so, and is memorable for me, I mean here we have the best of the best puzzle mod for HL1 ever, so great atmosphere and environments, so test chambers like from portal, this is the Portal for HL1, don’t look anywhere maybe timefall was the best puzzle mod for hl once, but now it’s biting the dust after the absolute wonderful The Trap, master piece, everywhere u look there’s quality and u can feel it, also the most enjoyable part of this mod is when u beat it, u feel important u feel great!, I did it and that’s why im telling u so, so what do u wait to play it dare it and beat it, u never wont regret at all of playing this artistic beautiful masterpiece!!

  225. Mega Sean 45

    IT’s A TRAP! – Admiral Ackbar

  226. Personal Favourite

    Very wonderful Half-Life mod,
    The graphics was well put together, The overcast audio [The guy speaking at the beginning of each puzzle] is anit-audible, can cleary hear what the person saying, there no static or unnecessary noises (such as coughing or pauses in between sentences). The game-play is long enough to enjoy the game without thinking it too short but is not too long that ya get bored half way through.
    the puzzles are well thought out, and there even some secret achievements in-game

  227. Play It Now!

    Very nice change of pace, all puzzles & no shooting. Very refreshing to play.

  228. Play It Now!

    This is one of the best HL 1 mods out there in terms of polish and mapping quality. The puzzles get progressively harder and longer so expect quite a bit of playtime out of it (depending on how fast you figure out the solution).
    I only have a few problems with it:
    The biggest problem is the music, it’s absolutely terrible, it’s downright annoying. I’m glad half life doesn’t play music when you load a game after it triggered.
    Another problem is the pushing and pulling boxes mechanic being tampered with in most of the game but left alone near the end where it’s actually detrimental (it can get you stuck in a place where you need a box to block some crushers). This was put in place to stop people from speedrunning or skipping essential parts of a level.
    And finally some puzzles are not that difficult but take a lot of time to find some oddly placed objects needed for it’s completion, and that doesn’t really require thinking, but I guess it pays to be attentive in every level.
    It’s very well thought out don’t get me wrong. I appreciate all the details put into this: the puzzle mechanics repeat themselves but are placed in a balanced fashion so they don’t get boring at all.
    This mod really tries to be like Portal, even Phillip Marlowe’s (alien-translator maybe) voice is imitating that of GlaDOS (with the getting angry at the test subject thing and then trying to con him into thinking everything is fine and becoming enemies with the weird soldier ‘friend’).
    The trophy room is amazing (that it works in half life 1) but I don’t see myself playing through this again anytime soon, maybe in a years time when I forget more of it I can try to find more secrets. I played through this on hardcore and I’d recommend any other Half-Life veteran to do so too because it makes the puzzles not only a challenge but more fair (the enemies would be too easy to dispatch in one of those ‘dangerous rooms’ and would not be much of a threat in the second half of the game).
    I’ve finished this in about 5-6 hours but spaced it in 4 days. It was fun!
    A must play for true half-life 1 fans that don’t mind more thinking and less shooting. Although the game’s aphorism RunThinkShootLive is very much applicable to this mod – lots of shooting and tactics involved.

  229. Unq
    Play It Now!

    Played this a few weeks ago, just getting around to writing a review. The Trap is a solid, polished puzzle mod that’s definitely worth playing. I stop short of saying it’s one of the very best out there – but that’s personal preference, in that it’s not very Half-Lifey. It takes place in a contrived world, that’s broken into puzzle chambers much like Portal.

    Overall this mod does a very good job of teaching you mechanics, and then repeating and twisting them a little as you progress. This is critical in a puzzle game, and it’s handled adeptly here. There is a bit of combat, and you’ll be supplied with some of the standard HL weapons – but take note, this is a puzzle mod.

    I actually did like the music, and the voice over is well done (hi Phillip). Everything is pretty polished and I’d be surprised if any major bugs crop up. Mainly your problem may be finding out how to proceed, as the way isn’t always clear. If you get really really stuck, there are some walkthrough videos on YouTube that can help.

    Only a couple annoyances in this mod – it also bothered me that the push/pull mechanic from Half-Life was changed. It can get quite frustrating to get a box that’s been stuck in a corner. My second issue is that alien grunts have been changed to have drastically more health than in Half-Life (20,000 health to be exact, on medium). But this isn’t communicated to the player at all, you have to learn the hard way. I think a much better way to handle this would have been with a custom model (even a simple recoloring would suffice to show the player these aren’t the alien grunts you know).

    In all, a great puzzle mod… if that’s what you’re in search of. For me, I preferred Hazardous Course 2 since it was much closer to the Half-Life feel.

    1. Yes, you make a good point about it being “outside” the Half-Life setting. I do wonder whether being in the setting would have brought it more attention. Personally, I do. I think that there’s not enough “new” to make it feel new. It should either be a total conversion or set in Half-Life.

  230. The Trap 2 – Detailed Announcement Coming this January

    1. Unq

      Now, is that The Trap 2 coming in January, or the announcement for The Trap 2? 🙂

      1. I think somebody edited my post:) Initially I said that the mod will be announced in January, and not released

        1. Unq

          Still good news, look forward to it!

  231. I’m only a few levels into it, and I’m having a great time. If you like puzzles and Portal, you will love this.

    1. Hi JimH, welcome to the site, just to let you know that I have removed your recommendation images for two reasons. 1. You have to finish playing before adding it and 2 it needs a proper review. You are welcome to just write a short review but it can’t be used with an image.

      If you are enjoying the first few levels, I am sure you will love the rest.

  232. I’m trying to get every achievement in this mod to get to the alternate ending. Does anybody know how to get “I love cookies” in 3a? I found the area using noclip but think there must be some kind of portal that transports me there.

    1. Leaf

      When your portal misfires and drops you back to Level 3a, you’ll have the gauss gun in your possession. Use it to break the green glass window in the room next to the one that filled with water on your first go-around (using the vent shaft to get in there). Jump out of the broken window.

  233. Personal Favourite

    This game is absolutely AWESOME!
    It’s the first time I see a game in the Source Gold engine that isn’t a half life mod where you go through levels, killing ennemies. In this game, each room will be a new big puzzle.
    Including new game mechanic, and search for all the secrets endings!
    If you like “saw” like game, this one is for you!
    The mapping is really good for a Gold Source mod.
    Now, download it, and play it! (If you want to…)

  234. Personal Favourite

    This mod was AMAZING
    it’s a Puzzle focused mod, with little to medium combat, but the plot is very good, the puzzles get harder and harder, I figured all of them out by myself, which is a reason for the 5 hours it took me to finish
    I just can’t explain how good this was, play it

  235. Play It Now!

    The Trap is a Half-Life equivalent of Portal. Malevolent AI/overseer? Check. Chambers? Check. You as a subject alone in the facility? Check. The Trap’s charm is how it builds many original concepts from the ground up and holds many of these concepts very excellently. In fact, it makes Prototype 98 looks like a demo.

    The gameplay of The Trap also comes with a slight twist, you may encounter enemies in some test chambers and have to fight them. It is handled very well, like many other things in the mod, and it keeps you getting bored from puzzle-solving. My favorite weapon is the Tau Cannon, renamed Death Ray, which is capable of destroying almost every material and one-shots enemies, it is glorious. There are two bosses, both require with and hard amount of thinking to defeat them.

    As stated, the mod’s puzzle elements are handled outstandingly well. Hell, I would say that it holds true to the words that it is the “atmosphere of a Valve’s Portal game”. It has this “Valve’s approach” to teaching players, it will introduce something new to the players, get them to familiarize them a bit, and hit them with a challenge involving the new thing. Like letting the player being challenged, but comfy at the same time. Although, I have to admit that any puzzles that involve the fan, that blows the players into the direction it’s pointing at, is sheer trial-and-error and it gets really frustrating on later tests. I also got stuck on lifts multiple times, had to use noclip. Unfortunately, the dev says it’s a bug in the engine so you just have to deal with it.

    The Trap also has a story, although without the cheery mood of Portal’s, which is quite moody. There really is nothing much until later in the game, you find a human character who I wish appears more often. The ending takes a surprising turn, shocked me a bit, to be honest.

    The only downside of this is the sound design, the sound when teleporting to the next test chambers are too loud. Some are also pure nightmare fuel, especially the later chambers portal sounds. Some sounds are also borderline earrape.

    The Trap is a good ride of Portal-themed Half-Life levels. If you got enough brain and time, play it.

  236. Personal Favourite

    Great mod. It’s quite hard, but it doesn’t get annoying at all.

  237. Personal Favourite

    Super creative mod!

    – Visual of the map is super nice.

    – I like that the mod uses EVERYTHING of HL1 as the elements of the puzzles. ex. Buttons, weapons, and even monsters.

    – The puzzles are hard but fun to solve. I tried my best but in some parts, I have to watch the walkthroughs on YouTube to find the solution. (If there is a ‘hint’ feature then it will be easier to progress.) But despite the difficulty and length of the mod, playing is not boring.

    – The voice acting (by Philip) is very helpful to understand the storyline. The storyline reminds me Portal series by Valve.

    – The ending is very shocking and impressive. I didn’t fill all the trophies so I couldn’t get the alternate ending. (I just searched the alternate ending on YouTube.)

    One of the best HL1 mods I’ve ever played. While playing, I could feel that a lot of effort was put into the mod.

  238. Play It Later

    Very smart game but also very hard.

  239. Personal Favourite

    Other than puzzles being great, it also doesn’t forget that it’s a shooter and implements those shooting mechanics pretty well. While I do like Portal games, I always wished to be able to shoot at something while thinking of a way to solve the puzzle, and this mod made that wish come true!

    Also I shouldn’t forget great map design, which puts this mod somewhere near the top of all the mods I have played so far in that field.

    If you like puzzle games like Portal and FPS games like Half-Life, this one is A MUST, as it combines elemets of both game is such a great way, that fun experience is guaranteed!

  240. Personal Favourite

    Very Good puzzle inside Half-Life engine

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