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Just a 15-years-old Half-Life fan
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Prefer firearms over Gravity Gun as weapon.


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15 Oct 2018 PhaseVille *Couldn’t think of intro, sorry* [recimage id=3] The start, ESCAPE, gave me some fake sense ...
20 Sep 2018 The 72-Second Experiment So the ville maps are 72-seconds long…..Well, time for a speedrun! [recimage id=2] Goddamn w...
12 Sep 2018 September 2018 - General Chat So...I forgot to mention, playing NostalgiaVille added one more mark for "me dying from headcrab ...
30 Aug 2018 August 2018 - General Chat So...I have to ask a question. Why is the Source engine's ladder system seems to be disliked? I n...
12 Aug 2018 BossVille Boss fights has always been my favorite gameplay element, and this Ville delivers! I had so much ...
24 Jul 2018 Nuclear Plant DOOM! IT'S DOOM, BABY! Seriously though, this map is very challenging. The gameplay really dif...
23 Jul 2018 Area 17 I don't have anything to say about this map other than this: [violent vomiting sound]
23 Jul 2018 Unforeseen Circumstances: Episode 1 This is bad, indescribably bad. The combat is poorly balanced and the platforming is gut-ripping ...
21 Jul 2018 July 2018 General Chat So....I just realized I'm pursuing game design and have yet to design anything of a game. I guess...
21 Jul 2018 Open Question 001 - Why do you think Valve haven't released Half-Life 3? I have a lot of possible things to come up about it lately. 1) Valve is having a massive writer's...
18 Jul 2018 NostalgiaVille I have to agree with you. I personally doesn't like Metro that much, unlike VNN, it doesn't click...
16 Jul 2018 NostalgiaVille Finally, the greatest challenge yet of 2018 has arrived! My God, I almost ran out of things to re...
07 Jul 2018 July 2018 General Chat You know, come to think of it. I feel like the headcrab rockets have something against me. Whenev...
03 Jul 2018 The Lambda Cup 2018 - Challenge 3 - BossVille Now the boss fights are one my favorite elements of video games! This is gonna be awesome.
25 Jun 2018 Quiet Rehabilitation 2 Ok, a sequel. What do we have here..... The first part of the map was OK, at best. The vent cr...
13 Jun 2018 RTSL game coming to Steam! Just please don't add time-based achievements.
12 Jun 2018 RTSL game coming to Steam! Most of the top 3s of Hammer/Lambda cup should be there. Also, would it have achievements?
04 May 2018 The Extreme Team Experiment You know, when I saw the announcement, I was quite skeptical about how it’s gonna work out. I fee...
02 May 2018 May 2018 - General Chat HAHA! I DID IT!
01 May 2018 May 2018 - General Chat Going for Rare Specimen achievement in Black Mesa, wish me luck!
20 Apr 2018 GravityGunVilleTwo The Gravity Gun does not earn my like much because of how it feels rather unsatisfied to kill stu...
15 Apr 2018 April 2018 - General Chat I started playing BioShock Infinite a few days ago. After trying out the Modern Warfare trilogy C...
27 Feb 2018 February 2018 - General Chat You know, after thinking it thoroughly. I made a stupid decision giving Cascade in CoastVille a h...
24 Feb 2018 CoastVille Um....the chopper in Katadysi is a friendly one. You can hear Lambda piloting it when it shows up.
12 Feb 2018 The 1 Billion Units EMC Oh damnit, the last map header is supposed to be "Rush Hour". Can someone fix it for me? My revis...
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