Half-Life: Invasion

for Half-Life

2nd April 2006

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The HL Invasion story starts at the end of Half-Life. Remember, you were in a train with the strange G-man … Fortunately, scientists hidden in a subsidiary laboratory with Black Mesa manage to repatriate you there with a space probe, in which you jumped just before the G-man kills you.

Once awoken, you discover this secret laboratory that the government forces haven’t discovered yet. You are watching a teleportation experience, when suddenly over-trained marines invade this hiding place … From this moment, you’ll never be alone … This new trip will lead you into subsidiary areas with Black Mesa where you’ll get more revelations about the government objectives and the world of Xen …

  • 44 maps : 5 levels of about 10 maps each.
  • 16 weapons, including 12 new (infrared gun, flame thrower, sniper rifle)
  • Two new human enemies ( rocket launcher soldier and sniper ) and two new alien monsters.
  • A tank that you can drive and make its turret rotate independently from the chassis.
  • A high definition bullet impact system, and particles blowing up from the walls on impact.
  • An entirely renewed protective suit, with a member-per-member damage management, and the possibility to stock batteries and medkits for subsequent use.
  • Several gameplay innovations such as digitpads use, or several kinds of ammo for the rocket launcher.
  • Subtitles available in French, English, Spanish and German.

Basic Details
  • Title: Half-Life Invasion
  • File Name: hl1-sp-invasion.7z
  • Original File Names: invasion_full.exe, invasion_patch1.1.exe
  • Size : 59.82MB
  • Author: Invasion Team
  • Date Released: 05 August 2003

Download Options

Download to your HDD [59.8MB]

Installation Instructions
  • The installer is in French, however the dialogue appears to be completely standard, presenting all the usual options. The right-hand button “Suivant” is for confirm/proceed and “Annuler” is to cancel/abort.
  • Extract and run the invasion_full.exe installer and locate either your \SteamApps\[username]\half-life or \SteamApps\common\half-life folder (whichever is relevant to your particular Steam installation) when prompted.
  • Extract and run the invasion_patch1.1.exe updater and locate either your \SteamApps\[username]\half-life or \SteamApps\common\half-life folder when prompted.
  • Restart or start Steam.
  • Invasion should now be listed in your Library tab.
  • Starting Invasion – run the launcher.exe from half-life\Invasion\Launcher\launcher.exe
  • NOTE – the installer also places a Setup folder in your \SteamApps\[username] or \SteamApps\Common folder. This contains an uninstaller plus logs – running SETUP.EXE brings up an installer dialogue to repair (greyed-out) or remove Invasion.

If you require more help, please visit the Technical Help page.


Invasion is a HALL of FAME entry


A walkthrough for this mod is available. It is in PDF format. You may be able to open this directly in your browser, depending on which one you use and its version or alternatively you can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. el_espaniol

    …Simply….THANKS…;http://www.planetphillip.com:…KICK-a…..!!!!BEST first-person single player resource in the WEB…!!!

  2. Thank you, but I don’t deserve that title. I hope to have it one day but not yet.

  3. Fluffy

    Oh don’t be modest, silly Phillip. You put a great deal of effort to keep this site on top, and it shows. Excellent work as always 🙂

  4. Darth Marsden

    Just a quick note – if you’re not French, you NEED to download the patch, as it contains translations. The voice-overs stay the same, but the on-screen text can be displayed in a variety of languages.

    Just so you know.

  5. Setsuna

    The best french mod for hl1. Une rfrence ultime 🙂

  6. halflifeguy

    oh man this mod looks great. This is the best site i’ve ever seen.

  7. sag

    i have a problem when I download the mod and try to unpack it with win rar it says unexpected end or archive

  8. Sorry to hear about your problem. I checked my local copy and server copy and they both have: 59, 201,774 bytes. If your downloaded version is different I’m afraid you are going to have to download it again. (Or resume if you were using a D/L Manager)

    Let me know what happens. Thanks.

  9. sag

    i finally downloaded it but….
    when I try to play it, it says…

    map cange failed ‘l1m1″ not found on server

    sorry for bothering but I belive is a good mod and want to play it

  10. I haven’t played this mod, so can’t help. Can anybody else help Sag?

    BTW, never apologise for leaving comments, that’s what they are there for. I’m happy to help if I can.

  11. sag

    finnaly I go to play it but……

    when I got into the tank, and moved arround a bit , stoped movin_______+??

    what should I do

  12. sag

    finnaly I go to play it but……

    when I got into the tank, and moved arround a bit , stoped movin??

    what should I do

  13. Pavel

    Best singleplayer mod. Big Czech manual Invasion

  14. Nightslayer

    Im stuck near the end of part 3, what is the right combination for the 9 yellow switches?
    Also the only walkthroughs I can find are Czech!

  15. milous

    Invasion perfect..

  16. Doomer64

    This mod is great
    also the redux team is making a Redux version
    check it out at

  17. heyzors

    I have a couple questions.
    1.The first one is how do I get my flashlight to work? I cant read any of the words and I have tried all of the options anyway which means the maker disabled it.
    2.My second question is how do I change the subtitle to English? It doesnt have the options in the game, but I would like to know what is going on!

    Someone please help me!!!!!!!!

  18. Christian

    Right, I played this mod a while back, so one tip:

    This is one of a few mods to use special custom keys.

    You can customize your keys while using this mod, but you MUST absolutely start from the game’s own config.cfg, and NOT change any of the game specific keys.

    The game itself will then explain those keys one at a time, in due course.

    As for changing the subtitles to english, as I remember there is a place in the game’s option where you need to select one of 3 flags, simply click the british flags, and wait a few seconds.

  19. Shadow

    I started playing Invasion today…I have a problem…How can I introduce the passcode(8533) in first part?I tried all solutions but nothing happend..

  20. heyzors

    When do the flags come up? The game has started and I get ambushed by army guys after Im in this observatory test room. Theres some guys speaking French or something and I just get shot and killed. No HEV suit, and no idea of what is going on. PLEASE HELP!

  21. heyzors

    Ok. I have some good news and some bad news.

    The good news is I am ignoring the subtitles and speaking because this game still looks fun so Im just playing it (although, if there is a way to cahnge it mid game tell me because I would still like to). I also dont care about the flashlight because I found a gun that has nightvision and “wall hax”.

    The bad news is I am stuck and dont know what to do. I came out of a pipe which led to this area you have to crouch in. It is just a huge square with two smaller pipes all along the wall. But it just goes in a circle. I cant go up because there is a grate blocking my way, but I can see stuff up there. Ive tried blasting out with rockets and grenades but nothing works. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

  22. heyzors

    Anyone know? Well, yes, I know at least several of you know because you have posted that you finished this mod. So please, HELP!!!

  23. Christian

    heyzors, I do not remember the specifics, so I will reinstall it, play it up to there, and answer you afterwards.

    I did play it in english, but if some spoke french I would not have noticed, since I am french myself to start with 😉

  24. Where can I get the english version, I installed the patch but no english where in it

  25. heyzors

    Christian, I finally beat that part, but now I need help on another! I feel so stupid! I could have sworn I tried my use key…Anyway, I am at a tricky part now and this time I did try my use key.

    Its in the third part of the game. It’s some military base with these servelance cameras. When they see you all of these turrets come out of the ceiling. So anyway, I made my way up the two elevators and I crawled through this vent. I then dropped in to a white hallway with about 8 militarty grunts, 1 rocket soldier, and 2 turrets (one when you jump down and one around the corner). There is a door (which I tried my use key on, among other things) but I dont think I need to go through it anyway because I was already on the other side. Now remember the 2 turrets I mentioned earlier? One of them is in front of the door. So I kill it. The other one around the corner dies as well…no problem. The problem is, when ever I try to keep walking, a huge explosion comes out of the ceiling which kills me. I’ve tried blowing up whatever blows up (even though it comes randomly from the ceiling and leaves no hole in the ceiling, I’ve tried waiting (because it could be the turret), I’ve tried not killing the turret, and I even tried USING the explosion. Nothing (especially the last thing) worked! I am very stuck! Christian or anyone else, help!

  26. Christian

    Ok, first thing, the language option.
    You activate english from the main menu before starting the game, or back from the game using esc.
    The option line just before the bottom one has 4 flags displayed.
    Click the english flag, a menu will appear.
    Click english, then ok.
    HL will minimize at this point, you need to reopen it from the task bar to keep the setting.

    When they say subtiles, it is a mis-translation.
    What they meanst is that all existing text will now be in english instead of french, but there is NO subtitles to the spoken messages.

    As for getting your answer, heyzors, I am on it, I will tell you as soon as I catch up.
    And I will keep the game ready, since I remember several tricky areas….

    One tip: start making a named save game just before every new map. You will thank me later for it…

  27. Christian

    I forgot to mention, I am now a GM on a MMORPG, so the answer may be a day or two to come, just be patient.

  28. Christian

    My bad… there are subtitles, just not everywhere.

  29. Christian

    Ok, Shadow’s question: 8533.
    The exit of the large room, opposite to the corridor you arrived from, has a keypad.

    After you talked to the scientist and he gives you this code, use the keypad, then click on the numbers in sequence, followed by enter

  30. Christian

    Heyzor: the same scientist explains you that your suit is a prototype, and that they had not fitted a torch to it yet. He gives you a lighter instead, to be used the same way (until you find the IR pistol).

  31. Christian

    Heyzors: about the HEV suit, you were supposed to get a prototype suit right at the beginning of the game: when you wake up then go meet a scientist before the military attack, you can see a blue suit through a window on your right.
    You cannot get it yet, but you will when you come back this way.
    I do not think that you can get another anywhere else in the game, and you are likely to need it, so my best advice would be to restart the game.

  32. heyzors

    I know. I have it. That post is old. The new problem is that stupid hallway. Although I think something went wrong when I installed the patch and I didnt realize it. Did the makers of INVASION make their own splash start-up screen? I think thats what the patch was for and if so, then I cant change the language. Although, thats not the biggest problem. I would really just like to get out of this fu**ing hallway!

  33. Christian

    In any mod, you can always press the Esc key to get to the main menu. The language options are there. Just make sure you resume the game and save it.
    For the rest, working my way through the levels.
    I will answer all the questions I have seen posted, as I come to the level which caused them.

  34. heyzors

    I do get to the menu when I hit the escape key, but it isnt anything special like there should be. Its just the noraml Half-Life 1 options which means there is nothing added and I cant do anything. Luckily the English options is the least of my problems so Im not too worried. I think I can figure out whats going on, but I really just want to get out of this hallway!

  35. Christian

    Are you sure that you applied the patch?

  36. heyzors

    I said earlier that I didn’t.

  37. Christian

    Sag: If you mean the tank at the beginning of part 2 (in the map after you climbed a shaft), there is 1 tank there which cannot move, and has only 1 purpose: turn its turret to the right, and blast the hangar door to let you out.
    There will be a chopper outside, but it seem that it cannot be killed by the tank.

    BEWARE: there is a know bug here. So make a named save just before starting part 2: once you entered this area, you MUST NOT restore before you blasted the door. Otherwise, the bug prevents you from turning the tank’s turret in the direction of the hangar door, and the only way will be to restore a game from before you entered this map.

  38. Christian

    Forcefist and heyzors:
    If/when you installed the patch, you may have selected the wrong path. You must select the Half-Life directory, NOT the mod directory…

    The patch is what provides the translations and the languages options.

    Installing it now should not interfer with your saved games.

  39. heyzors

    Is it too late to install the patch? I don’t want to start the game over but if it is possible to install the path midgame please tell me how!

  40. Christian

    As I said just above, the patch does not change the game itself (apart from one bugged map).
    So, unless you are on that map, the answer is yes.
    Remember that you can always backup your saved games directory, and reinstall it over a fresh install of the mod, in case it does not work for you.

  41. heyzors

    Do you know which map it is? Maybe I am past tha and I can still install it.

  42. Christian

    The map fixed by the patch is l3m13.

    As for me, I just reached map l3m1, so it should not be long before I catch up with you.

  43. Christian

    Uhoh, I know where you are…

    Basically, you missed a VERY important warning.
    The scientist tells you, when you reach the first lift, that you MUST NOT be detected by the cameras.

    This map is really meant to be done undetected. It is difficult, but feasable.
    If you get detected, all Hell break lose, and you end up in a no win situation, one way or another… As you found out the hard way.

    What you need to do is install the patch now, and load a save game from before you were detected.

    At worst, you can load the last autosave using the console (load autosave), to restart outside the building.

  44. heyzors

    ok thanks christian! I’ll try that now!

  45. heyzors

    Where do I install it to? Do I just put the patch in the INVASION main folder or do I have to put it in a special spot? Another question I have once the patch is installed is how do I get through undeteced? The cameras can’t be destroyed! Christian, you know everything there is to know about this game, what do I do?

  46. Christian

    When you execute the patch program, it asks you the intallation path, and offers the default path for Half-Life.
    Browse to find whichever path you installed Half-Life in (not the mod itself), and accept.
    If you intalled it correctly, the language options will become acccessible. Load a game, press “Escape” to get to the menu, do as I explained above, then save your game again.

    As for the cameras, you must stay out of their view. Hint: break what you can.
    This is mostly a puzzles area, you need to solve how to pass each camera.

  47. heyzors

    Christian, if you are still listening, (or anyone else who can help) I haven’t been able to post for some reason but I can now. I have a winrar version of the patch. Is that wrong? You (Christian) said that the patch has an installation path. I dont have that. Just the folder from the winrar. When I put that where you told me to nothing happened. Help?

  48. Christian

    The patch could be found in 2 versions, a .rar and a .exe
    I only used the .exe, which is the current official version.

    I suggest that you get and install that one.
    If this is not the one on FileFront, here is the link to it on the developers site: http://hlinvasion.free.fr/files/invasion_patch1.1.exe

  49. Anonymous


    neither of the patches work. is it possible to beat the game without the patch.

  50. Christian

    It is possible, but it could be very difficult in places, including the map known to be bugged.

    And the patch works, for me.

  51. Heyzors

    Is it possible to do the part with the security cameras without the patch? If so…how?

  52. Christian

    It is, as long as you keep in mind that you must not be detected by them.
    I take it that the hint I gave last time was not sufficient, so here is another: the door is not the only possible exit from the lift… and you need to exit before the door opens.

  53. robf

    Please someone tell me how to get past the part after sewer pipe when you are stuck in the “square” path under the floor-(metal grates) and you can see up. the other fellow asked this question but figured it out before the answer was given..
    (something about the “use” key?, is this the right place , because I tried that) .
    i dont know what i’m looking for…


  54. robf

    Figured it out!!

    But I updated to version 1.1 from 1.0

    Now I dont get the engligh subtitles 9i did before )!


  55. Heyzors

    This game continues to give me problems. The mapper is too creatvie and makes things very difficult. It’s so hard to find passwords.

    Where I amd stuck on is a part where you have the tank. Its right after the part where you call in the helicopter and kill it. The door opens and you go through a passage into more battle. There are I think 2 jeeps, 2 parked tanks, lots of infantry and rocket troopers, 1 or 2 snipers, and 3 mounted machine guns that are you by the infantry. There is also some mines on the ground. After I kill everything, I found the hidden passage behind the parked tanks, and went in it. It brought me underground and to the other side of my tank and the gate that the tank cant break through. There are three places that the code can be used (the code may be different for each) but I don’t know where or what the code is. Can someone help? I am determined to beat this mod.

  56. Heyzors

    Ok. Nevermind the last post…I found a walkthrough.

    Although…I still need help because the walkthrough is wrong. This is probably the last time I will be asking for help in the mod though.

    OK. In the part with the tank you get stopped because of 2 closed, large doors blocking the way. If you walk through the door to the left there is a sniper at the end of the hall. After I take him out there are 3 doors to the left. The first one is the only one I can go through. There is an annoying switch puzzle in there made up of 3 by 3 buttons. The walkthrough numbered the buttons like this:


    to make it easier. They said to push the buttons in order of 7-6-1 from the beggining and the other 2 doors in the hallway should open. They don’t. Please help!

  57. Heyzors

    OMG! This is one of the most confusing mods I have ever played (especially because I don’t speak french and the patch wouldn’t work) but I finally beat it. I know it’s amazing that I was able to so just let it sink in.

  58. Mike

    So far this is my favorite of the mods I’ve played. IMO it surpasses Half-Life. It can be very tricky. Not in an unbalanced way or like many other mods that are overly difficult just to be annoying. The challenge here is through honest, masterful design.

  59. Kyle Johnston

    Rating: 5/5 + Excellence Award
    Good: Everything is completely new; Cool “flashlight’; Decent story.
    Bad: Incredibly difficult; Dialogue in French.

    Well, now that I finally got around to playing Invasion, I wish I had done so earlier! This mod is a lot of fun. First, I’ll say this is the first mod to be played via Steam, and it went fairly well I think. At least I didn’t screw up! Anyway, I’ll start with the story.

    You, Gordon Freeman, decide not to work with the G-Man at the end of Half-Life. Right before the G-Man teleports you away to the land of the Grunts, you step into a portal created by some rogue scientists hiding in another part of Black Mesa. When you recover, you find yourself in this remote part of BMRF with many scientists and an occasional Barney. From here, you learn what has happened. Suddenly, the secret is broken, and the military finds this hidden part! Now you are running for your life. Much of this is a well done scripted sequence, so you get to sit back and watch it.
    Invasion is all new. Not just a new model here, or enemy there, but nearly everything is new. There is a new HUD, all new weapon models, some new textures, new sounds, etc …Definitely a lot of work has been put into the mod. The models aren’t super-high poly, but they are much better than HL defaults.

    Another interesting feature is the flashlight, or lack of. Instead of a flashlight, you are given a lighter, like a Bic. This is pulled off very well. You even have to strike the primer a few times to get the flame sometimes, and it won’t work underwater! I really liked it, and it should be noted. Another unique item is the infrared pistol. When activated, you can see soldiers through the walls as a cool shade of red, much like an infrared device would show. The game play is excellent, with at least 8 hours of playtime on the medium difficulty setting. There are numerous obstacles you must negotiate, and all are challenging.

    For the negatives, I will tell you, this mod is incredibly difficult. You will mangle your quickload key, I can almost guarantee it, but please don’t give up on this mod. Its a lot of fun, and just when you think its over, its not. Second, while there is a language selector (see below), all the dialogue said by the scientists is in French. But rest assured, there are captions in your chosen language.

    Something I didn’t really like was the language selector. While its much better than having to try to translate French, it was just a bother to me. But there are 4 languages to choose from, so you should have no trouble understanding the story in your native tongue.

  60. john

    wow 61 posts and counting. thanks christen for the hint on the tank. thats why I came here.
    this new way of a mod is le perfect. great sofar. oh, I had no trouble clicking the english subtitles and voices. viva le half life 1.

  61. Heyzors

    I wish I would have known what was going on; I mean I could figure it out, but I love knowing every detail. I think I’m going to play it again when the reflux version comes out.

  62. Ltemup

    Ok I’m stuck at the 9 number puzzle and I’ve entered the 719 code many times but is does nothing?

  63. what map number is it?i’ll check tonight if I know what map.played it allready but I forget where is where

  64. Heyzors

    I said earlier (I think so don’t verabally rape me if I’m wrong) that 719 does not work. There is more like 10 or more buttons you have to push in order to get it to work. Just look at what button does what and figure it out using logic.

  65. yea I have reloaded a save from just before I get to that part 6 times and 719 does not work.I’m not even sure what your supposed to do.are they supposed to be all yellow or dark?

    maybe I should check and see if everytime it loads up the map it’s all random settings on the puzzle so its different each time?

    the french and spanish walkthroughs are no help either cause translator aint worth a crap and they say 719 also

  66. Ltemup

    Let me know if you find an answer sorry logic does not work either not going to spend hours trying to figure it out have more mods to play going to delete thi one

  67. Andyno

    Hi. I’m stuck in the location where is the first tank. I hop in but can’t move… only shoot. Is this some kind of bug or something? Thanks for any reply.


  68. Christian

    A.: the answer was on post number 39…

  69. Christian

    The answer to post 69 was on post 39.

  70. john

    sorry to hear that you got stuck at the first tank. I to ran into the same problem. with so meny posts on this mod, a great mod by the way. I will save ya some reading.
    you must not die when you come in to the area where the tank is. you will have to load a saved part before the hallway were the game loads that map and before you open the door. it is a known glitch. I found out by reading all the posts. but, now I have saved you to fight on. hehe.
    good luck.

  71. Andyno

    I didn’t die of course because I can still walk… I suppose. 😀 Is it possibly caused of “GOD” mode? BTW thanks for your reply. 🙂

  72. Andyno

    Nevermind – I loaded previously saved autosave and everything is OK. Thanks again John. 🙂

  73. Andyno

    OK. Another annoying situation – 9 yellow buttons. What I have to do? Help somebody… please.

  74. Ltemup

    If you find the answer please post it I was going to delete the mod but it’s to good.

  75. Andyno

    I won’t find anything – I’ve tried everything – It’s worthless – we need somobody who knows what to do.

  76. Ltemup

    Thanks anyway it’s been posted a few times here but nobody knows the answer:(

  77. Christian

    I have played this mode at least 3 times, now.

    I always solved the puzzle myself, but but never wrote down how I did it.
    It never took me more than about 10 minutes to solve it.

    My point is that it is feasable, it should not be a reason to delete the game.

  78. john

    what map is the 9 yellow buttons on?

  79. l3m14

    i tried to load it today and figure it out using:

    · botón 1 => activa / desactiva botones 1,2 y 3
    · botón 2 => activa / desactiva botones 2, 4 y 9
    · botón 3 => activa / desactiva solo el botón 3
    · botón 4 => activa / desactiva botones 2, 4 y 8
    · botón 5 => activa / desactiva botones 1, 5 y 6
    · botón 6 => activa / desactiva botones 1, 6 y 8
    · botón 7 => activa / desactiva botones 3, 5 y 7
    · botón 8 => activa / desactiva botones 5, 8 y 9
    · botón 9 => activa / desactiva botones 1, 3 y 9

    since if I read the walkthrough right they all need to be yellow.
    But when I loaded it up to play it kept crashing saying it couln’t load sounds\sentences\blip.wav the sentences folder doesn’t even exist.time to reload the mod I guess.maybe a steam update screwed it up.

  80. john

    ok, it seems you have it. I keep my old half life one (sierra)in the computer to play these mods. I dont use my steam account with half life steam. sorry you are haveing so much trouble, I like this mod and wonder did the developers make any more. good luck and feel free to post if you have any more troubles..

  81. Andyno

    This mod is incredible – from one stuck to another! 🙁 I’m in the location with assembly lines and I found some control panel with lever but I don’t know what is it for. Please post somebody what I have to do. Thanks.

  82. Thanx to a fellow Canadian over at DSLReports named Icxis,we have an answer to the puzzle


  83. Andyno check your save list and see what map name it is so I can help.

  84. Andyno

    It’s “l4m2″…

  85. by assembly line do you mean the conveyor belts?If so you can change directions of the belts by using the console infront of you.The walkthrough explains what to do

  86. Andyno

    Of course. I know I can change direction of the belts. But I’m already beyond this point – I’m meant control panel with lever (for screenshot visit http://img292.imageshack.us/my.php?image=untitledxg6.jpg). BTW – where is the walkthrough you’re talking about?

  87. I havent checked yet but by the looks of it ,it is the lever to start the trash compactor that will blow a hole in the floor if you did it right.

    walkthrough is Here

  88. Andyno

    Thanks my friend, that walkthrough is quite useful. 🙂

  89. john

    a interisting note. if you smash the boxes in the trash compactor the tnt will not blow a hole in the grate. you have to start over before you got courious and smashed them.
    also I am now in the part with the girguantion, I have no gernades, no cluster gernades, but have a red mark for the cluster. the game wont let me pick up the explosive gernades and I have no tab on 5 I think for them anymore. any hints?

  90. I would have to replay it to give a hint.got a map name/number?Should be in your save list.Its been awhile since I played this.

  91. john

    sorry andyb, I thought I put one I am on map 14m4. thanks. I just dont see why the explosive gernades are no longer on the weapons list.

  92. john

    hey, everybody. you can sleep good tonight. I stoped the invasion. hehe. man what a great mod. I give it 5 crowbars.
    I would love to see a opposing force mod done by these guys. thanks again. it was the greatest.

  93. hey, everybody. you can sleep good tonight. I stoped the invasion.


  94. abbas

    Hello guys

    This one is Great mod But I Read The Comments and I Think Very of Gamers had Problem With it and They Discover Very Bugs in This Mod just Like my Problems! I Download This Mod But Can’t Play it Because after I Start The New Game it Crash to Windows in Loading Screen. I Update My HL1 to Vesion but I Think his version is not Currect to Play This mod. But I can’t Read or Write French so I can’t Discover The version of HL1 That Require to Run This mod. Please Help me!!

  95. abbas

    Come on Guys!

    Please Heeeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeee!!

    I Gonna Die!!!

  96. Update to a newer version. is a decade old.


  97. abbas

    Thanks for your great help but now I have another Problem!
    when I Update my Game and then Run it, this error apeared : your Half life\executable has been modified. Please Check your system for viruses and then Re-install Half Life.

    Please Help me!

  98. Did you run a virus scan?Having a virus scanner on your pc doesn’t count.Use an oline one first(http://housecall.trendmicro.com/).I’m not saying thats the problem but it may help.After you run it I will offer as much assistance as I can.The only other options are to reinstall or download steam and supply the key.

  99. paulc

    Has “noclip” been disabled in this mod, or is there a different way to use it? I keep getting “stuck” at the top of lifts. In other mods I would just noclip myself free, but in Invasion noclip crashes the game. I tried some other commands- “notarget” and “god” also cause CTDs, and it happens in both Steam and non-Steam versions (playing v1.1.1.1).

  100. Invasion has an anti cheat built in.To get around this open the console and type testmode
    Note that if you save the game and try to load it later it will crash so you must start a new game enter testmode then load the save.

  101. paulc

    Thanks andyb, that does the trick. I finally managed to finish without using cheats, but I may play it through again now that I know how to get around the more annoying problems!

  102. What a neat little tip andyb, as I was getting ready to start this one. Thank you!

  103. I’m stuck. I’m at the conveyor belts that will take the crate of tnt to the trash compactor. After I’ve tried switching the belts (which ended up dumping my tnt on the floor below), I go back to the conveyor belt to try again but the arrows are gone that you click on to manipulate them. I’ve tried starting the level over, but still the same thing. Can anyone help with this one?

  104. Thanks to everyone who offered their help! I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

    I did end up finishing it though. Great mod & best of all was guiding the tank. Pretty cool, but was it really necessary for people’s heads/limbs to go flying off from just a single shot? Pretty gruesome.

  105. Without a doubt, the best mod for HL1. This is better than the original. Lots of variety, great firefights, Great new weapons and alien opponents, and that tank! Lovely textures & lighting in the gas chamber and other levels, I could go on & on & on!
    The download links at Planetphillip includes the patch for english, and the walkthrough link is there too. Most of the problems posted here can be got round by reading it. When the game says avoid the cameras pay attention or bleed. A lot.
    Goddess Alyria – Conveyer belt computer not displaying icons? Me too. Exit the game completely, restart from a bit before this section. Worked for me.
    Also, 719 only works if its the first thing you do to the buttons. If not, try going back a quicksave or two and only enter 719 when you get there.
    Normal mode is VERY HARD. Anyone finish it on a harder setting? I doubt it. The end really made me sweat. Could hardly quicksave quick enough! A truly beautiful mod, 5/5 is not enough. Vive la France.

  106. shawn

    Incredible mod. If anyone can help, I’m stuck soon after the tank will go no further. I go down the hole into water, then up a ladder. There’s a soldier with an rpg and a truck with an unmanned machine gun inside. I’ve disabled both and can’t get any further. What am I missing?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

  107. Refer to post #39 above. Hope that helps!

  108. Oops, sorry! Wrong post reference shawn.

  109. Shawn, what map are you talking about? There’s several similar scenarios like that, that come to mind.

  110. shawn

    Very embarrassing–I missed the smashable grate on top of the air ducts.


  111. shawn

    Thanks, Alyria–I missed your post earlier and appreciate the offer. Just a dumb oversight on my part–apolgies for wasting your time.

  112. shawn

    Wow–what a series of blunders by the developers! The level with the explosive crates is all but unplayable, what with the game freezing up, crates becoming impossible to move, directional arrows disappearing…. You’d have thought that at this point in the coding they would have realized it just wasn’t working, and skipped this section.

  113. Bruno

    This one very good … but I cannot insert the code of elvator….. HELP ME PLEASE

  114. Bruno

  115. Hi everybody! See what I mean about communication? For the exit from the room with the square endless tunnel, find a corner look up. You’ll notice the grate is a different colour. Push USE and the grate will lift open. For the Nine Button Puzzle, push 7-6-1 this should light up all the buttons. Quick save before using and if you get it wrong reload as it will only domino into worse combinations if you keep pushing. Now for my Prob. The doors of the trash compactor won’t blow open. Is this a patch issue or, am I missing something?

  116. Was the tnt on the floor of the compactor when you activated it? Also check post #91

  117. Owww! This one is hard! Some scripting and linearity problems. But, the new ideas make up for this. A recommended play, no pain no gain.

  118. frank

    For those having problems getting the first tank to blow open the hanger door, try moving the mouse *while* pressing enter, and repeatedly get in and out of the tank – it should move round..

  119. I’ve just started this mod. So far it’s a great mod. Read all the posts to solve what few problems I had, but. Played thru level 13m12, driving the tank. I’m at the second recharge station, activated the radio, blew up the choper, then exit the game. Now, as I try to cont. with last save, I get an error, “Cannot read memory”. Will not load, and will not load any past saves. Can anyone help.

  120. geekofalltrades
    Play It Now!

    Simply put, this is one of the greatest Half-Life mods availabe. It includes new enemies, a new display and inventory system (which comes in very handy… more on that later), a whole host of new weapons, custom voice acting (in French), subtitles (available in four languages for those of us who don’t speak French), a new gibbing system, and many new and innovative gameplay mechanics, the most heavily advertised of which is a driveable tank.

    That being said, the mod does have a few glaring flaws that match its glaring awesomeness. One of these is that the mod is insanely difficult in some places… you’ll find yourself making heavy use of quick-load and -save, as well as the new inventory system, which allows you to carry up to nine medkits and batteries for later use. Another is that several of the weapons won’t function properly unless you fiddle with your graphics settings. The Sniper Rifle, for example, only works at higher resolutions, and the IR Gun only works properly in Direct3D graphics mode. A few wonky puzzles will greatly frustrate players. The (above mentioned) nine-button puzzle, for example, is nigh-impossible, and requires a great deal of blind luck to solve. Bugs will make other parts frustrating, like the (also above mentioned) sticking tank turret bug that requires a great deal of saving and loading to circumnavigate. Combined with a graphics display error my computer had in Direct3D, this bug required me to restart the game several times to pass. For me, perhaps the most frustrating part of the game was the lighter. Instead of a conventional flashlight, you are given a lighter by an NPC. This lighter has very limited illumination abilities, and also cannot be used at the same time as other weapons. I found it that it never ceased to peeve me, right up until the end of the mod.

    With such a scathing list of criticisms, you might be considering skipping this mod… but don’t. It really is worth the download and play. It offers a number of fresh gameplay elements and situations, and an intriguing new take on the Half-Life storyline following the events of the original game.

  121. Soulripper

    Plzzz. The walkthrough didn’t say how! I can’t run into the hole before the truck explodes. I can barely get 7 feet away! I’m gonna have to stop playing if I can’t get past this part!

  122. piledriver

    soulripper, what map number are you at? (look at your quicksave list)

  123. piledriver

    Ok soulripper. sos for the delay. Haven’t played it for a while. Had to reload it and play that map again.
    Right. You come through a door. Run.
    The door explodes. Dont stop. Run
    Go round the corner. KEEP RUNNING.
    Barney ducks under a big door. Well, he’s safe anyway!
    Look for an escape route.
    Any more help would be a spoiler.
    Phillip might edit this anyway!
    It can be done. Just RUN.

  124. piledriver

    sos again soulripper, just reread your 1st post. You have already found the escape route. Like I said, it can be done, just run, no slouching now!

  125. piledriver

    soulripper, have ya done it yet?

  126. Soulripper

    no I just gave up. I just cant run fast enought.

  127. piledriver, is there any chance you could pass the point under discussion and create a saved game? If you send it to me I could pass it on to Soulripper and maybe he can continue the mod.

    The save might not work but it’s worth a try. This is assuming Soulripper wants to continue.

    Perhaps and alternative would be to create a short video detailing what you need to do.

    Lastly, Soulripper without wanting to seem rude, running should be enough. Are you sure you are running not walking?

  128. I just played that map by loading via console and you must start running as soon as your through the blue door.Go down the left side of the truck and take the tunnel to the 3rd manhole.I think I had about 3 seconds left before the truck blew up.

  129. piledriver

    Phillip, I dont think I need to right now, but I will if asked again. What Andyb says is dead right. Soulripper, I am in the habit of quicksaving right after a new map loads. This way I can keep attempting difficult passages in different ways till I damn well succeed. I consider myself pretty good at HL1 mods, but this bit did take a while till I sussed out where I was going.
    The author of Invasion has made a very good mod and the design of this particular task is well thought out. He has allowed 3-4 seconds more than you need. You must run as soon as the door opens. You must do exactly what Andyb suggests and take note of what Phillip says about not walking. You must follow a tight path with no swerving. Keep trying, hone your key and mouse control skills. I assume you use ‘strafing” to move right and left as ‘turning” right and left is a big time waster and clumsy.
    I think myself, Phillip and Andyb would all like to hear that you have persevered and made it down that hole!
    Invasion has much more to challenge you.
    Don’t let it beat you. Beat it!

  130. Incidently, Phillip. How do I record a short movie scene from a mod? Can it be done with WinnowsExPee Movie Maker? Sorry to be off-topic but you started it 🙂
    Would be great way to give assistance, or even show off!

  131. Check this post out for some information:
    In Game Movies

  132. Ok Phillip, done that. Now I have an .avi file (8.5MB). No audio. No text. Compression makes it not much smaller. File shows successful negotiation of start of map l2m7. Do you want it? How do I upload it?
    Recommend the link to In Game Movies above to any body interested in doing just that. I used Game Cam Lite. Great fun.

  133. Just send it to me and I’ll add an intro and outro, then upload it to YouTube with all the other videos, so they are in the same place.

    I’ll then link to it in the comments.

    Thanks for doing that, it’s much appreciated.

  134. avi sent to your gmail address

  135. avi sent to your gmail address

    Got, thanks. I will add it soon

  136. WOW! I’ve never seen so many posts for a mod. I just dl’ed it for my kids comp, I think I have it in my Sierra\Half-Life on my home setup. Well, off to install and play!

  137. Zockopa
    Play It Now!

    Excellent SP-Mod. One of my (few) favorites for old HL. I hope someday a similar Mod from that
    team appears for HL2.

  138. HL Masta
    Play It Now!

    REEEEEEEEEEAAAALLLLL FUN! Best mod ever. For me it crashes when I try to cheat with godmode, Noclip and Notarget. Hope they fix it…Yet it WAS fun

  139. HL Masta

    how do I enter a code

  140. Ade

    For a HL Masta, you should know 😛 if it’s not a cheat, just type it then press the use key. If it is a cheat, just bring down the console..

  141. HL Masta

    For a HL Masta, you should know 😛 if it’s not a cheat, just type it then press the use key. If it is a cheat, just bring down the console..

    Its not a cheat its on the colepads ingame. I don’t know hot to enter on the codetab the code 8533

  142. HL Masta

    This one very good … but I cannot insert the code of elvator….. HELP ME PLEASE

    I can’t either

  143. Pablo

    Argh…stuck! I’m trying to climb a broken ladder in the “On the Surface” map (see screenshot below). The walkthru says “Arrive in the sewers. Go up the ladder. To cross the broken part of the ladder, it is necessary to run.” Tried, can’t. Can anyone help please?

  144. m82sniper

    Same with me.

  145. Anon-00757
    Play It Now!

    Ok, Shadow’s question: 8533.
    The exit of the large room, opposite to the corridor you arrived from, has a keypad.After you talked to the scientist and he gives you this code, use the keypad, then click on the numbers in sequence, followed by enter


  146. Pablo

    Re: my question (comment 148):
    Okay, in the sewer there are two ladders. The one on the right is impassable; use the on the left. Just posting this for the benefit of anyone like me who found the map so dark and the lighter so effing irritating that they didn’t see the other ladder.

  147. Shadow Angel

    Hi, i’m having problems with the language thing. I don’t see those flags and I have installed the patch. when you start up the game are you ment to see the regular halflife splash screen or not?

  148. Shadow Angel

    oh wait, sorry for the double post. but apparently I think the language buttons are actually invisible, like a missing sprite or file maybe !!

  149. A Hungarian Player
    Avoid It!

    Please help me somebody. Im stucked in the first keypad where the code is 8533. How can I type it? I tried everyhow but it wont work. When I click on a button I press enter and it is dont working. Please help me.

  150. A Hungarian Player

    Sorry for spelling faults. My english is not perfect.

  151. Mr Hungarian Player
    See comment #150

  152. A Hungarian Player

    Dear Mr piledriver. It isnt working. Tho door is closed.

  153. A Hungarian Player

    I have reinstalled the game but I still have that problem.

  154. Dear Mr H. Can you give me the map number from your ‘load game” list. I will have to check it out. Not played for a while.

  155. I think your at the first door with a keypad in the game.That door does not open.If a scientist did not tell you the code then your at the wrong door.You have to push a button to open a door where the scientist is and get a flashlite/lighter then he tells you a code.This happens after you fight the marines and they kill a Barney.

  156. Naked-Headcrab

    Invasion is certainly a very good mod, but it’s not the best of all.
    They-Hunger and Poke646 continue to be the kings.

  157. A Hungarian Player

    Yes. Right there. This is the first keypad. I have talked with the scientist and iI get the pocket lighter. I can’t set the subtitles so the game is totally french. I used default control settings and I have downloaded an english walkthrough. When I click in a button it wont get sounds. Is this a problem? Then I tried to push enter after rhe clicks but it isn’t working too.

  158. A Hungarian Player

    The map name is l1m3. I cant go back to the otherside of the map because the the big red door with red and white stripes of the bottom is closed. So this is the only one keypad here.

  159. The only sound you will here is a beep beep if you enter the code right.Only thing I can think of is your not entering 8533 correctly for some reason.I have redone it over and over and it works for me.

  160. A Hungarian Player

    Hmm. I will try to enter the code till its working. Thanks for the tips. And thank you all for your helps.

  161. A Hungarian Player

    Its cant be true. I tried hundred times. First click in 8533 then enter, then click-enter click-enter, then only enters. I tried everyhow. Is somebody know where can I download a saved game afterthis map?

  162. Reload your last save before this one.There is no reason to push enter either.It opens as soon as 8533 keys are pushed.

  163. A Hungarian Player

    I dont know why it isnt working. CAn I download another installer somewhere?

  164. did you install the patch?
    Other downloads available at the authors site


  165. A Hungarian Player

    Yes I installed the patch.

  166. A Hungarian Player

    The noclip cheat is not working too.

  167. open console ingame and type
    sv_cheats 1

    reload your save

    open console and type testmode
    now you can use cheats

  168. Kerberos
    Play It Now!

    Too hard, and it’s lacking a tutorial, hence there are new weapons… But definitely a must have. Play on Easy or prepare for consequences.

  169. A Hungarian Player

    Finally. I made it. But with a cheat. Thanks for the tips. And thanks to everybody for helps.

  170. tre
    Play It Now!




  171. dreamer

    The only other options are to reinstall or download steam and supply the key.

    I have had the same problem with the game first crashing on “new game” start and then, on updating to, getting the “you need to run a virus check and reinstall” message.

    There’s no virus.

    Now, if I reinstall, I’ll still have the crash problem. And if I update to, I’ll still have the virus problem. This feels like a perfect catch-22. Can you offer a suggestion?

  172. dreamer
    Play It Now!

    try this update instead.
    http://www.fileplanet.com/57317/50000/fileinfo/Half-Life- the one I use for my non steam install

    Thanks, AndyB.

    I actually got it to work by updating HL to instead of

    I got almost the whole way, although I find the infested laboratory, with the flying electrical icthyosaur and the little elecrical flying bugs, to be nearly impossible.

    Overall: do want.

  173. Anonymous

    I have a couple questions.
    1.The first one is how do I get my flashlight to work? I cant read any of the words and I have tried all of the options anyway which means the maker disabled it.
    2.My second question is how do I change the subtitle to English? It doesnt have the options in the game, but I would like to know what is going on!

    Someone please help me!!!!!!!!

    1. You don’t get a flashlight, insted you get a lighter.
    2. Download the patch please.

  174. andrej

    where do I need to install the patch

  175. Paul
    Play It Now!

    You install the patch in the Halflife directory, not the mod directory. I like this mod…Thumbs up!!

  176. Bear72
    Play It Now!

    How do I use the lighter?

  177. scroll through your items till you have it selected.It rarely lights the first time so you need to press your fire button to get it lite.The L key may also work I forget

  178. Mel
    Play It Later

    very good game, good story with new ideas and well balanced gameplay. Plays hard with plenty of new aliens & puzzles some very chanaging.

  179. Play It Now!

    The best I ever played, French quality is not dead

  180. Moonsorrow
    Play It Now!

    Hei! Great Mod for Half Life but I need some help: I am in the building with the sentry guns, I am on the 2nd floor in the airaduct after passed 2 sentry guns, there is some Marines below that I have killed: I have also destroyed the first sentry behind the grey door, the second also but I always explosed when I tried to go further (below the 2nd gun)…What I have to do?

    For french gamers: Je suis coinc dans l’immeuble avec les camras au 2eme tage: j’ai pass les premières, je suis dans le conduit d’aration, sorti et tu les marines ainsi que la camra du fond (de l’autre côt de la porte grise). La 2eme j’arrive à l’exploser mais qd je passe en dessous, j’explose…Que dois-je faire?!

  181. RedBone

    how do u download it? it says some stupid thing like cant download in library!
    WTF! this game looks like it super fun but PLEASE SOME 1 HELP ME DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!

  182. how do u download it? it says some stupid thing like cant download in library!
    WTF! this game looks like it super fun but PLEASE SOME 1 HELP ME DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!

    There are two links in the Basic Details at the top of the post. I just tested them and they worked fine for me. Perhaps you can be more specific regarding the messages you get.

  183. RedBone

    well I have the old version of half life is that the problem?…
    do I need the patch?

    p.s most of the mods I download dont work?why…

  184. RedBone

    ok when I start a new game the load screen comes up then it just turns off!..
    now what??

  185. johnnybag
    Play It Now!

    hello , great mod but I am totally stuck at a point where the walkthrough says ” For the third level, take the door on the right, and break the window to avoid another camera. Get up on the table
    and climb into the vent. Avoid the camera in the corner of the corridor. You arrive in a corridor with three cameras.
    For the first, crouch to get by. For the two following ones, take the door on the left. Get the stuff in the room.
    You need to be quick for the next part. Start by taking the door on the right. Push the crate (near the door) to the
    other end of the room near a shelf. Climb on the shelf. Break the grates and crawl to the place where a grate is below
    you, leading to liquid. Break this grate with a gun, but don’t go into the liquid (immediate death). Retrace back into
    the room and press the button to empty the liquid. Haul ass back through the vents and run across the emptied tank.” its when you get out of the second glass elevator and it makes no sense at all… anyone have a clue please..

  186. johnnybag comment 189 – whats the map number? Look in your load/save game list for the last one you saved. Post it here and maybe I can help.

  187. Play It Now!

    Actually johnnybag, walkthroughs are cheating, and the walkthrough for Invasion has some very strange advice. Which serves you right, cos walkthroughs are cheating.
    I just started this mod again in an effort to help you with the walkthrough. I forgot how very very good it is and how using the walkthrough is, actually, cheating.
    One part of the walkthrough says:-
    ‘to cross the broken part of the ladder, it is necessary to run.’
    This is nonsense as it’s much more complicated than that.
    But who needs a walkthrough? It ruins the fun and is cheating. (Did I mention that?)
    Invasion is a totally great mod in every way and once the subtitle language is set up is a real challenge without the walkthrough. So don’t use it cos it’s……….. ok ok.

  188. Redbone. Post 188. I had that problem after I installed the patch, but not if I didn’t install the patch. ?? Is the patch required?. Seems ok so far.

  189. HL2 Masta (THE NEW HL MASTA)

    I don’t get it. When I use god mode I crash. Why’s that? Can someone please make a fix? 🙂

  190. andyb

    It has a anti cheat built in. start a new game then in console type testmode and then you can reload a save.

  191. Invasion

    To all those who have played the French Mod Invasion, I’m stuck at the notorious, bug infested Tank scene, where you have to turn the tank turret to blast through the doors to the outside.

    I’ve tried every approach without suceess. I’m wondering, and hoping, that someone might have a saved game for the moment after the doors are blasted through.


  192. andyb

    Whats the problem?You cant hit the right spot or you dont know how to use it?To use it hit the use key that’s generally “e” or in my case the “enter/return” key

  193. Robspace1

    This has it’s own installer but it’s not going into the Steam folder. Whats the path for this? Does it go to Sorcemods?

  194. It goes in Program Files\Steam\steamapps\username\half-life if your using steam.For non steam it goes in sierra\half-life.

  195. Almost every time a new map loads or I load a saved game, it uses up a medkit/battery. How do you fix this??!!

  196. Darth Marsden

    Umm… make sure you don’t have any left over when loading a quicksave? I seem to recall having this problem back when I played through this on my old WON version of Half-Life, but it wasn’t a game-breaker.

    Unfortunately, I’m currently using the Steam version of HL and am having the same problem as out Hungarian Friend did – I can’t use keypads. The problem I – and I suspect he did as well – is that the overlay where the subtitles normally appears doesn’t appear when characters are speaking, and neither does a keypad when we try to use it. The screen just becomes darker and the moue cursor appears. The only way to get rid of the darker screen is to move away from the keypad, effectively closing it.

    When I looked at the console, a couple of messages appeared which would account for the subtitles, but I don’t know about the keypad or, presumably, the PCs that appear later on. Any thoughts?

    The messages I get in the console are:

    Error: could not load file sprites/hud_texthead1.spr
    Error: could not load file sprites/hud_texthead2.spr
    Error: could not load file sprites/hud_textbox1.spr
    Error: could not load file sprites/hud_textbox2.spr

    …and there’s also messages about missing menu texts and sounds. It’s annoying, because I remember this being fun and I’m loathe to have to re-install a pre-Steam version of HL if I don’t need to.

  197. Darth Marsden

    Actually, just had a thought. It’s not something to do with the transparency dll files, is it?

  198. Gerry

    key codes do not work. used the numeric keypad with numlock on or off. tried with “use key” on and with “S” on ; no help. also how do I reduce the size of the man; he occupies 25% of the screen. this mod is good but buggy.

  199. Gerry

    I loaded the patch into INVASION and then the mod would not load ( gets me back to the desktop). The wizard seems to want the patch to load into
    INVASION. help please. I am using standard half-life (not STEAM)

  200. Zockopa

    Actually playing this mod on a won HL1 Version. Installed the mod than the 1.1 patch. In that order. No problems and no bugs so far and im at the end of the tank-section.

  201. Andrew37

    how do I put the subtitles? help me! :S

  202. MarkSA

    Awesome mod. One of the best mods for halflife.

  203. Personal Favourite

    Hard as hell, but really outstanding!

  204. Hec
    Personal Favourite

    WOW, this was my very first mod for any HL game I played!!!, how was I going to forget!!, is like a flashbulb memory, about me, trying to experiment with the files where I had no idea of how to run a mod propperly, arround 2004-05 or so!!

    So is my personal Fav. because is special really is, it was the first and I just loved it!!, new weapons, new crazy story from those french developers!! man I love this mod!, I was freaked out when I use the sniper riffle!!, and that Tank drivable ride!!! wow, I discover why mods are called mods!!! LOL I tought HL1 only have the same boring weapons untill I discover this jewel.

    Is a great classic mod that I really loved, you have to play it, if you are an experimented mod gamer then this mod would be maybe kind of lower to you, but for me being the very first mod I played, was a BLAST!! I could even say this is the reason of why i’m adicted to HL mods, definietely close to my heart, that really outweights the rest of the tech arguments about this mod for me.

  205. Anon_423806

    i need to know all the weapons name

  206. Play It Later

    Game is HARD to play, for me borderline of having to reload so many times that I didn’t want to play the game because it’s not fun to re load so often. I enjoy the story & not how challenging it is to beat the game i.e. I don’t play all the difficulties.

    detachable limbs when killed

    variety of weapons

    blue suit; how you can apply energy to specific parts

    Different ways of getting killed i.e. the cylinders down the stairs then exploding.

    Same items are destructible & non destructible w/ no indicator if what’s non destructible; wasted precious ammo!!

    Digital pads are a nice visual, but not necessary

    fag lighter; the lighter has more fuel than the flashlight has power (?_?)

    firearms sound & look more powerful than what i’m used to; M16 fires like a M60!

    Enemy tank that can see thru everything and keep you in the cross-hairs.

    Tank section of the game where you drive…except for blowing up soldiers w/ satisfaction w/ main gun, everything about it was a disaster!

    Gargantua that you can’t kill, but dies from a giant fan @@

    NO Hollywood ending ب_ب

    During the tank driving section I had enough; I cheated. You can cheat by typing “testmode” in the console then sv_cheats 1 then your cheats of preference. If you save a game or it crashes and you need to reload your game w/ cheats, you will have
    1. start a new game or load a game w/ no cheats saved on them
    2. Load your game w/ the cheats codes activated.

  207. Play It Now!

    Great mod that adds a lot of new features to the original gameplay. It has it own unique style and the maps look absolutely lovely. Invasion has many new enemies and weapons. Some are a hit and others are a miss. Very classic HL puzzle and action pacing. The thing that stands out about this mod is that the mod maker put so much effort in minor details that you may miss on your first playthrough.

    There were some gameplay elements I didn’t care for, like making health packs and batteries as inventoried items. But it didn’t detract from the gameplay much. The enemies seem to have incredible aim, but they go down easier. The only thing I really hated was the lack of a flashlight, the lighter was absolutely useless. Invasion is a bit buggier then your average HL1 mod.

  208. Personal Favourite

    A great mod with some smaller nuisances, like irritating bugs (health packs being automatically used when saving a game?), the annoyingly useless lighter (another mod that does not have a good reason to disable the regular flashlight), and sometimes too challenging firefights (wondering how this plays on Hard). Dividing armor among separate body parts is more irritating than helpful. It’s just a fancy feature, that has no real use.

    In addition, I don’t understand why they hardcoded a FOV value of 90, making the mod Vert- when using widescreen resolutions. Why disable the ability to modify this value via console in a single player mod?

    Gameplay-wise the most annoying thing is the 9-button-riddle in part 3, which feels completely out of place. As the riddle’s starting configuration is randomly selected, the PDF walkthrough does not help here, as its solution will most likely not work. Here’s a general solution to this riddle, using the following numbering of the buttons

    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9

    To change the color of button 1, press buttons 3, 5, 6, 8, 9.
    To change the color of button 2, press buttons 1, 5, 6, 8, 9.
    To change the color of button 3, press button 3.
    To change the color of button 4, press buttons 1, 2, 9.
    To change the color of button 5, press buttons 2, 4, 8.
    To change the color of button 6, press buttons 2, 3, 4, 6, 9.
    To change the color of button 7, press buttons 2, 3, 4, 7, 8.
    To change the color of button 8, press buttons 2, 4, 5, 6, 8.
    To change the color of button 9, press buttons 5, 6, 8.

    That said, mostly anything else about this mod is fantastic and really impressive, and the above mentioned points do not distract enough from the overall greatness to justify going down from “Personal Favourite” to “Play It Now!”. In the end, it’s just that: a personal favorite of mine and definitely among my top 5 HL singleplayer mods.

  209. 1.) backup the config.cfg file from the Invasion folder 2.) copy the original config.cfg from the Valve folder into the Invasion directory and overwrite.
    This will clear up the mess with the keyboard buttons, if undesired effects are experienced with the mouse at any time just right-click, that’ll fix it.
    The reason I’m jotting this down is because I am accustomed to one set of controls for Half Life, always was, and don’t want to waste grey matter remembering another set of controls. I’m sure many others feel this way about decent keyboard layout for Half-Life and related Valve games.
    I haven’t played far into this Mod, the NPC’s I cannot understand however it appears to be good. Thanks up-loader.

  210. Has anyone managed to get the installer working on win 10? Have tried downloading from official website (http://hlinvasion.free.fr/index_eng.htm) but installer still hangs

  211. I’m having trouble…

    After installing the mod on Steam, I start it, the game launches… Except the sniper scope is on screen all the time, making it really unconfortable to play… That’s a shame, I remember this mod to be one of the greatest I played on the CD version of Half-Life, and it wad made by french compatriots !

    Could anyone help me ? I reinstalled it several times, both with the zip and .exe versions, applied the patches and it looks like it doesn’t change anything…

    1. bmaunch

      its probably because your FOV is off. try setting it back to 90 and everything should work fine

  212. Play It Now!

    I played this modified campaign and i think it’s GREAT!
    Story is good , but i didn’t like the end. Best part of this mod is greatly advancing Gameplay.
    New HUD , New NPCs , New Weapons , Ability to collect Suit Batteries and Medic and even to drive Tank (vehicle)! Everyone who love to play Half-Life i highly recommend to play this!

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