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Héctor Alonso

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22 September 2010




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Almost middle aged gamer of HL Universe mods!!!
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About my playing style I can definitely say is quite aggressive, as I like combat and really hardcore combat in HL2 mods, so be sure if there's a mod with plenty of combat in it count me in to play it. I specially love to battle against 3 or more Hunters in a map, that's though I know sometimes it can be really hard and many times I have finished maps and mods in really red health numbers.

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I have play +100 HL1 and HL2 maps and mods, and the number keeps growing!! I also always try to review them as soon as I finish them, that's why you will see more than 1000 comments here on PP.com, also I like to interact with other mod gamers and I also play and try to review L4D2 SP Campaigns.

Top 5 Favourites


  1. Grand Thefth Auto San Andreas
  2. Thirdwire's Strike Fighters 2 Israel
  3. IL2 Sturmovik-1946
  4. Left For Dead 2
  5. SimCity 4 Deluxe


  1. Heart of Evil (Nathan Ruck's)
  2. CSS SCI-Fi 3: Hardwired (fitzroy_doll's)
  3. Strider Mountain (Leon Brinkman's)
  4. Black Mesa (Black Mesa Dev Team's)
  5. The Citizen Mod Saga (Chris “Playbus” Fox's and Jose “Kasperg” Ameyugo's)

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Latest 25 Comments
01 May 2022 Half-Life: Field Intensity I don't know if you are the same person, anyway just read the hint above this comment.
01 May 2022 Half-Life: Field Intensity Well, remember always to use the pointing right at the green xenian surfaces you may encounter i...
27 Apr 2022 Half-Life: Field Intensity Well Boy, wow! This mod is definitely the best for HL1 and OPF thematic, I've played in 15 years....
25 Apr 2022 Bootleg Squadrog Well, About OpF-themed mods. do not hesitate to play “Field Intensity” it is absolutely brilliant...
25 Apr 2022 Classic of the Month Stream – Bootleg Squadrog – March 2022 Well, About OpF-themed mods. do not hesitate to play "Field Intensity" it is absolutely brilliant...
21 Mar 2022 Stalwart XT This one was a sweet piece. Quite neat and nicely done. The combat pace was great and the whole m...
03 Feb 2022 Minimicus Well, this is an absolute classic. Many things are s perfectly conceived and laid out in this mod...
28 Jan 2022 Route City Well here is me again after 11 years! wow, 11 years... that seemed like yesterday but is a hell o...
24 Jan 2022 The Duct Map Well, this is dire... Just a very proof of skills map that I assume was made by a modder just...
22 Jan 2022 CWCpack Initiative Well possibly 20 years ago this bundle of single-player maps was kind of impressive. But well no...
14 Jan 2022 Space Prisoner Well, as a whole the concept of this mod was a nice idea, that's for sure. Nevertheless, for me, ...
23 Dec 2021 Swiss_Cheese Halloween 2002 Ok, so there are some things to say about this classic one. Maybe the most important thing t...
26 Nov 2021 Beast Great little map pack. Reminded me a lot of the very awesome entries of The Project Quantum L...
26 Nov 2021 Half-Life: Crowbar-Deep in the Dead (Demo) Well, this was wow! Just wow!! I mean, I am not a quite Doom fan, and to be honest, I've neve...
25 Nov 2021 Half-Life Decay: Solo Mission (Demo 1) Well, this is a nice little Demo that indeed turns the HL Decay coop experience into a Single Pla...
25 Nov 2021 Half-Risen (Demo v2.0) Well, I am not a demo enthusiast, that's for sure. But here it happened that I wanted to play som...
08 Nov 2021 Dark Evening Well, I can't deny that I have a certain attraction for these kinds of mods that are located in t...
17 Oct 2021 Half-Life: WAR (Demo) Overall I like it. it made me remember those SCFI military classics as Goldeneye and CSCZ mission...
26 Sep 2021 Uplinked Well, playing this mod gave me a strong feeling that Black-Mesa should've been even bigger than t...
22 Aug 2021 Southernmost Combine So First I have to say this is a BIG release and particularly special to Latinamerican gamers lik...
30 May 2021 Transmissions: Element 120 So I have to revisit this review as finally have played the perfectly done Steam Version. And wit...
30 May 2021 Possible next mapping challenge: TransmissionsVille? Wow, so now that I have replayed T.120 on Steam Version -which is by the way corrected in every t...
10 May 2021 Seek and Destroy Mod I enjoyed this mod. Offered quite a nice action, though the overall mapping layout was very boxy....
09 May 2021 Logistique Demo Ok, so why do I take my time to review a very old demo from 12 YO now? Well simply because, belie...
06 May 2021 Enslavement of Vortigaunts Demo Ok, so I finally tested this one, and overall is a big maybe. I see most people avoided give a re...
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