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Héctor Alonso

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22 September 2010




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Almost middle aged gamer of HL Universe mods!!!
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About my playing style I can definitely say is quite aggressive, as I like combat and really hardcore combat in HL2 mods, so be sure if there's a mod with plenty of combat in it count me in to play it. I specially love to battle against 3 or more Hunters in a map, that's though I know sometimes it can be really hard and many times I have finished maps and mods in really red health numbers.

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I have play +100 HL1 and HL2 maps and mods, and the number keeps growing!! I also always try to review them as soon as I finish them, that's why you will see more than 1000 comments here on PP.com, also I like to interact with other mod gamers and I also play and try to review L4D2 SP Campaigns.

Top 5 Favourites


  1. Grand Thefth Auto San Andreas
  2. Thirdwire's Strike Fighters 2 Israel
  3. IL2 Sturmovik-1946
  4. Left For Dead 2
  5. SimCity 4 Deluxe


  1. Heart of Evil (Nathan Ruck's)
  2. CSS SCI-Fi 3: Hardwired (fitzroy_doll's)
  3. Strider Mountain (Leon Brinkman's)
  4. Black Mesa (Black Mesa Dev Team's)
  5. The Citizen Mod Saga (Chris “Playbus” Fox's and Jose “Kasperg” Ameyugo's)

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15 Dec 2017 Half-Life 2: Aftermath I downloaded this before it was posted in RTSL.com. Overall feels like a map demonstrator. Not ve...
15 Dec 2017 Operation X I guess the best way to depict this mod is "old school". Is full of frontal but tactical combat,...
12 Dec 2017 HalloweenVilleFour Overall I think this was a very bland competition. Compared to some previous "Halloeenville" com...
11 Dec 2017 Lunar Descent I think I liked this one. Overall it felt like a cool total conversion and we have to keep that i...
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28 Nov 2017 BridgeVille Well, it's been a while since this was released so I will review it as a whole. Overall it is...
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21 Nov 2017 Quiet Rehabilitation This was a pretty cool, and pretty neat map. I enjoyed all the combat inside it. And the layout w...
29 Oct 2017 Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. WOW, Unq! I didn't know Caged was an original release in the PQL1 mod. I'll replay it! Many thank...
29 Oct 2017 Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. Houston we've got a classic! I guess this is the perfect phrase to summarize this HL1 mod. I ...
29 Oct 2017 Street Hazard Well, At first I thought to give Street Hazard a PN. I think still is a solid PN. But I decided m...
26 Oct 2017 Entropy Zero No problem bro, in fact, I think you seem like a good reviewer, I'd like to read your recommendat...
25 Oct 2017 Dark Interval: Part 1 Man, I don't know others but I love this kind of mods. Especially if they're well crafted like in...
24 Oct 2017 Entropy Zero Yeah dude that's right, I mean YOU rated it. So I see no point in question other players that rat...
23 Oct 2017 Entropy Zero I am a gamer, pure gamer, I don't have a hint of any mapping tech issues. I only care if it's fu...
19 Oct 2017 Entropy Zero I liked Entropy Zero. It was a fresh release with a very original intention. Play as the "bad guy...
03 Oct 2017 Epistle3Ville Ok, so I've finally finished Epistle3 Ville. And as a whole competition, I think this one possibl...
08 Sep 2017 Third 50-Hour Mapping Challenge Starts This Friday That's a great Idea! Or a cool one like The Great Forever Tomorrow.
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