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Just another average person goin' 'bout, I s'pose
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Suicidal-like, throwing himself at the danger without a care in the world

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Uses quicksaving/quickloading like crazy because of the many times a save got corrupted in a game or a save was too far away where I died

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  1. Castlevania Series
  2. Team Fortress 2
  3. Prince of Persia PS2 Trilogy
  4. Splinter Cell Series
  5. Any platformer like Cuphead or Pizza Tower

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Programming languages: Pascal, C, C#, C++, Java, Python, HTML, CSS I've also studied PHP and Javascript, but couldn't practice (computer can't run Visual Studio well) I also know to draw, but most of the time I hate it, so... cautious there >.> Mods I've released (not gonna count the cancelled/ shelved ones because there are a painful lot): - Hotline Miami 2: Another Ringtone (mod for Hotline Miami 2) - Zone of Escapism (mod for Doki Doki Literature Club) - Dr. Neo Cortex Announcer Pack (Team Fortress 2 Announcer pack with Fan-made acting)

Latest 25 Comments
15 Feb 2024 Silent Escape The map design and overall visual did look nice and I did like how you play it with no armor thro...
27 Jan 2024 Local Motive: Definitive Edition Like it quite a lot, played twice being the second time for the developer commentary. The acting ...
26 Jan 2024 Night at the Office The premise of the mod is quite good, though having an avenue for people who wouldn't shoot peopl...
23 Jan 2024 Rebel Surge That was just a very short and not-that-well-made alternate version of the Anticitizen One chapte...
23 Jan 2024 Sebastian Kinda boring, to be honest. The voice acting was from misguided to serviceable at times, the mapp...
23 Jan 2024 The Sprucecape Mod Good story, perhaps too short, but told succinctly. Have some gripes about sometimes maps lacking...
23 Jan 2024 Forest Train Kinda nonsensical story, but the maps are nice and compact, the last fight was a bit inventive, a...
22 Jan 2024 They Hunger Quite the marvelous total conversion mod, a must play for people wo wanna delve into Half-Life Mods
22 Jan 2024 Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. I’ve installed it via Steam instead of here, but I thought leaving a message here would be nice t...
22 Jan 2024 Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. I've installed it via Steam instead of here, but I thought leaving a message here would be nice t...
22 Jan 2024 Introduce Yourself I don't even know how to introduce myself, to be honest, so I'll just fire whatever comes to mind...
08 Mar 2023 The Challenger Deep 2 The map design and texture work is outstanding, and it never gets boring, which it's a feat not a...
07 Mar 2023 ETC 2 - Earthquake Test Centre 2 It's better than the first one! It still has good design, the voice acting is from serviceable to...
07 Mar 2023 ETC - Earthquake Test Centre The design of the levels are good, but the story is nowhere to be seen. The sequel pretty much ta...
06 Mar 2023 Point of View The visuals, the gameplay, the story, the philosophy around it and how it pairs with humanity eve...
03 Mar 2023 Times Of Troubles Cool mod, nice mapping, but fix the ending; Barney can glitch and not let you end the game
03 Mar 2023 Half-Life: Invasion I can see a lot of effort went here, and I really don't wanna be that guy to piss on people's stu...
03 Mar 2023 Poke 646 Vendetta Fun mod, but not only didn't tie the loose ends on Poke646, but also it's too short and sometimes...
03 Mar 2023 Poke 646 The navigation is clear, the gameplay is challenging and the story, albeit having some plot holes...
03 Mar 2023 Absolute Redemption It is a bit confusing on the second half of the mod, but it's a fun mod, so go and play it. Also ...
03 Mar 2023 Half-Life: Visitors Quite the fun experience; I really like how, instead of you being a worker there, you, as the nam...
03 Mar 2023 Smart Decoy The story was a bit confusing, and the game was difficult and short, but I had a good time regard...
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