Night at the Office

for Half-Life

7th June 2005

Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3

This is a total conversion and places the player in a high-rise office complex. The gameplay is described as very non-linear and there are a few new weapons for the player to use.

Basic Details
  • Title: Night at the Office
  • File Name: hl1-sp-night-at-the-office.7z
  • Original File Name: nato_v1.3.exe
  • Size : 35.3Mb
  • Author: Darryl Patrick
  • Date Released: 07 June 2005
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Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. gofmaverick

    anyone want to write me a walkthrough?

    This is too confusing.

  2. thinhle115

    It’s not that confusing it just that you are doing something wrong.

  3. The Abandoned Workshops

    This one has a new storyline that has nothing to do with the Half Life storyline. You, the player, is trapped within the office you work at as terrorists have overtaken the building while you were working. The mod also includes new weapons such as a fire axe, AK and a few more. I found this one extremely fun to play through and enjoyed every second of it. You must try to survive and escape the place. It is non-linear as you can explore each floor to your own satisfaction in any order you wish, some areas are locked but can be accessed by the vents. Although, there are still key places you must go, such as finding the security guard to continue further with the story line. You can fight the terrorists although it can be risky since there are no health pickups anywhere and a few bullets can put you down. There’s a lot to do in the mod as well, and most of the time you find yourself back tracking to other areas and developing the plot a little further. Quite lengthy and worthwhile, great cut scenes and just plain fun. I recommended you try the training room first, as it also introduces the characters and you getting the job there

    Average design throughout, the texturing is quite simple and each floor is basically the same shape with different rooms placed at different areas. Normal office objects with nothing too special to comment on either. Lighting is also simple as well, but is good as well. The character models also fit with the design, since both aren’t too detailed so nothing looks too out of place, and everything gives the general idea so it’s all good.

    A very enjoyable, non-linear mod that is fun throughout.


  4. There is a walkthrough on the author’s site.

  5. Kyle Johnston

    Rating: 5/5 + Excellence Award
    Good: New everything (models, textures, sounds); 3 different endings; original idea/concept.
    Bad: Somewhat short.

    Night at the Office. That can mean many things, ranging from actually doing work you were supposed to do earlier in the week, to giving the new secretary some ‘tips” on how to stay organized. This mod is neither of those. You are an administration assistant working for a courier company in a high rise office complex. One night, you discover that terrorists have entered the building and are moving quickly up the floors. You’re in a desperate scramble to halt the terrorists and save all the other employees. So thats the premise of Night at the Office, does the mod make it all the way to the 16th floor and become great? Or does it even leave the ground? Read on to find out.

    NATO starts off great. With a new hazard course, you get to explore some of the floors used during the game. I would recommend going through it first, because you may not understand the rest of the story. Alright, here we go. I enjoyed NATO. There is all new material, from weapons (AK47, Shotgun, Flashlight, etc…), people models, textures (floor level descriptions, fun jokes in some places), and sounds (new voice-acting). They all fit well and make the levels fun. Enemies are logically placed around the building floors, with some patrolling, others taking a break, some talking on the radio, things like that. There are 3 endings possible with NATO, I’m not going to say what they are, because that would ruin the fun. And finally, Night at the Office isn’t another resonance cascade scenario in a secret government building mod either.

    I believe this is the first time a mod has been located in one high-rise building. Its refreshing to see something so original. Another thing I should point out, is the scripting. It really adds to the experience and adds to the feel of the game. There are numerous extras that are included in the download package too. Fun screenshots of models, to a couple videos and some other stuff too. I think including this stuff was a good touch. Also, you have the option of using crosshairs of not. Make sure to read the readme when you download NATO.

    To be honest, the only negative I can think of for NATO is the length. It’s certainly not as long as other mods, but the quality of the work makes up for the length I guess. If you really want to nit-pick, every time I pressed my “F” key, the lambda logo would be sprayed, but this is completely subjective and I remedied that problem by unbinding my “F” key (bring up the console, then type: unbind f). That could have been my own fault too though.

  6. piledriver

    Hmm. Yes original. Fun? Hmm. No health pickups means any damage or death is followed by a F7 and another try. and another. etc. On the medium setting this game is impossible to complete without dying a monotonous thousand times. If you like that, this is for you.
    There is no crosshair available. Not even a choice of crosshair or not. It says so in the walkthrough.
    The “hazard course” is a walk across an office and a jump over a desk and screen to open a door!???
    Graphics are basic, gameplay is not varied. Some may like NATO, it may be different but its not good. 2/5

  7. piledriver

    If you want original and fun, play Ispitatel4

  8. I remember this mod, I just walked around without knowing where to go o_O

  9. poisonheadcrab
    Avoid It!

    crapy voice acting for the terroists

    PS I’m coming for you

  10. The Watcher

    I didn’t really like this mod; I found it rather depressing (especially since the 2 possible endings have the same outcome), as well as somewhat boring most of the time. There are only a few HL mods that I don’t like, and this happens to be one.

    It’s not a bad mod, but I guess the nature of it just didn’t agree with me…

  11. ~Jazz~
    Think Twice

    *Spoiler : I kind of tell the ending.. a bit..*

    It’s an OK mod. But the ending is poorly executed, It’s one of those mods that say “Hey, you did all this crazy crap, now your going to die / fail anyway! Thanks for nothing!” So why even bother playing the thing in the first place IF YOUR GOING TO FAIL?! WHAT’s THE POINT?! Models are pretty LD but that doesn’t bother me because I rigged my own custom weapons. Overall, It’s not horrible but If you need a good time killer, I guess you can play it and be depressed about the ending. (Go under the Sewer grate)

  12. 2muchvideogames

    Awww, you guys aren’t very good gamers! There are crosshair packs available in the mod! There are the two obvious endings, yes, that you get kill in, but there is a third ending! Read: earlier comments. In the third ending you…(spoiler undisclosed), so please go back and try too find the secret ending 3.

    I don’t know about you guys, but this rating for this mod is dismal, and in my opinion, inaccurate. This mod sports almost the best story-oriented mod you would have known. The plot is much more interesting and immersive than before imagined. I admit it is difficult without any health kits, but, get the crosshair pack, it will make mod alot better. You know.

  13. Danny_ZR

    Hated it. The only thing I liked about this mod was THE ENDING! BECAUSE IT ENDS! HA HA HAHAHAH!

  14. Play It Later

    I honestly enjoyed this mod. It was difficult, but the fairly non-linear level design allows for some replayability. The voice acting also wasn’t half bad. It has been a while since I completed this mod, but I do remember enjoying it. Also, the extras are interesting to look through.

  15. In my opinion, Good mod 🙂

  16. Hec
    Play It Now!

    You know, I think this is a classic mod for HL1.

    Why do I think so? Well, because I remember the iconic concept of escape a building taken by a handful of terrorists.

    I remember that concept in this mod even here in the far away 2017!!! I also, remember the iconic AK47 with the one you fight your escape through the stair levels.

    Even in this year where I write this recommendation, I watched a video where you can play NaTO in your smart Android OS tablet or phone! So that could be a cool experience to try out, and I maybe try.

    I know this mod is one of those you may love or hate, especially by its great difficulty skills to play, even in easy skill selected. But the concept is a classic inside HL1 mods, and you definitely have to try out If you want to play all HL1 classic mods available.

  17. Maybe?

    I remember grabbing NatO off of a PCGamer disk back in the day. At the time it hadn’t been exactly what I had expected, but I remember enjoying it for what it was. Coming back to it around 16 years later… no so much.

    I even remember sending an email to Darryl Patrick and asking him about the alternate endings. He was the one to tell me that there was a third ending where the player survives.

    But anyway. Night at the Office as a concept is great. You play not as some super soldier or a theoretical physicist in a suit of advanced power armour, but a run of the mill admin assistant. You don’t have advanced firearms training, you can’t heal a bullet wound with a medkit and you can’t tank damage like a… well… like a tank.

    I also enjoy that the mod takes an almost non-linear approach, allowing you to explore at your leisure (assuming you have the ammo to do so unhindered) and the building features most of the things you would expect. The story is told relatively well throughout and is thankfully fully voiced.

    So why am I only giving it a Maybe? Well, every aspect of this mod is just… mediocre. The maps, new models, animation, minimal coding changes and voice acting is all very sub par. Now I can appreciate that this was made back in 2005, mostly by a single person, but it just feels like everything could do with a few rounds of polish. I would say that the maps are less detailed than those in the original Half-Life and while new textures are used in places, most floors stick to the same old, drab fifties theme from Office Complex.

    It’s worth a run through if you’re curious, but it certainly has not aged well.

  18. Maybe?

    The premise of the mod is quite good, though having an avenue for people who wouldn’t shoot people to live but instead stealth through could’ve been great (I wouldn’t picked it because I’m a psychotic bastard, but not everyone is).
    The voice acting ranges from serviceable to downright terrible, with the Terrorists being the worst seeming like teenagers with guns and no guts to be menacing. Though I do think it was unfortunate for the one who voiced those fellas, because the other voices he did were fine.

    The endings aren’t good either, being:
    One where you see Broadway-famous guy over there seeing his love-life dead (which he was warned before) and killing himself, sealing the fate of the others (if this was the player and the player had the choice of killing himself or trying to get the others out of the building, then perhaps it would’ve been better)
    Another where you escape but get run over, because we do need a hilarious ending to a somewhat serious mod…
    And the last one where you escape but leave the others behind… when you could just get there, say “guys, let’s get out of here”, and escape by the same place, even if you had trouble moving the wounded one through the sewer water; infections and bullet wounds can be treated, death cannot.

    Overall, if y’wanna play it, it is a new experience to be had, just not that well-thought-out in my opinion. I’ve learned that there’s a remake of this mod floating around, but it only changes the graphics, and it changes that sometimes for the best and other times for the worst; really not that noteworthy

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