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4 March 2006


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Playing Morrowind and Half-Life!

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11 Jul 2007 Azure Sheep You've restarted steam, right ? And you got hl installed ?(maybe dumb question, but you never kno...
11 Jul 2007 Black Mesa Theme Park Nice idea, I like it! Being in Black Mesa for real would be awesome.
08 Jul 2007 Danger 2 This one is a bit better then the first one..
08 Jul 2007 Route City Your welcome :)
07 Jul 2007 Route City This is a pretty sweet mod that has some bugs that needs to get fixed. Sometimes the bugs r...
07 Jul 2007 Half-Life Emergency This mod has the not best level design, but the maps are not bad either. No English languag...
07 Jul 2007 Chernobyl Don't waste money on this! This mod has poor mapping and bad gameplay, there's free mods th...
30 Jun 2007 Bootleg Squadrog Small, and very great Opposing Force mod which offer more teamwork then original Opposing F...
27 Jun 2007 Nuclear Winter This mod is really good and worth the download.
27 Jun 2007 The Xeno Project 2 geekofalltrades, I totally disagree with you. Firstly, I love the gameplay in the mod. Secondly, ...
27 Jun 2007 Star Wars Is this really a map based on Star-Wars ? Haven't played and cannot find it on the internet either.
27 Jun 2007 Night at the Office I remember this mod, I just walked around without knowing where to go o_O
27 Jun 2007 Drug Barons Short, good mod, made by Maverickdev which also made Wanted! and Absolute Redemption.
27 Jun 2007 Afraid Of Monsters Rofl, I really like this mod, and it's awesome cooperative!
27 Jun 2007 Absolute Redemption Afro-Dude, what's bad with gman's voice ? I think it really sounds like gman in the original Half...
31 Oct 2006 Poll Question 002 - Which do you collect first; Health or Ammo? Health of course, if the ammo is out, then I just grab the crowbar.
14 May 2006 Case Closed This is a excellent mod, I recommend it to all. Its also available to play in coop mod in Sven Co...
07 May 2006 Final Run I agree with you, bumtown. Next level doesn't work, the author has messed with info_landmark.
13 Mar 2006 Gman Invasion Man, I don't think I've laughed so much at a long time as I did at the map c1a4i !! DOWNLOAD THIS...
06 Mar 2006 Black Ops I've completed the Black Ops now, I thought that it is a great game with a very good gameplay. Th...
05 Mar 2006 1986 This mod would be much better if you were able to fight the enemies .
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