Star Wars

for Half-Life

29th October 2003

An entry in TWHL’s “Map a Movie” challenge, based on Star Wars. Only one bug remains, you’ll have to manually change the map when the first one ends.

This one’s simply a fly-by, theres no interaction, unless you count being able to look around while the scenes are playing out.

Don’t try saving/restoring, or pausing the game in such a way as to desync the music. It’s designed to follow the events on screen.

Only one bug remains, you’ll have to manually change the map when the first one ends.

Basic Details
  • Title: Star Wars
  • File Name:
  • Size : 4.1 MB
  • Author: Jobabob
  • Date Released: 29 October 2003

Download Options

Download to your HD [4.1 MB]

Manual Installation Instructions
  • Unzip and copy all files & folders to your SteamApps\common\Half-Life\valve or valve_addon folder.
  • Run Half-Life and type map swpart1 or map swpart2 into the console. (Map 2 must be loaded manually).

If you require more help, please visit the Technical Help page.

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  1. Is this really a map based on Star-Wars ? Haven’t played and cannot find it on the internet either.

  2. HL masta I don’t thing it’s the same file olways refered with a number on TWHL bu I remenber the starwar map a movie was really well done and interesting

    for the one interested : here

  3. dracula

    i didn’t saw the download file?can anyone
    shpw were do I find it?

  4. Bl@cK

    nope, map from TWHL competition is 5.67 MB, and its author well-known…

  5. Download link missing on this one.

    1. Unq

      Fixed. The only map I figure this post could be for is Jobabob’s TWHL entry for the Map a Movie compo.

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