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Maps and mods that were found or sourced from TWHL (The Whole Half-Life).

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Marine Invasion: Episode 1

for Half-Life

Collect your gear and suit up.

Face possibly the largest number of enemies you have ever seen.

Survive until you die in the radioactive goo.

This mod was originally released with Episode and a bonus Opposing Force map on THWL. I have chosen to release each episode and the bonus map separately.


Total Downloads: 47129th April 2015
9 Comments and 5 recommendations, most say "Maybe?"

The Work Area

for Half-Life

You must escape your work area.

Apparently, you’ve always worked in the basement, so you don’t really know what to expect on the higher levels.

They might even have secret doors for all you know.


Total Downloads: 35924th April 2015
4 Comments and 4 recommendations, most haven't enjoyed it


for Half-Life

Starting deep in the bowels of Black Mesa, you will need to work your way down further before the light will reveal itself.

Both army and zombie want you dead, but your will is strong.

Explore all routes before committing yourself.

Good Luck.


Total Downloads: 48217th April 2015
10 Comments and 10 recommendations, 5 say "Maybe?"

Saving Santa

for Half-Life

There’s been a revolt at the South Pole!

The elves have taken Santa Claus hostage and are making outrageous demands.

If you don’t rescue him, the Christmas could be cancelled forever.

Think of the children!

Save him.

Made for one of TWHL’s Secret Santa events.


Total Downloads: 65313th April 2015
9 Comments and 7 recommendations, most say "Play It Later"

The Escape

for Half-Life

You are trapped.

You and one security guard and perhaps a scientist.

With careful planning you might be able to escape.

Can you save the others though?


Total Downloads: 5229th April 2015
7 Comments and 7 recommendations, most say "Play It Later"

Lost in Transmission

for Half-Life 2: Episode Two

“Gordon and Alyx are on their way to Eli’s lab.

Something goes wrong while you’re being transported…

Search the ruins to find your way back.”

Author’s Note:” This map is unoptimized and contains quite a few particles. This might not run well on lower-end systems. I apologize for any framerate drop that might occur.”

This map was entered into TWHL’s Competitions 33: Floating Island.


Total Downloads: 6995th April 2015
16 Comments and 10 recommendations with no significant bias