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Stephane Meganck

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15 September 2006




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It's close 20 years that I'm an FPS fan and this is the place to be. I always wanted to review stuff like i can in an approximative english... I try to add good finds something but PP is still the best place ;)
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I think it also depend of the way the gaming is oriented by the creator but i like to walk arround have not to complicated puzzle and good combats

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In a sort of letargy for about 3 years i play on and off but more arround one hour a week or even less did two releases for Duke Nukem 3D and have a blog where i review in the past :( single player releases be following Philip from the biginning :)

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  1. Call Of Duty Series
  2. Quake Series
  3. Richard Burns Rally
  4. Duke Nukem
  5. Chaser


  1. They Hunger
  2. USS Darkstar
  3. Starship Trooper TC

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just participate in some releases regarding Duke Nukem, for the rest even if a toutched editors at time didn't make anything usable

Latest 25 Comments
02 Jan 2019 RTSL in 2019 :( :( :( It's a sad news even if I don't play a lot Half-Life stuffs or just occasionally sin...
25 Feb 2018 Autonomy Lost Even if all comment here above put in highlight all the things that are great or frustrating I ha...
22 Jan 2018 Re-Poll Question 002 – Which do you collect first; Health or Ammo? Im' a coward and want to live ash much time as I can so Health without any doubt :)
06 Jan 2018 Nosocomephobia All in all a good map with some scary moment and good mood even if it ends up abruptly and th...
06 Jan 2018 Nosocomephobia All in all a good map with some scary moment and good mood even if it ends up abruptly and that...
25 Dec 2017 Hells Mines Cool ambiance, some scary moment, some nice touch and design, a good break for a christmas day ...
25 Dec 2017 Frozen Ice Really Short experience but like it a lot, through small idea and concept this short release gav...
16 Dec 2017 Operation X It was a fun little package But like some other reviewer the general feeling was: "if this and th...
19 Nov 2017 Re-Poll Question 001 - Have you Crowbarred Barney for his ammo? For my first experience with Half-Life I didn' even taught about it not thinking it could have an...
28 Oct 2017 Hunt The C-nt Another really good experience I was kind of lost at start walking arround looking for some ...
26 Oct 2017 Imperious If you want some combats that can be hard then this map can give you some entertainment especiall...
25 Oct 2017 Seek and Destroy Mod This was a Cool mission I had not problem regarding the gameplay experience but just play it on ...
25 Oct 2017 Street Hazard This was a really good experience I enjoy it a lot through it's visual and gameplay, I like w...
08 Oct 2017 Deadlock First of all puzzle only oirented map is not my cup of tea looking to this one it was short wi...
08 Oct 2017 Deadlock I need some help or hint after solving the first puzzle you make you way to another puzzle that i...
08 Oct 2017 Tunnel Woes A short experience (I like it when it's short :) ) it's steight forward, a little challenging, go...
30 Sep 2017 Half-Life: C.A.G.E.D. I think Unq perfectly resume my filling about this experience ;) It was a great little experience...
19 Jun 2017 Venatura I enjoy it :) some puzzle were confusing especially the one using physics canon, sometimes the ...
05 Jun 2017 Five Zero - Stone Temple Sweet, fresh, enjoyable, sadly too short...hope some sequel will come one day
14 Feb 2016 Local-Motive I really thing that it as well put together A really good start with some immersive playing throu...
09 Feb 2016 Abandon Waouw this is the perfect example that a map doesn't need to be huge to be highly enjoyable i...
05 Feb 2016 Cliff Cottage It was enjoyable in terms of gameplay talking about combat because puzzle and thinking isn't pres...
26 Dec 2015 Sniper Yard The map was really good design, set of pieces is well done and progression is well oriented, what...
25 Dec 2015 Arctic Incident Everything has been said about this high enjoyable mod except one thing out of context I thing mo...
07 Oct 2015 Nova Prospekt: Utility Enjoyable experience that felt a little bit down when you move to the end.. texturing is less int...
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