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Stephane Meganck

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15 September 2006




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It's close 20 years that I'm an FPS fan and this is the place to be. I always wanted to review stuff like i can in an approximative english... I try to add good finds something but PP is still the best place 😉
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I think it also depend of the way the gaming is oriented by the creator but i like to walk arround have not to complicated puzzle and good combats

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In a sort of letargy for about 3 years i play on and off but more arround one hour a week or even less did two releases for Duke Nukem 3D and have a blog where i review in the past 🙁 single player releases be following Philip from the biginning 🙂

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  1. Call Of Duty Series
  2. Quake Series
  3. Richard Burns Rally
  4. Duke Nukem
  5. Rage


  1. They Hunger
  2. USS Darkstar
  3. Starship Trooper TC
  4. Bear Party

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just participate in some releases regarding Duke Nukem, for the rest even if a toutched editors at time didn't make anything usable

Latest 25 Comments
25 Dec 2022 City 17 is Far Away it didn't take me 20hours but only 2 if a moderator can change this ;)
25 Dec 2022 City 17 is Far Away I had a really great experience playing this mod, you never get bored even if it could be a littl...
29 Apr 2022 Uzvara there were some nice idea and also some strange facts but the most important is that it was a ple...
08 Mar 2021 A2B Trajectory 3 It was a cool map and at the same time I didn't get immersed in it as for the previous one. It's ...
09 Jan 2021 The Gloom I'm the first to give it a personal favorite... :) I Really like the atmosphere, the design (s...
08 Jan 2021 Dead End Road Nice intro, lots of good idea... perhaps the only disapointment came from the too narrow areas th...
03 Jan 2021 Person of Interest Something classic to play It's most of the time straight forward good general design but nothi...
28 Dec 2020 Shadow of Breen really special map...sad to have a correct layout and architcture put into a night environment, p...
28 Dec 2020 Bigger Guns Nearby This one is something quite interesting...even if the gameplay was kind of repetitive with only ...
27 Dec 2020 Overtime It's just a shooting map travel from place to place kill enemies and escape by the underground ...
25 Dec 2020 Zay 4 This is something correct but don't expect a lot of it Some good ideas and some creativity in...
23 Dec 2020 Third Party This was well design, well balanced in terms of progress and scripting and with an interesting s...
22 Dec 2020 Frequent Flyers what a start ! Really like the starting ingame with the helicopter and the way the ballancing ...
22 Dec 2020 Combine Country This was a well done first map nothing really specail but design is ok and gameplay well balance ...
21 Dec 2020 A Walk in the Park Like it was already mentioned before this map can be finished in 2 minutes... i feel this map mor...
21 Dec 2020 Flash Flood Not that much of interest in this map Progress with the hovercraft through raising the water o...
21 Dec 2020 Walk in the Industrial Design is good for me like the ambiance. if you look arround you will find a shotgun that make...
20 Dec 2020 Enthalpy 2 Is creativity the use of lots of idea through puzzles ? for me certainly not because at a certain...
20 Dec 2020 Enthalpy Lots of good idea with an interesting design, misses for me just some storyline sothat all thos...
13 Dec 2020 Combine Mountain Complex Fun an well balance nothing that really enhanced the experience and in the same time it worth to ...
13 Dec 2020 Tower This was a nice design map There was a good balance beween puzzles fight and exploration perhaps...
13 Dec 2020 Runaway Train The concept is interesting but for rest it's not really challenging, design is simple, combat are...
28 Nov 2020 TWHL Tower 2 This was really fun to play for most of the maps and I think for some participant there was a lot...
28 Nov 2020 Half-Life: Crowbar-Deep in the Dead (Demo) A well done demo and sad that it perhaps will never be continued. I use gauge to install and ...
01 Nov 2020 Bridge the Gap 2.0 Rember me the 1.0 version but with something that for me fits more this time and especially graph...
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