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Stephane Meganck

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15 September 2006




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It's close 20 years that I'm an FPS fan and this is the place to be. I always wanted to review stuff like i can in an approximative english... I try to add good finds something but PP is still the best place 😉
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I think it also depend of the way the gaming is oriented by the creator but i like to walk arround have not to complicated puzzle and good combats

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In a sort of letargy for about 3 years i play on and off but more arround one hour a week or even less did two releases for Duke Nukem 3D and have a blog where i review in the past 🙁 single player releases be following Philip from the biginning 🙂

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  1. Call Of Duty Series
  2. Quake Series
  3. Richard Burns Rally
  4. Duke Nukem
  5. Rage


  1. They Hunger
  2. USS Darkstar
  3. Starship Trooper TC
  4. Bear Party

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  • Mapping: Little
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just participate in some releases regarding Duke Nukem, for the rest even if a toutched editors at time didn't make anything usable

Latest 25 Comments
27 Sep 2020 Deeper Down Played de V7 didn't have any technical issues. l like really the custom music, the design, th...
26 Sep 2020 Overawe I had a good time playing this one but didn't get really immersed in it. Overall Design look a...
09 Aug 2020 Deep Down (Classic) It was a good mod, lots of action :) I liked a lot the car progression, the prefabs and creat...
08 Aug 2020 Uncertainty Principle Impressive, immersive, really fun and sometime hard to play You will encounter lots of action...
07 Aug 2020 A Venetian Welcome The external architecture is good progression is for me quite forward, nearly no puzzle and mostl...
04 Aug 2020 Silent Escape A really fun mod... it's mostly streight forward and give a mix between some exploration and lot...
31 Jul 2020 Spherical Nightmares Everything look very good for me + puzzle not too complicated + neet design + good atmosph...
30 Jul 2020 Dangerous World This was a great amtospheric mod It's not always evident to know what's next that give us som...
27 Jul 2020 Eye Candy - Map Labs Test Tube #8 Eveything is in the title its Eye Candy not a lot of really enjoyable playble stuff here: someti...
26 Jul 2020 Dark Intervention After finishing the back on track map labs #9 it's the second map i played that has the same them...
26 Jul 2020 Half-Life: Somatic Fun to play map that could have been part of a back on track mapping lab recommanded for a 10...
26 Jul 2020 Back on Track - Map Labs #9 Overall a good experience in my opinion, just a little too long... Like for most of the map labs ...
23 Jul 2020 Classic of the Month is back! Great :)
19 Jul 2020 Sebastian Great combats and progression All in all a well design mission everybody will enjoy :)
19 Jul 2020 Overheid This was really an interesting intro with lots of action good design and intersting path to progr...
19 Jul 2020 The Masked Prisoner This was a great and enjoyable experience realize by a professionnal mapper in a part of his spar...
30 Jun 2020 Cosmonaut I really like this mod from start to end I like the linear progression, lot's of puzzles (mo...
28 Jun 2020 Military Duty I well design little mod what i really enjoyed was the immersion in your squad through voice ...
28 Jun 2020 Half-Life: Echoes Waouw what an experience 8O Everything was really immersing me into the gaming experience: -...
28 Jun 2020 Tales from the Source It was a verry fun experience with a perfect mix between progression, combat and thinking didn...
27 Jun 2020 Half-Life: Anti-Climax Even if I've never been a fan of jump/long jump puzzle and Xen part. i Follow the recommandation ...
21 Jun 2020 E-Lab-orate The map is short but except it's play time and the abrupt ending everyhing is well balance betwee...
19 Jun 2020 Half-Life: The Infected Finally finished this intersting and fun to play mod. It's another HL adventure that follow th...
01 Jun 2020 Bear Party: Adventure Finally I try this one out, I believe at the first view that it could be something more for a fun...
16 May 2020 Power Tower Interesting experience with nice design, well triggered combats, and a trilling part to start. M...
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