Gman Invasion

for Half-Life

28th April 2006

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This is a Single Player Half-Life modification which replaces all the NPCs so they will look like G-Men. It also replaces some weapons and provides new features and some new Easter eggs.

Final Notes:

The mod itself uses the standard HL maps, it only replaces all NPCs so they will look like G-Men. It also has some new weapons and new Easter eggs, like the modified Xen and some modified sounds;)

Basic Details
  • Title: Gman Invasion
  • Author: G-Team
  • Version 1: 8.1Mb / gman-invasion.rar
  • Version 2.2: 11.2Mb /
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Version history:


  • Hornets and crossbow bolts replaced with needles!
  • xeno.wad removed from the package.
  • Replaced agrunt1.spr
  • Sounds… reworked.
  • Still no weapon selection sprites. 🙁


  • Removed all DLLs to improve compatibility.
  • Improved some models.
  • Titles funnificated 🙂


  • Satchel model redone.
  • Replaced Xeno.wad textures.


  • Beta versions – for testing only.
  • Replaced many models.
  • Relpaced many sounds.


  • Replaced titles.txt
  • Replaced controller, alien grunt, gargantua and some other models.
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
Single Player First Person Shooter Maps and Mods for Half Life 1, 2 and 3
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  1. Shin

    I put the file in the hl folder for steam, but it wont show up in my games list.

  2. Anonymous

    Looks like it isnt compatible with the steam version of hl

  3. Shin

    where should I put the file then?

  4. Alex

    well this is interesting…

  5. ForceFist

    Hehe always wanted to kill Gman and now I get the chance to kill him how many times I want xD

  6. Perhaps somebody should make a mod where you play as the G-man and can control and kill anybody and everybody!

  7. ~X~

    Heh-heh! I’m the one who made the Gargantua and many other models! >:)

  8. bumtown

    you know what im gonna make g-man invasion for hl2 😀

  9. I look forward to playing it.

  10. bumtown

    IV made 1 MODEL 😀

  11. Man, I don’t think I’ve laughed so much at a long time as I did at the map c1a4i !! DOWNLOAD THIS MOD, ALL THAT SEE MY POST !!!

  12. Critical Error

    This mod is really great! The only problem is that some maps freeze :/

  13. heyzors

    Bumtown…Im really looking forward to playing this game but as HL2! =-)

  14. el_espaniol

    TKS a lot!!!…. Week-end-fun-frag …!!!…
    TwoThumbs UP…

  15. heyzors

    any help on how to kill the gman gonarch? it wont die!

  16. heyzors

    anyone?????sriously someone has to have read my last post and known the answer!

  17. bumtown

    Vote us on moddb!

  18. Dusty

    I played this MOD through and it was no different than Half Life at all…no g-men. What happened? Oh wait, the levels were renamed.

  19. M0rt@nius

    That means you didn’t install it properly

  20. Orgaz
    Avoid It!

    Very, very enjoyable up to where it crashes out just before you get the laser weapon. I played v1 first and the weapon mods make it for me. The pistol fire rate is speeded up alot which makes it very enjoyable to fire. Unfortunately the weapon mods seem to be removed in v2.2 which is why I didnt finish it.

  21. RED
    Play It Later

    this game is the weirdest mod iv EVER PLAYED!but I thought it would have its own story not the HL story

  22. Play It Later

    Good mod, but it’s recommended to play the latest version, 2.5 ATM. There are more fun things + bugfixes (almost no bugs except crashing on final titles, lol).

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